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So I was just surfing the net about totally random stuff and I somehow ended up searching for other words to use instead of ‘awesome’. Of course I consciously typed it into the search box of Google, but somewhere in the whole process of internet-surfing I realized that I use the word too much and I don’t remember how exactly it is that I got to it.

I have prided myself on the fact that I have an extensive vocabulary and also great descriptive and story-telling skills.
That is because I do have knowledge of a lot of words and phrases which the average teenager might not have heard of. I know the correct meaning, spelling, usage and, most of the times, the correct pronunciation (often I’m wrong since I’ve just read the word in some kickass book) of all the new additions to my dictionary.
But while writing this-something-that-I’m writing (I’m not gonna label it as a novel or a book or anything, I have a phobia of jinxes), I realized that every other thing is being described by me as ‘awesome’.
The food, the weather, the clothes. Everything is just so… awesome (???). And since I have a trained eye for editing, I notice such things as repetition of words in an extract or whatever.
That time I partially dismissed it as a weird writer’s block which was making me repeat words. I say partially because it has stayed in my mind ever since and I was reminded of it every time I said (guess what?) “awesome”- which was a lot. And that’s when I concluded that this was not some temporary thing but I was really, actually diagnosed with the ‘awesome syndrome’.
The latest example I can think of is when I described a book saying, “OMG! This book! It’s so awesome. One of the best books I’ve read! Like really awesome!” And then there’s this guy who has read it too and he said (and no, he hadn’t heard me describe it), in his ‘stating a fact voice’ “This is a wonderful book.”
That made me think, why didn’t I say something like ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’ or ‘brilliant’? I knew these words, then why did I use ‘awesome’ yet again?
I concluded that it’s Time For A Change.
I had read a long time ago how, some professors unofficially but firmly ban the word ‘awesome’ in classroom talk and essays.
So now I have decided to consciously get rid of the habit of using you-know-which word.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a personal grudge with the word. It is, as the old-me might have said, an awesome word. But the thing is, it’s got a specific meaning.
It means awe-inspiring. So I believe it should be used only to describe things or situations which inspire awe. 
Also, it’s not just ‘awesome’, but this is a habit I’m inculcating of not straining my mind to come up with new ideas. It is restraining me from thinking, as they say, out of the box.
Now, I already have a list of substitutes for the infamous ‘awesome’. I wasn’t really surprised to see that, barring a word or two, there isn’t a word in the list that I didn’t already know.
In fact, those are words even the previously mentioned average teenager has heard of. Beautiful and ordinary words like ‘amazing’, ‘outrageous’, ‘splendid’ and ‘astonishing’- who hasn’t  heard of them?!?
And yet, we restrict ourselves to ‘awesome’.
So I need you guys to help me a little here.
Every time you read the word ‘awesome’ in my blog, or hear me saying it, you have to bring it to my notice. Repeated use would call for extreme measures, and therefore you could- should- criticize my blog. Or hit me- not too hard though- if you know me personally.
Oh but there might be exceptional situations where I must use ‘awesome’ because something is really, truly awe-inspiring.
Those will be times when I’ll appreciate it if you don’t hurt me- physically or emotionally.
This is becoming redundant now (don’t think I didn’t notice) so I’ll just shut up.


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