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When I think authors, I have this certain image in my mind. If I know what they look like, then it is the author photo at the back of the book where they are looking their most dignified selves. Well they need to, and have every right to, they just wrote a book after all.
That is how I remember them.
I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all kind of writers.
I believe they are these really smart and intelligent people, whose social events consist of meeting and talking to other authors, discussing various books and the finer points of literature, poetry and the art of writing.
I am not saying that I believe they do not have fun. I just assume that this is their idea of fun.
And actually it would most definitely be my idea of fun, if given a chance to be among the elite few. I like having intellectual conversations where I challenge my brain and there are people to talk to who know as much as- or perhaps even more than- I do about the stuff that writers should know about.

I also always take the full name of my favourite authors.
I would never ever say just “Jo” while talking about J K Rowling. At the very least it is JKR. Always Dan Brown, never just Dan or something.
Also, Dan is supposed to be Daniel Radcliffe. 😛

In general, what I am saying here is, for me, Authors= Sophistication.

I fell in love with John Green after I read The Fault In Our Stars. It is the kind of falling in love that is reserved for writers and artists, when I fall in love with their creations and therefore, by implication, them.
I had no idea who John Green was, I had only heard about the book.
But a few weeks after I finished it, I couldn’t contain my curiosity, I had to know what he looked like, what kind of a guy he was and, obviously, which other books had he written that were this good.
And thus, I got introduced to the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

Now it is a couple of weeks that I’ve been watching their videos.
They are this awesome duo, which makes me laugh, shows me the difference between good and bad, restores my faith in humanity and inspires me.

And well, all I can say is, Brotherhood 2.0 has shattered whatever image of John Green I had in my mind.
Especially the part that he was an intellectual being and talking about philosophy and metaphors all the time.
Although, to be fair on him, he does make up a lot of metaphors while talking. And needless to say, he is really smart, and whatever I think, he did write ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Looking For Alaska In My Pants’ (Haahahahahahaa – Never! Never ever in my life will I tire of those).

But you know, there is him writing all those novels and then there is him stuffing marshmallows in his mouth like crazy, Happy Dancing on the streets of a place where he does not even liveputting colorful stuff on his head while singing about it, doing a shirtless Happy Dance wearing a bow tie, waxing his leg, or worse, his chin!

Somehow my brain is having difficulties merging those two guys together.
In fact, I’ve come to calling John just John.
Because I could never address the one in the vlogs as John Michael Green-he is just John, and the author has to be called John Green. It gets very difficult because they are, essentially, the same person.
So John Green has become an exception to the rule.

P.S. This was a second Johntastic post in a row. So now it is probably Hank’s turn- he is so awesome I can’t even…! (That was me being a fangirl, for those of you who didn’t get it)
Hank if you are reading this (which you obviously aren’t- you have better things to do!), I just want to tell you that you and The Katherine are my OTP now! 😀

Comments on: "I am having a hard time digesting the fact that John Green wrote TFiOS…" (10)

  1. Funny how you and I both found John Green the same way. But, this is remarkably true. Authors always have that reserved part of my mind where they are always writing. What really blew my mind is that John talks so casually about being friends with other writers…like SCOTT WESTERFELD (too…much…awesome…) It’s hard to believe people who are famous are regular people (despite their constant attempts to prove this), but I think John Green is one of the exceptions.

    And Rick Riordan will never be Uncle Rick to me…too weird.

    P.S. If you find all of the yeti sightings, you will begin to ship John and Sarah too 🙂


    • He sits with Scott Westerfeld and Maureen Johnson and writes!! I mean, siriusly??
      What wouldn’t I give to do that?
      AND he crushes on Judy Blume! ❤
      P.S. Really? Well, she's hardly there… and I don't know… Right now, I don't even know much about her!


  2. Hello after going through your blog, I’ve nominated you for the liebster award.
    Check out the link below :


  3. I have nominated you for the Leibster Award! Check out this link:


    • Thanks a lot Sam (Do they call you that?)
      This is absolutely amazing!

      I didn’t know you were a Nerdfighter, and I do now, so that’s great. 😀


  4. Dude, John Green is a hufflepuff !!


    • Yes! Yes you are right! And I knew that… I don’t know why I even wrote that.
      Sorry. I’ll change it.
      But I think that he said in some video that he is partly an eagle too. I’m not sure but I think so. In any case, I’ll change it. And thanks for bringing it to my notice. 🙂


  5. Whoa, no need to be so apologetic. It’s just im a badger too so you can see why i would revel in the fact that my favorite author is in my house. House pride and all. 😛


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