Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

Good morning people, it is Sunday. (Just go with it!)

I had written this post about the movie ‘Stuck in Love’ three (or so) weeks ago in which I, quite strongly I might say, put forth my views about how people should react when their story gets selected for publishing. Or just, you know, things like that.
I have become an official Nerdfighter since a week now (or maybe more- I’m really not good at timelines, am I?). I have been obsessively watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos by both John and Hank Green.
French the llama! Why didn’t someone tell me about them on January 1, 2007???
I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot now and am trying to catch up quickly. And whatever actually!
It is just so much fun!
I’ve got quite a lot of favorite videos now, and I was planning to post one on my blog. But just one! The choice was killing me. And therefore I didn’t do it.
But now I am going to- not as a vlogbrothers video but because it is about one of the posts I have written. I must do it for the benefit of the readers. (That is how I am justifying it, because this is by far not the last one I post- there are so many more to come!)
So yes, getting back to the topic, this is the video of a video of when John Green got the call telling him that his book “An Abundance Of Katherines” was selected as a finalist for the Michael L. Printz Award.
And well, his reaction is flawless. This video is the perfect example of how, according to me, people should react (also what their spouses should do when such a moment arrives- because honestly, if not for The Yeti, we wouldn’t have this video right now!).
This is IT- the video after watching which, whatever little doubt I had of adding John Green to the-most-awesome-people-I-know list has vanished. (There is no such list, but I’m going to make one now, just after watching one more vlogbrothers video. What? Don’t look at me like that! Have I never mentioned I majored in Procrastination?)
P. S. I finished reading Looking For Alaska last night (or early morning? I think it was around 2 a.m.).
All I can say is *spoiler alert* :
Take a deep breath.
It is okay.
Calm down.
No need to turn into a giant squid of anger now.
You finished the book.
It was beautiful.
And you love John Green.
It is okay. (Yes pathetic that you are, you can’t help thinking of TFiOS every time you say ‘okay’)]

P. P. S. Might I just add? Watching all the videos I realized that maybe, just maybe, I like Hank better than John Green. Not really. I mean, I can’t choose between the two, but sometimes I do feel that.
And also, there is an author-reader loyalty at stake here, so I cannot, on principle, say that.
It isn’t even true. But at times, I feel Hank is much more hilarious. And Hank and The Katherine are on the way to becoming my OTP really soon.
Anyway I gotta go watch at least 394 more awesome videos by the duo!
I’ll see you next time and DFTBA!


Comments on: "John Green did his Happy Dance!!!" (4)

  1. Funny that we both just found nerdfighteria! And I also (secretly) agree about Hank…sometimes he’s funnier. And I haven’t watched that video before, so thanks!


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