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Beauty v/s Brains

The substitute to this week’s Friday Picture- because I had to. DFTBA fellow Potterhead Nerdfighter!


Beauty or Brains?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that we unconsciously have had to choose one or the other. Right from the movies we watch, to the books we read or the people we associate with, we see the stereotype all around. Nerd and dorks on one side of the spectrum and the jocks and popular at the other. Now, I am not saying that the so called system may be as rigid in reality, but you cant deny that it does exist in some measure at least.

But it isn’t really a dichotomy, is it? And aren’t the girls the ones who don’t get taken seriously for being (as it is commonly called) “pretty”?  I haven’t really noticed good-looking guys, or the ones who take care of themselves being labelled as the pretty ones who wont be readers probably or  aren’t intellects. Lets not act…

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Comments on: "Beauty v/s Brains" (5)

  1. :* :* For being as awesome as you actually are! ❤


    • You are the one who never forgets to be awesome! :* :*
      Ocassionally check here, people praise you and stuff- you know.
      Probably just because they don’t know in you IRL… XP


  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post! 🙂 I often think about this, about the choice, I usually chose my book. But that doesn’t stop me from… Trying to look my best.


    • Yes. We have to struggle with the choice all the time, don’t we? I’m glad you liked it.
      You should OscarPotterhead though- she is the awesome one! 😀


  3. I did, she does have a cool blog! 🙂


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