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Confessions Of A Foodie


I am the kind of girl who, while having lunch, asks her mom what’s for dinner.
I absolutely love food!
Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” And Jennifer Lawrence retorted saying exactly what I thought, “I can name a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels. Potatoes, bread…Philly cheese steaks and fries”.
One of the reasons I love her! and it’s her birthday today!! Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!! 😀 jLaw food
Food is an integral part of my life. I don’t eat it only to survive, good food gives me the courage to get up from the table and face the shit that’s going on in my life [after the third helping of course! 😉 ].

I don’t eat to live, I live to eat. 
Of course that is an exaggeration, but what I mean is, an ideal life would consist of at least an hour spent at the dinner table enjoying a scrumptiously prepared meal (not necessarily by me) and then going to sleep happy and content about everything in life. Yes, food does have psychological benefits; that is the reason we eat the so-called comfort food after a break-up; or binge-eat when we are stressed and tired, or just plain-old bored (I do that a lot!).
Although I love eating, I don’t really cook.
I’d rather eat something without knowing what’s in it since I’m kind of a picky eater (Now that doesn’t make sense: a foodie who is a picky eater, I’ll explain that I guess) in fact I lose interest in the dish when I know all about the ingredients that go into it, as long as it is a mystery it feels like magic food; half the joy in relishing it is in the wonderment of what went in it to make it what it is.
The foodie who is a picky eater.
Okay, it’s a bit difficult to explain, but as usual, I’ll try my best.
I’m the worst nightmare kid of every mom when it comes to eating home-cooked food. There are only three vegetables which I am willing to eat-or more than happy to, at times. Those, too, only if they are prepared in a specific way. The number of veggies I will tolerate on my plate or make a minimum fuss about can be counted on my fingertips- or yours, if you like.
Now, as for the list of vegetables which I can’t even smell while they are being cooked, I am not even going to take the pains of listing them down.
And yet I say I am a foodie. Well that is because I eat a lot. Girls my age usually make a fuss about finishing stuff; they’ll just pick up a piece and make a show of eating it. While in my case, if I like whatever it is, I will eat it as much as physically possible.

I don’t diet and I don’t think I ever will. 
Food is a source of happiness for me, why would I deprive myself of it?
Like every teenager (except those really health-conscious ones who aspire to become models when they grow up and are therefore starving themselves), I love all kinds of junk food: the thought of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches with spicy and greasy fillings, accompanied by a nice, cool glass of a fizzy drink (non-alcoholic of course) totally makes my mouth water, and I prefer it over sprouts and salads. Chinese is my favourite- kinda like my go-to food too. Italian is heavenly!
I like many Indian dishes too. All the spices and flavours in them are a treat to the taste-buds.

And desserts. Oh my God! 


Cakes are my absolute favourite. Any kinds of cake- fruit cakes, mud cakes, spongy pastries, cupcakes, ice-cream cakes, cheesecakes (those are literally paradise, because I love cheese and I love cakes and then I came across this invention called cheesecake! What’s not to like?)- You name it and I love it!
Book food

I also love reading about food. Especially well described food. And then even if I don’t understand what the food is, it still makes my mouth water. For example, I’ve never eaten ham or bacon and I strongly despise milk all by itself. But every time I read about the meals that George, Dick, Julian and Anne have in an Enid Blyton book; the breakfast of jugs of creamy milk, bacon and hard-boiled eggs as well as all the picnic food with bottles of lemonade and gingerbeer, tomato and ham sandwiches, tinned sardines and tins of pineapple chunks always made (make – I still read the books occasionally) my mouth water.

The Hogwarts meals: Roast beef, roast chicken, fried sausages, stew, casserole, pork chops, shepherd’s pie, steak, Cornish pasties, lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak- to name a few (believe me, very few). And if that wasn’t enough the Christmas treats: turkey, chipolatas, thick rich gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey sandwiches (for tea), Christmas pudding, eggnog, crumpets, trifle, and Christmas cake. – Need I go on?

I guess not!

So I hope my blog post made all you fussy eaters out there (especially this one friend of mine- and you know I’m talking about you!) ravenous. And please do not blame me if you put on a few pounds! 😉
Bon appétit!


Comments on: "Confessions Of A Foodie" (9)

  1. Totally agreeing with you in this! n btw jennifer s d bst!


  2. You are my kinda person! I LOVE food. And cake is my absolute favorite. Yes, it counts as food too.
    About Book food, you made me hungry 🙂


  3. This really is an awesome post! I understand why its one of your favourites 🙂


  4. I was already thinking about the meals at Hogwarts while I wasn’t even halfway and lo! You mentioned that. Telepathy? 😛


    • Yes!
      And you do know that the girl I’ve mentioned at the end is you right? 😛
      This is a very old post so I had written it at the very start of our friendship.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha! I feel honoured about the fact you wrote a post for me. I think I should remain fussy so that you keep dedicating more posts to me. 😛 What say? 😛

        BTW your post made me ravenous. You hit the bull’s eye (or my stomach)! 😀 😀


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