Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

‘Getting started’- That’s what this is.
My first blog. Not the very first actually,since I used to write silly blogs on this kids’ (tweens’, if you would) website when I was thirteen; back then I didn’t think they were silly of course. (I’m almost seventeen now, for the record.)
Just today, mere minutes before I created my account on, a friend of mine and I were talking about how people start their first blogs- that is what I was thinking of while coming home and, somehow one thing led to another and thus I created this blog. So I guess it deserves a mention (Oh yeah! I’m all about giving people and things due credit). They give a small basic introduction and this is what follows-
“So… this is my very first blog!! I’m so excited!!! It’s gonna be a new learning experience… And I hope you guys like the stuff I write!!! Constructive criticism is always welcome… But no hate please!
And if you like my blog… please follow me!!!”
Okay maybe not *this* cheesy (I certainly hope so- what with all those exclamation marks and ellipses- Ughh!) but you get the gist.
So I thought I should start with something different. You will get to know about me in the following blogs anyway (if you bother to read) so I’ll begin by writing about beginnings in my first blog.
I, for one, love beginnings. Always have. In fact, I didn’t know there was something like not finding them great until I read in my best friend’s diary (yes, with her permission- I’m not snoopy like that) about how she was nervous about the next day’s school (the first day of the new academic year) and the year ahead, while the entry in my diary dated the same said- “Wow! I’m so excited about tomorrow!! It’s going to be such a great year. So-and-so person is in my class too!!” (I did put all those exclamations back then- I was young!)
And in fact, what’s not to like?
Beginnings are awesome for a number of reasons.

  • They lead to something new and exciting [or, a lot of times, something boring but then that’s great too since it increases your tolerance levels-very useful, believe me (maybe a new blog post about that later)- and you become imaginative while trying to think of ways to start enjoying it].
  • It is the beginning, there’s so much more to come!
  • It is so much fun to plan about the stuff ahead, because in the beginning we are all so excited about making it better and better, and we always aim high. So it’s all about the adrenaline rush.

I could go on perhaps, but then I remind myself that this is a blog and not a novel, which, incidentally I’ve tried writing quite a lot of times. It’s not that I can’t do it because I don’t have anything to write but more about how I just refuse to write after a certain period of time has passed (It varies- the highest has been 3 months). I get bored maybe. Or I’m commitment-phobic (which is another thing I realized about myself quite recently). Because yes, writing a novel is a commitment, you have to love it and put in all the efforts in the world and think about it all the time and give it your all. You have to drag yourself out of bed and write down a word/phrase/idea that just comes to you when you are about to drift into sleep. Thank God for technology though, I save the stuff in my cell phone-but the light totally spoils the sleeping part for you-which is under my pillow. Always.

In the beginning of it all, I’m so excited that I stay awake till the wee hours sometimes just thinking about all the little things I’m gonna include into it. But later, somehow, it all reduces and then inevitably stops. I say inevitably because it always comes- the time that I stop writing.
I’ve tried writing a novel precisely 5 times. The most I have ever written is around 30 pages or so (on an MS Word Document). But somehow I lose confidence in my story after a while and think that it isn’t really going anywhere.
So I stop. And except for occasionally going through it to read and wonder what went wrong, I don’t even talk about it. It’s a closed chapter in my life.
Many a times, I wonder that maybe it isn’t my piece of cake or cup of coffee but those are the exact two food items which I can have however good or bad they are and therefore I don’t lose hope.
I think I’ll stop here or this blog will never get to see the light!
P.S. A small introduction as a formality though- or it won’t really feel like a first blog. 😛
You can call me Sam (I’m a girl!- what with ‘Sam’ being unisexual, people assume otherwise sometimes) which is my nickname but since all those who don’t know me very well call me that too, it’s not much of one right now.
I love reading, writing and painting/sketching/drawing/designing (basically all the paper stuff, as I call it). I’m a Ravenclaw as you might have realized by my username.

I read a lot and if you have read Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson or books by Dan Brown, Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella etc then we are best friends just waiting to happen. One more thing before I sign off, because I must:
Wishing a very Happy and Magical Birthday to J. K. Rowling- The Queen,
Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived- and Richard Griffith who played Vernon Dursley and would’ve turned 66 if not for his sad demise.
No more posts on Sunday then… 😦


Comments on: "Ramblings About Beginnings" (3)

  1. All the best for your blog, sweetheart! Happy writing! 🙂
    The beginning is beautiful… May it never have an end.. 😀


  2. Talking about beginnings… 0:-)


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