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First Sunday of August, that special day dedicated to your special friends. Yes, you meet most of them almost every day. Then why this day? 
It’s to show them that although you see them daily, they are special and you do not take them for granted.
It’s also mostly for those dear friends of yours whom you do not meet often but think about every day- when something happens and it reminds you of just that one friend. The day is just an excuse to meet them and catch up on everything, the band just an excuse to hold their hands and tell them that no matter what, you are always there for them.
I have a lot of people whom I call my friends. Recently I realized that making new friends comes easily to me and only then did I actually think back and came to know that for as long as I remember, I made at least two new good friends every year and of them at least one went on to become one of my closest buddies. 
Of course just like I made friends, I lost a few friends too.
Sometimes it was over petty things, at other times it was probably for the best. “Good Riddance” is what would typically come to mind. 
Today, after a celebration in the morning when my hands were full of colorful bands, I didn’t even think of removing them. I had lunch wearing them and then had a nap (a too long nap, but then Sunday afternoons are so lazy, you can’t really blame me) too. Later, in the evening I realized that if I plan to keep them as souvenirs, it’s high time I remove them before they are ruined. 
So I sat at my desk and started carefully untying them one-by-one. One of the bands given by a really nice friend reminded me of a similar band I got last year and I instinctively looked at the soft board on the wall. Oh yes, there it was, a band with green string with a simple “FRIEND” carved in the plastic in middle in red. 
As ordinary as could be! Then why was it there on the soft board while all others from last year were packed away somewhere in the deep recesses of my wardrobe? 
That is because it was given by my best friend, not on that particular Sunday last year but a little later since we could not meet that very day. Nevertheless, the important thing was that we did exchange bands.
Sadly, the same can’t be said about this year. Just a week or two ago, we both have had a fight. What’s the big deal, you say? Friends fight. And best friends, all the time. But this time it’s a little more than that. It’s gone longer than any other fight. And none of us have tried to apologize. 
Both of us have our egos now, and we both think we are completely right. And the latest thing, we both think that the other has “issues”.
We could, obviously, just let it all go today; what with it being a Friendship Day. But that wouldn’t really solve problems. It would be a temporary sort of friendship just for the sake of it. 
I miss all the things we used to discuss, since we are both readers and writers it was mostly books; also French, another of our common interests. 
I will most importantly miss editing her first novel- yes I’m an awesome editor, writing is good, but editing is my thing. I have been reading her book, giving inputs, proof-reading and editing it since it was a baby, when she met me she had written 5 chapters and now it’s complete, sometimes I feel it is as much my book as hers. And she had promised me that I would be the editor. 
I wonder what happens now. 
Things have kind-of changed. I’m not sure we could go back to being what we were. 
We will resolve our fight and become friends again, but my experience tells me it won’t be the same. Long ago, similar things had happened, a friend and I had fought, later we decided to bury the hatchet, but now we barely talk, we exchanged bands today but it is obviously not the same.
So this year, in spite of those many bands on my wrist, one was missing and I think I’ve lost it forever.



Comments on: "One less band on my wrist…" (1)

  1. Maybe a band is less today.. but trust me, your friendship is the same! Everything shall become all right very soon! Have faith in yourself! All shall be well! 🙂 :*


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