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It’s sad how so many naive young girls have a fantasized and over-romanticized view about love(me partly being one of them) only to have all their dreams crushed by the harsh realities. The worst part is, most of them learn the ugly truth the hard way. And though experience is the best teacher, its teachings can have fatal consequences and most of the times (if not all), for better or for worse, change a person completely.

Having said that it’s also not false that I envy (or perhaps miss since I’ve ‘been there,done that’) these very abilities (yes, abilities) to have utter and complete faith and trust in one person, to make him the centre of your universe and to believe that no matter what, nothing could ever go wrong in your wonderful state of being. The ability to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, the sweet innocence where you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘cynicism’ or just think about it like you would about the words ‘Cancer’ or ‘AIDS’… An awful disease that could never happen to you. Of not having to spend nights awake lying in bed and wondering what went so horribly wrong? And when the hell did it happen? The ability to create a world where happily-ever-afters exist! How distant and alien these concepts seem! The lucky lasses- wish I could tell them all to relish it while they still can! But luckier are the ones who never get the jaded view. Or not on a personal level atleast. Since the beginning itself they get lucky in the true sense of the word. They might face a few problems here and there. The novelty wears off after a while but a certain spark is there. It stays. Always.

On the brighter side it’s not all a lost cause. I have a part of that naïve girl still left in me. I strive hard to make sure she stays. But it gets harder each day, my greatest fear and worst nightmares being about losing that part of my soul. Being a cynical has a certain weird charm to it, but it inculcates trust issues in a person’s mind resulting into a psychological imbalance. Being naïve though, also has its fair share of problems-especially the fear of being gullible.

As for me, being the Libra that I am, I would always want to strike a balance between the two.

Comments on: "Me And The (Un???) Happily-Ever-After" (4)

  1. Bellu, each and every girl faces this. The thing is that we should all move on.. cuz some idiot ,somewhere is w8in 4 u!..:) and until den u hv ur friends with you..especially me..^_^ I ll always be there for you..always(in snap’s voice)..:D


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  3. […] But believe me, being naïve is often better than being jaded. […]


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