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This week’s Friday Picture.
Are editors really supposed to be this scary? XP

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Comments on: "Friday Picture: The Editor Edition" (11)

  1. I have always heard that editors are scary, although I’ve never had first hand experience… I think that it is more nerve racking than anything. I would also like to tell you that I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! You can check my post about it at:


    • Hey thanks a lot for the nomination! 😀
      These things are always an inspiration.
      And well I aspire to be an editor- but I don’t wanna be scary- although of course I can be if the writers don’t do their jobs… Haha!


      • Oh, I thought you were thinking from a writer’s point of view! 🙂 I think you would be a great editor! Haha, but I am sure you can be a very scary editor!


      • I am great at editing, but I also want to get published- so I think from both points of view all the time. Except of course I’d never edit my own book- that’s not generally advisable.
        And thanks for that vote of confidence about me making a scary editor. XP


      • Sorry, but I think that anyone can be scary in the right circumstances. 😀 I actually don’t like editing, I am sorry if that offends you. I especially hate editing other people’s work, I don’t want to offend them and my grammar isn’t usually correct… So, who am I to judge? 😀


      • No no no! Do not apologize at all- I didn’t take any offence at that.
        I meant it in a joke-y way myself. And you are right, people can become scary if they need to be! The nicest people could become rude if they have to. I guess it all comes down to survival instincts.


      • I agree. I usually come off as a nice girl. So, when I am angry it surprises everyone! Or if I swear, they get shocked. It’s kind of funny… 🙂


      • Hehe… same here. But I rarely swear anyway. And even I thought you are a nice girl- Haha!!


      • 🙂 hehehe, hear my cackle? I am an evil witch. Mwahahahaha… I don’t swear much either, but you should hear my curses…


      • Maybe I should!


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