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Allons-y! (Part Two)

If you think you’re the kind of person who’ll like this show, then you’ll love it!
You don’t even need to read this post about why to watch the show- just go watch!

But then again, some people try watching it and don’t really like it very much.
Some of the arguments I’ve heard are that the aliens are cheesy, it’s a good effort but it just doesn’t hold one’s attention etc.

But here’s the thing,

A. the show was created in the 1960’s, most of us weren’t even born then (heck! Even my parents were born after Classic Who started!) of coursethe aliens are cheesy- they probably weren’t cheesy back then!

B. The show was made for children originally but we teenaged and adult nerds hijacked it (as is the case with so many shows, books, movies- raise your hand if you will watch Disney & Pixar movies when you’re 60 years old; raise your other hand if you’re an adult who is still, and will forever be, obsessed with Harry Potter becauseAlways. Now put your hands down on the keyboard, and type a comment down below letting me know of your wonderful, wonderful existence, because you’re totally my kinda person)

C. It gets better soon enough. The aliens and villains get better, and “classier”, the storyline gets complex- it happens, just give it time.

Here’s my argument as to why you should watch the show:

You should watch the show because The Doctor is the best fictional character I’ve come across so far.

Oh God where do I start?

So The Doctor is supposed to be a kind of hero right?
Maybe even like a superhero?

But here’s the thing: he doesn’t like wars, or fighting.
He believes nothing is worth the extinction of any species.
He is all about forgiveness and second chances.
He will give a second chance to the worst of villains (including the Daleks, who were responsible for the extinction of his entire species).

As a superhero, his superpower is that he has two hearts, a larger capacity to love people, he is more compassionate than others.

His weapon? A sonic screwdriver!
It fixes things, not destroys them.

The Doctor is a non-human who teaches us to be human.

I still remember watching Nine in Series One, when he was so happy, and why?
Because, as he said, “For once, everybody lives!” and then he smiled that smile of his.

Oh my God, that scene has been imprinted on my mind and one of the biggest reasons I love Nine so much.

Doctor Who makes me realise all the time just how brilliant humans are, it restores my faith in humanity, so to speak.

The show tells me that I’m not alone, I’m never alone- and I’m not worthless or unimportant either (something all of us have felt at least once at some point in our lives).
To quote The Doctor:

“900 years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important”

This is actually a very famous quote and I had read it long before I even started watching Doctor Who and I knew right then that I was going to love this show!

The show is also pretty awesome because of all the time and space travelling (you’d think I’d start with that but yeah, clearly not!  )

Time and space travelling is actually a very fascinating subject by itself, and Doctor Who does it all very well.

It tells you of all the possibilities that exist. It makes you take a break from your usual mundane routine and think about the entire universe (possible multiverses).

You suddenly realise that maybe failing an exam that you can reappear for, 6 months later, is not the worst thing to happen to you- and your life isn’t over!

It really puts things into perspective.

It makes you understand yourself better whileyou muse about what’s out there, beyond our small solar system. It is inspiring and humbling at the same time.

And the show is funny and entertaining!

The Doctor is always so “chill”; like okay, we’re all about to die if we don’t act on this quick but Hey! Tell me your name first, we should get to know each other!
What? Your name is Alonso? You’re kidding me!Allons-y, Alonso! I’ve always wanted to say that!

Don’t you love him already?


All you fantastic human beings, go watch the show!

What’s not to like?!

By now you’ve realised that I take my fandom very siriusly- just like every other fangirl and fanboy. So, to help you understand one more fandom better, with all of its rules and warnings and guidelines and beautiful subtleties and nuances, and to complete the SuperWhoLock group, here I am with a post about Doctor Who.
This post, again, comes to you in two parts because Doctor Who just makes me blabber so much!
If you’ve read either of my posts about Sherlockor Supernatural, you know that you do not mess with these three. Here are some friendly pointers to keep in mind when dealing with Whovians:

1. The show is called Doctor Who- not Dr. Who or Dr Who, or anything else you might make up.

2. The person in that show- that alien dude? Sort of the most important person on the show??
He’s called The Doctor. He is not called Doctor Who or anything else from Point 1.

Show: Doctor Who
Person: The Doctor

So far, so good?

3. Most people now start the show by watching the new series, which is fine.
But you need to remember that there was an old Doctor Who (refer Point 5 for more on that), and that the Doctor in series 1 of the new show is actually the Ninth Doctor. He is not the first one.
He is your first, but he is not the first.
Do not call him the first doctor.
You’ll probably fall in love with Tennant’s Doctor (he is pretty hard to resist that way) but he is NOT the Second Doctor, he is the Tenth!
His name is Tennant, see? You can remember that way, yeah??
It really annoys me when people call them One, Two, Three as opposed to Nine, Ten, Eleven!
I suppose it is annoying to most Whovians as well.

You might look at David Tennant’s pretty face and feel like you can’t wait out an entire season for him. Once upon a time, I might’ve empathised but now the feeling is alien to me (Haha… See what I did there?)
I cannot emphasise this enough:
Do not skip nine.
If there’s one thing you take from this post, let it be this. The fandom will not forgive you- I will not forgive you if you skip nine.

5. Most people decide to watch the show, they think it’s 9 series and it could be done and it should be fun (yes, I am aware that that rhymes), but most people, once they start (and as is the case with most fandoms, once you’re in, you’re in: there’s no going back!) realise that Okay, this isn’t all, there’s an old Classic Who, there’s several spin-offs, there’s books.
The fandom is *clears throat and gets ready to deliver the punchline* bigger on the inside!
The concept of this show is so ingenious that it could go on forever- literally until watching fictional shows on TV is a thing.
My grandchildren will watch this show too (well, if I’m around then I’ll make them!).

6. The show has series, not seasons.
That’s because the Classic Who has seasons. Just remember it, not a big deal if you mess up sometimes though.

I have, in fact, not caught up on the show myself. I’m still on the Tenth Doctor, it’s slow going, what with various exams and whatnot (speaking of: Doctor, if you’re reading this and would like to take me away in your TARDIS to have big adventures, now would be a really good time! You won’t even have to ask me a second time) but I’ll finish it soon.
This show is too good to be making excuses about.

How good is it? you ask.
Read the second post to know why I love it so much!

I don’t know why I’m writing about this show.
I haven’t even watched it.
This might be a bad idea.
Let me continue nevertheless.

Okay so disclaimer?
This post isn’t meant to offend any fans.
I love these characters from your favourite show, I really do.
This post is just meant to be kinda funny.
Do keep in mind that I haven’t watched it, so my facts could be wrong. In fact, they’re probably definitely wrong.

At the end of this post if a Supernatural fan just creases his/ her eyebrows, purses their lips, stays silent for a minute and then says “Well… She’s not wrong“, I will have achieved my goal.

Why am I writing about it though?
I love them and I’ve seen so many!

I often joke now that if and when I do get around to watching the show, it will simply be the gifs arranged in a particular order with sound added to this series of gifs that I’m watching:
Nothing new to watch!
Hats off to your fandom guys, you literally have a gif for everything!
(You have a gif for the prompt “donkeys” Wow!)
You’ve got a really strong gif game going!

Now let me try and summarise what I know about this show (never having watched it) and you tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

Dean and Sam Winchester are two orphan dudes- sorry 😥
Their parents are called John and Mary. Their mother died in a fire on the roof?
I’m guessing it was due to some supernatural reasons!

Dean and Sam hunt for things and save people and it’s “The Family Business”.
There’s a guy called Crowley and he’s an asshole and he’s badass but he’s nice at times.
Satan is actually really nice and people love him? (!!!)
There’s exorcism stuff. There’s a lot of salt stuff too.
Death is a person.

Dean Winchester loves pie- it’s like his #1 bae.
Dean grooved to Taylor Swift once.
He also loves Sammy a lot.

Sam’s hair is like the third main character on the show- if the endless discussions about it are anything to go by.
And not a bad thing at all, considering how good his hair is.

There’s this angel called Castiel.
Oh my God now CAS!
Let me tell you about him.
He is extremely cute and polite and sweet and like a cinnamon roll.
His introduction in the show made him sound very dangerous but it’s this cutie they’re talking about.
He has a brother called Gabriel.

Dean and Cas are in love but they aren’t out of the closet yet. But it is very obvious that they’re in love.
The SuperLock fandom is currently speculating what’ll come out first:
Sherlock Season 4 or Dean out of the closet?

And shit, I ship Destiel so hard and I’m not even in the fandom!
(I once dreamt about Destiel- HOW)

Gabriel and Sam are also in love. Their ship is called Sabriel. But I don’t know much about it.
As you can see, they’re all gay.
The only thing straight on this show is Sam’s hair.
There’s also a guy called Lucifer but I don’t remember much about him- I think he’s the same as the Satan guy, but I could be wrong.
Dean was a demon at one point. (Still is?)
There’s a Chevy Impala and Dean doesn’t let Sam drive it.
(How could I forget the Impala? The entire fandom is irrationally emotional about the car!)
I think that’s all I know.
Although that’s a lot to know about a show I’ve never ever watched.

Oh, and a new season comes out today!
So the Supernatural fandom is going to shine on Tumblr- just you wait for a few hours!! I’m so excited for all of you!!!
Hopefully I’ll watch the show soon- Yes, I am planning to.
It’s not like I have an option anymore.

Fandom is a brilliant concept.
There’s no such thing as, I’m only part of one fandom.
You just have to start with one, the others will suck you in.

It’s like the Mafia (Daniel Radcliffe said that, not me).

The mere fact that you’re a fangirl or a fanboy makes you susceptible to all the Fandoms in existence.
But especially beware the SuperWhoLock fandom. Those people are the most insane. With good reason- you really shouldn’t mess with them.
It’d do you well to keep that in mind!


The USP of this show (other than Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones) is the length of the entire show so far: all the episodes in all the seasons.
The show started in 2010. 6 years! Must be a lot to catch up on, right?


Let me tell you how many seasons and episodes there are.
3 seasons. 9 episodes. In totality- not per season.
Only 3 episodes per season.

Seems doable right?
Granted, the episodes are a little bit longer than usual.
They are around 90 minutes each.
You could still probably do it in a day, if you have enough dedication.

And believe me, once you watch the first episode and fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch the show , the dedication will come of its own accord.

Sherlock is one of my most favourite TV shows ever. It is right up there with Game of Thrones, and you already know how much I love that one!

Now obviously, you have heard of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. You’ve probably even read the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and tried to deduce things yourself, but have failed miserably… Am I right? Don’t worry, we’re all the same!).
This TV show puts a modern spin on all the characters of the Sherlock Holmes canon in the best possible way.

As a kid, when I had read one or two Sherlock Holmes short stories, I hadn’t fallen head-over-heels in love with them. True, they were impressive but for some reason I hadn’t liked them very much (the fact that those stories were compulsory reading might have had something to do with it. The rebel in me refuses to do things- or at least, enjoy them- when you /make/ me do them!)

Then I watched Sherlock and GOD did I awkwardly fall in love with him or what?
(Reference to first fandom post because I’m cool like that)
The love is no longer awkward because Sherlock might look dangerous but is actually a cinammon roll.
John Watson, on the other hand, is the exact opposite!

One of the common threads throughout the three seasons of this show is that Sherlock Holmes cannot do emotions.
In the beginning of the show we see him insulting and offending people left and right without even realising he is doing it.

Therefore it comes as a surprise that, other than the obvious cool mystery-solving aspect, one of my favourite things about the show is Sherlock’s relationship with every single character in the show.

His relationship with Mycroft Holmes (brother) is especially one of my favourites- other than JohnLock, but wait for it.
By the end of the show, we realise that he also cares about everyone else even though he doesn’t really show it.

He has hugged Lestrade, apologised to John, apologised to Molly (and also pecked her on the cheek), given a tearjerker best man’s speech at John’s wedding and developed an amazing relationship with John’s wife- says something about his character development, doesn’t it?

Speaking of character development, the show starts out showing us that Sherlock is a genius (or a freak- depending on whether you’re a John or an Anderson) and you ask yourself whether this guy is even human!
By the end of the show, you realise he is just as human as anybody else.
If the second last episode doesn’t make you cry, you tell me!

As for JohnLock, *sigh*

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Sitting in a tree

Well it is more detailed than that, but yeah! That should give you a fair idea.

Basically JohnLock is the ship name of John and Sherlock AKA my OTP(One of the many).

It is a good thing that this contest doesn’t let us post pictures or this post would be titled “JOHNLOCK IS THE BEST THING EVER AND DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME OTHERWISE!” followed by a series of JohnLock pictures and fanart that would most definitely be NSFW.
Then again, I also cannot post the picture I took with Mark Gatiss when I met him at Comic Con or a picture of the signed Sherlock poster… Aah well!

But really, it’s pretty obvious at this point that they’re both in love with each other.
Now you may take this platonically (which they definitely are, not even the most homophobic person would deny that!) or in a more “How badly do they want each other?” way.

That’s the best part though.
That is actually how every relationship with everyone should be.
Sherlock and John understand each other in a way nobody understands them, they (to use an extremely clichéd phrase) complete each other.
Sherlock would give his life for John and John would do anything to save Sherlock’s life.
John keeps Sherlock grounded, Sherlock brings out the best in John.

I don’t care if you do not ship them (actually I do, tell me why not!!), but you have to acknowledge that their bond is a special one.

I guess I have convinced you to watch the show by now.
It gives a whole new meaning to “Brainy is the new sexy” because you realise just how sexy it is!
(By the way, DON’T miss the first episode of the second season- it is my most favourite so far)

At least all the sapiosexuals will understand this.

Now warnings (because Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss AKA Satan and his best friend) :

You require patience. It’s alright if you don’t have anything else, but make sure you have patience when you watch this show.

The show is mostly just waiting.

Once every two years, you get like one episode every week for 3 weeks and then you wait for 2 years for the next season, and things don’t become easy due to the cliffhangers.

Things also don’t become easy due to the fact that you don’t know for sure if there is going to bea next season.

Be prepared to go mad. I mean literally insane.
Because not getting your periodic dose of Sherlock will make you go crazy.
You will start photoshopping weird things, you’ll make a gif of every single scene in the show, you will hijack posts on Tumblr that are not even remotely about the show (SuperWhoLock kinda have a reputation for that actually), and Tumblr (get this, Tumblr, a website notorious for its weird content) will ask you “fandom, u ok?”
The answer to which is “we’re never okay”

Go forth and you may now watch Sherlock, and remember: Don’t Panic!
(Wait sorry! Wrong reference 😉 )

A conversation I once had with a friend:

Friend: I’ve heard a lot about GoT.
Me: YES! You should watch it! It’s brilliant!!
Friend: Okay! I’ll see…
Me: Yeah but you should know certain things.
There’s a lot of violence, sex, incest, gore, death, nudity in the show.
Friend: Alright…
Why do people watch it then?
Me: Because it’s f*cking awesome!!

Sadly, I’ll have to be more eloquent than that in a blog post.

Let me just try once again with a single word though:


If you’re not sold right there, I’ll elaborate on the beauty of the series and convince you to watch (if you’ve already read and/or watched, just stay for the feels because it’s a while until the next book or season)!

Game of Thrones has a land of seven kingdoms, with men (and women too, as a matter of fact) fighting to sit on the Iron Throne.
(The actual throne is ugly as hell and not very comfortable to sit on either, yet they fight!)

And as bitch Cersei very aptly put it,

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There’s no middle ground“

Thus there are a lot of devious plots to get people out of the way, people going to war all the time, alliances formed, promises made and then broken (which leads to some interesting weddings), some promises made and kept- that doesn’t have happy endings either, as you’ll soon discover, killing of men, women and children alike.

There are a few honourable men, true, but as you can imagine, their survival is threatened.

The weddings are nothing like anything you’ve seen before.

As for the fantasy element:

There are dragons, as I’ve already mentioned.
There are these zombie-like creatures called White Walkers; direwolves; there is blood magic; witches; a priestess who does these weird fire magic tricks and creates evil babies (some people think she’s hot but I have consistently hated her since the very first time she came onscreen), warging (can’t explain) and well, one more something that I can’t quite explain to you without telling you spoilers but suffice it to say, it is amazing to watch, really!

Maybe all of this doesn’t sound interesting in theory, but the beauty of this series is that the more you watch the more involved you get, and there is no going back.
In fact, even if you watch a single episode, you know you must watch the next and the next, and before you know it you’ve finished one season.

You will have your mind-blown by the sheer brilliance that is this series- I promise you that!
The five seasons of the series is not where it ends either, there’s countless fan theories, and those alone are enough to blow your mind.

Although it all sounds very complicated, you will adapt to this series quickly enough.

For example, before I watched the series, a lot of my friends used to discuss it to no end and say stuff like “Baratheon” and “Targaryen” and “Daenerys” and “Lannister” and I was like how are you even spelling and pronouncing these words, much less remembering all these things regarding those words (and other words)???
I doubt I’ll ever get the hang of it all, even if I do watch the series!
(The only two names I could remember were “Arya Stark” and “Jon Snow” which is just as well because they are my favourite characters.)

Look at me now, you could quiz me on the history of Westeros, ask me the words and sigils of all the houses and I’d be quick as lightning in my answers.

Watching Game of Thrones has been one of the best things I did in 2015 (and there are quite a few awesome things I did this year) and I can’t help but force every single person I know to watch the series (if not also read the books)!

Really, you guys, just give it a try.
One episode- and then you may quit.

That’s all I have to say to the folks who know nothing about the series (notice subtle reference there?)

Now, all you people who’re reading the post in spite of having watched and/or read the series, thank you for staying- you do miss the series terribly, don’t you?
I know how it feels. 😥

I’d really like to know if you believe in R+L=J and if you don’t then I want to know your arguments against it.
I’m just dying to discuss these things with as many people as possible because I’m going crazy after watching the last episode.
The less we talk about that, the better.

I started writing this post not knowing how much I’d write since this is the first time I will be writing about Game Of Thrones. Having recently finished watching the series, I only got around to writing about it now.

Except before I knew it, I had written close to 1300 words, so then I decided to divide the post into two parts:

1. How you should go about watching Game of Thrones

2. Why you should do it

Now, before we proceed, I’d like you to know that this post is mostly about Game Of Thrones, the HBO TV series.
It doesn’t have specific details regarding “A Song Of Ice And Fire” (ASOIAF) series by George R. R. Martin. That is because I am still in the middle of reading the first book.

This is the first time I have watched something before reading it.
But I had good reasons to do that, and in fact, my advice to you would be to watch the series first.
(I know how readers are when it comes to reading before watching, but make this series an exception- you won’t regret it).

The internet is dark and full of spoilers, and believe me, you do not want to know the spoilers before you get there yourself. If you read the books, it’ll be a bit of slow reading as the books are huge! That way, you’ll be introduced to the characters and then you might go on the internet and read a spoiler- and you really do not want that to happen.
The series, on the other hand, you can marathon in as much time as a week! Only!
(Yes, I know people who’ve done that. Marathon 50 hours of TV! Fangirls and fanboys are truly amazing and powerful!)
That way, you quickly finish watching it and then read the books because nobody can spoil you now.

An important thing you need to remember while watching the series is, do not go on the internet.

The internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Repeat this to yourself should you be tempted to check your twitter feed or your Instagram.

So watching before reading is a preventive measure on the one hand, but it only helps to read after watching because it’s easier to remember all plotlines, character names and see all the hidden references to future happenings in the story (this is quite literally the best part- and one of the biggest reasons why I’m enjoying reading the series now).

Okay! So who should watch this series?

If you’re feeling too happy with your life and if you feel like there’s not enough of death and destruction in all your other fandoms, this is the fandom for you!

Okay that is a joke.
It’s true, but it’s a joke.

You need an open mind, a strong stomach, and a high capacity of swallowing your sorrows (if not this, then make sure you remain hydrated because the gods know you’re going to be shedding a lot of tears, every episode) to watch this series.

One thing you need to keep in mind before you watch:
Do not get emotionally attached to any characters.
Do not root for anybody.
By that I mean anybody.

If that hasn’t sunk in yet, let me tell you a fact.

You see the title of this post up there?
Probably sounds gibberish to you.
It is actually a Valyrian phrase (Valyrian is a language in the Game of Thrones, you’ll learn about all that when you watch).
It is a Valyrian greeting to be precise.
People, when they see each other, say “Valar Morghulis” to each other.

No but you don’t get it!

Valar Morghulis means (I’m not kidding) “All men must die”

Now you know that this show is not a joke.

In reply, the other person says “Valar Dohaeris”. It means ” All men must serve”
[This wasn’t important, I just felt like telling you because I love these phrases.
That’s another thing you’ll need to get used to- Game of Thrones fans love these phrases, and they love certain deaths.
Purple Wedding anyone? 😉 ]

I’m not exactly convincing you to watch the series, am I?
Well it is my duty to inform you, in an unbiased manner, of what you’re in for.

Why then should you watch the show?

I hope Part 2 helps you with that.

In my introduction post I said I’ll be writing about all of my fandoms and I wrote my first post about Harry Potter.

Today’s is a very unique fandom: Nerdfighteria.

I say unique because while it does have its basis in the YouTube videos by the vlogbrothers, the fandom itself also exists exclusive of the videos.
It is more of a community than a fandom, I suppose.

Now, for somebody who has no idea what Nerdfighteria is, it is really difficult to explain.
Let me do my best in the form of a Question Tuesday (which, aptly, isn’t happening on a Tuesday)

What is Nerdfighteria?

Nerdfighteria is a community of made-of-awesome Nerdfighters.
If you’re a part of Nerdfighteria, you’re called a Nerdfighter.
You do not fight nerds- that’s not what it means. It means you’re a nerd who fights WorldSuck and increases Awesome in the world.
Nerdfighter is defined as someone who, instead of being made of skin and bones, is made entirely of awesome.
So you are quite literally made of awesome!

That sounds pretty amazing! How do I become a Nerdfighter?

Well, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are one.

Okay! But how do I become a part of this community and understand what they’re talking about?

For that, the best thing to do would be to start watching the vlogbrothers videos on YouTube and participate in all the awesome projects they start.
You should also maybe befriend fellow Nerdfighters and have intellectual discussions with them, or better yet, collaboratively help decrease WorldSuck.

If you start watching Vlogbrothers videos right from the beginning (first video was uploaded on 1st January, 2007), you understand all the inside jokes and references.

If you’re a nerd and/or a geek who loves solving complex math and physics problems, or critically discusses literature and poetry and all forms of art, or gets excited talking about your favourite books, TV Shows, movies and video games, you will especially enjoy being a Nerdfighter and a part of this amazing community.

You keep mentioning “vlogbrothers”. Who or what are they?

They are John Green and Hank Green– two of my favourite real people (as in, nonfictional) in the world!

But isn’t, like, being a nerd a bad thing? Isn’t the word “nerd” an insult?

First of all, being called nerdy is not an insult at all, and anybody who says it is, is an a**hole.
Nerdfighteria, in fact, taught me to be proud to be nerdy and get excited about things.
To quote John himself “Why is being a nerd bad? Saying I notice you’re a nerd is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?’ “

How do I make Nerdfighter friends? Will they even want to befriend me?

You can go sign up on various forums and websites such as Nerdfighteria and Ning, join theFacebook Group, or strike up a conversation with Nerdfighters who comment on YouTube videos- there are loads of ways you can make new Nerdfighter friends!

As for making IRL Nerdfighter friends, you could find out about Nerdfighter gatherings near where you live, make your friends become Nerdfighters, or, the most serendipitous of all, you can approach somebody wearingNerdfighteria merch and talk to them!

As for whether they’d like to be friends with you: Yes! Yes they’d love to! Trust me on this one. You could together decrease WorldSuck by doing collaborative projects or just by increasing awesome in the World!

How does Nerdfighteria help decrease WorldSuck? What do the vlogbrothers do?

Those are actually, at least partly, two different questions.

On the one hand, you have the vlogbrothers who do all these amazing and mindblowing things.
They both have educational YouTube channels called CrashCourseSciShowSciShow Space, and others, where they teach you English Literature, World History, Economics, Biology, Psychology etc.
They also have a yearly thing called Project For Awesome which takes place every December and in these days, they encourage people to donate to charity and do the same themselves.
They also have a yearly video convention calledVidCon started by Hank which is a place for all kinds of YouTube content creators to meet and have a lot of fun.

Then there’s the vlogbrothers where Hank Rickrolls you Carrie Bradshaw styleJohn answers questions while covering his face with Sharpie inkJohn blenderises a Happy Meal and Hank mistakes Denver airport for Isengard.

Without a doubt, both of these parts help increase awesome in the world.

I could tell you so much about Nerdfighteria but nothing will convince you like watching a few vlogbrothers videos yourself.
So go on then, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

If you’ve read my introduction post, you know that I’m planning to write about all of my fandoms one by one.
My first post is about Harry Potter.
It makes sense to start with Harry Potter because it is the first fandom I was a part of, and in fact, Harry Potter is what started it all for me.

I had once read a Tumblr post that described it as “the gateway fandom” because you read Harry Potter and suddenly you’re carrying salt everywhere, you have a sonic screwdriver and you’re awkwardly in love with Sherlock, and you don’t really know how any of this happened but you’re pretty sure it’s because Mr. And Mrs. Dursley of number 4 Privet Drive were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

This is the best description of the fandom I have come across so far.

The Harry Potter series has had such a huge impact on the lives of the people who’ve read it, it’s difficult to explain without rambling on forever.

I know I speak on behalf of every Potterhead when I say, Harry Potter has taught us everything we know today and if we’re good people, good human beings, a large part of that is because of Harry Potter. Studies have shownthat kids who’ve read Harry Potter are less prejudiced, more tolerant and accepting, more empathetic and less bigoted than kids who haven’t read the books.

Speaking of what Harry Potter taught us, this is my response to the question about lessons learnt from Harry Potter.
That still doesn’t even begin to cover all the things I have learnt, and will continue to learn.

Harry Potter, or more importantly J K Rowling, never fails to inspire.
Every time I’m feeling a little bit low, if I happen to watch a few scenes from any of the movies, or read a post about Harry Potter, I feel good again.
J K Rowling is nothing if not encouraging with all her fans, and her quotes always make me believe in something, I don’t quite know what.
I feel like life is worth living- and this is not an exaggeration.
And it’s not just me.

The amount of fanfiction you’ll find on the internet will tell you how Harry Potter has helped so many people start writing, and made them better writers as well.
A Very Potter Musical (the musical based on the series), the entire new genre of music called Wizard Rock, fan adaptations, and various projects (including, but not restricted to, conventions) created by fans will tell you just how much of an impact the series has had on all our lives.

The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) has done so much good in this world, and this is not the only organisation that does so with the help of Harry Potter.

This series unites people from all over the world, despite the geographical distances, political boundaries, age gaps, religious and cultural differences; if you’re a Potterhead on the other side of the world, we have an instant connection and I love you already.

I could go on and on about Harry Potter- something I’ve been known to do on several occasions- but no amount of talking will even come close to the feeling you’ll get being a part of this wonderful and magical world.
It’s a journey you must take by yourself, if you haven’t already!
(Although what are the chances?)
If you’re a Potterhead already, tell me in the comments your favourite part about a Potterhead or your personal Harry Potter story, those are always beautiful to read. :’)

I’d just like to say this:

A thin eleven year old boy with dark hair, green eyes and a lightning shaped scar entered my life, and it hasn’t been the same since.

What do you do when you’ve been planning on doing something for a really long time, like, longer than a year, and then you finally do it?

What do you do?!?

I’ll tell you what you do guys- you write a blog post about it!

(My first time embedding so I hope this works)

You should maybe watch the first 20 seconds of this video so you know how to read the above paragraph.
And then you should watch the rest of it because Hank! Singing! 
Foetus Hank, at that! (Fairly foetus-y, anyway)

The writer of A Blast of Random now has a Facebook page!


I now present to you my glorious Facebook page:

*sweep of hand*

*curtains rise*

(I’m unveiling it, get it? 
Never mind, I’m trying too many things and it’s just too difficult because it’s all online)

RavenclawSam 😀

This is the profile picture- which I clicked and I’m really proud of: 


Now you’re probably wondering, What’s she gonna do on there?

Worry not, I brings answers.

Here are a few choice examples of what happens on the page:

There’s me trying to be funny (and punny)


When other people are funny, I post that:


I make you wonder if I might be a psychopath:


I post stuff when I’m bored:


I post my art because well…


I post things like this (because there are so many social media platforms!!)



I fangirl over Hamilton because I’m Hamiltrash (This is a relatively new feature) :


When all else fails, there’s always Tumblr to rely on. 
And you can always rely on me to rely on Tumblr.

Now I had also said (if you go deep down enough on the page, you’ll find a post where I welcome you and promise all these amazing and ambitious things on the page) that I would post about new and interesting projects I do, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Even then, I try and post wonderfully inspiring stuff I find on the internet became everybody else is so creative!


It is good stuff. 
I’d say it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

What that means is, you should go “Like” it!

There’s also a small box right here on the blog on the right hand side (where there’s also all that other stuff) which leads to the page, you’ll spot it easily enough.
Clickity-click, you won’t regret it!

P. S. Drop in a message for me on the page if you’re one of those people who read and like my blog (well, the latter is questionable)- I’ll have something special ready for you.
I don’t know what yet, but I’ll think of something! 😛


I figured it out!
I finally figured it out!

I have actually been on the verge of figuring this out for a while now.
But the proper, complete explanation came to me today.

The reason I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, once upon a time.

I have been worrying about it for a long time.

I made a list of all possible reasons, by comparing my past self with my present self as well as the circumstances of the past with the present ones.

Somehow I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

So when I started this blog I was not yet 17. I was so young, I had figured everything out.
Now I am older, I no longer have the luxury of knowing everything.

I had so many opinions back then!
Now I know nothing.

I do not know who I am, I do not know one thing from another.
I do not have an opinion on any topic. I am trying to figure it all out.

I recently happened to read a couple of my old posts, and I thought to myself, Wow! This kid is so confident! She is so opinionated.

She also had this thing going on, where she could very easily state, “This is me. This is the kind of person I am, these are the things I like, these other things I definitely do not like. This is never going to change.”

Now I’m just sitting here like, “Wow”

Now I am in a place in my life where I haven’t formed an opinion on the cheesy fries from Burger King!

(I don’t know man! The first time I was really excited to try them out but I didn’t like them very much, the next time when a friend was having them I had a few and I thought ‘Hey not so bad huh?’
The time after that I didn’t wanna risk not liking them so I said ‘Let’s buy regular ones’, but somebody in the group wanted to taste these so I was like ‘Sure!’
Then I ate like half of them.
I am yet to go to Burger King again, and now I realise that I need to have a stand on this situation and the pressure is too much and I don’t know what to do)

It’s a good thing to have your beliefs shaken every once in a while, but you can’t go your life not being on either side of issues. You cannot have a permanently neutral stand on things.
But currently I’m so confused.

I thought of things to write about everyday when I started the blog, I’d be travelling, I’d see something and then blog about it, with my thoughts on the topic. Lately I don’t have any thoughts whatsoever.

I don’t write anymore because the blog was started to write about my thoughts and opinions and I DON’T HAVE ANY THOUGHTS OR OPINIONS ANYMORE!

So, for one thing, I need to start having thoughts and opinions, if only for the sake of my blog, but this could take a while.
In the meantime I should also think of something else to blog about.

You are totally welcome to comment below and tell me if you’d like me to blog about something. You don’t have to, but if you have any ideas, go on.
I’m also trying to figure things out.

I could maybe help figure them out on the blog. Not interesting for you?
Don’t worry, I’ll only post here if it’s interesting.

Many of the things could also be personal things I might not wanna write down, here on the blog.

Haha let’s see how this goes!

I do still have a few ideas to write about from before that I had written down somewhere and totally forgotten, so maybe I’ll work on those.
(And if all else fails, there’s always fangirling- because that’s here to stay)

Meanwhile, I also have a teeny-tiny announcement to make, and I’ll do it the next time I write, I guess!

So all of this should last us until I figure out the mess.

Wish me luck! 😀

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