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Goodbye maybe…

Truth be told, I’m bored of this blog. I haven’t posted since more than two weeks, that should tell you something.
Just as I was starting to enjoy this blogging thing too.
But I don’t think I write anything of substance here. Save a few posts, aren’t all the others just my ramblings?
And I figured that if I am bored, is there anything here to keep the reader hooked?

So now I either call it quits or give it a huge makeover.
Being the optimist that I am, I will give it a makeover- but being the realist that I am, I know I’ll probably be quitting soon enough.

In any case, I’ll give the makeover thing a try- I mean, I’ve always loved those makeover movies (Princess Diaries, The House Bunny, Devil Wears Prada to name a few), so why not?

I haven’t really decided about anything yet. But Friday Picture will have to go, for one.

There could be something else like links, reblogs, quotes, lists or even the occasional pictures to take its place maybe- but no ‘Friday Picture’ (with that name).

And as for the content of my posts, I really have no idea (See what I meant about quitting?).

But I will give it a thought.

I’m welcome to all kinds of suggestions or feel free, in fact, to tell me that I totally should quit the blog this moment.

Aah! I’ll keep this one short- don’t want you to say that she rambled too much even in her (potentially) last post!

P.S. Writing this post was surreal and also liberating.
Surreal because I never thought I’d be writing it (well, we seldom anticipate such things, do we?)
Liberating because it has a sort of suicide note writing feel to it.
It is one, in a way. If I quit, a small part of me dies with it.

I hope I don’t, because I wasn’t lying when I said I love doing it- but I’m not doing it well enough.

Until the next time then, or perhaps this is goodbye.
And you guys should know (just in case) that you are all really awesome!!!

My readers are the best in the world (notice how I didn’t even say ‘some of the best’ which is my usual way of writing: ‘one of my favourites’, ‘few of the greatest’ etc)- couldn’t have asked for better ones 😀

DFTBA and Best Wishes!


Comments on: "Goodbye maybe…" (9)

  1. Quitting it an absolutely stupid idea and please dont do that! You’re doing quite well… You wrote so well and you CANT quit.
    But in case you’re adamant, let me know so that i quit blogging too.
    Miss Samruddhi, you can’t ISAAC your blog. 😦
    I’d hate you if you did that.
    Yours sincerely,
    Your biggest follower.


    • I like it how you called yourself Winku instead of Aishwarya. 🙂

      And well, I do not WANT to quit- but it seems like I might. That’s what I am saying. I don’t like my own writing anymore… So what’s the point?
      I will try not to of course.
      Thanks for letting me know that you will continue to read the crappiest of my posts.
      And don’t you dare quit YOUR blog! Why would you anyway?
      Yours is going well- and it does not depends upon mine for any reasons whatsoever!


      • My blog depends upon yours simply because i’d never have blogged again unless you would have urged me to. You urged me to start, i urge you not to quit. You just cant. And let your writing be judged by the readers. Please.


      • Yeah I’m thinking about it, if I can bring about some reforms and do some sort of makeover, I will continue with a renewed zeal, don’t you think?


  2. Someone else said:

    You’re not quittin’


    • I am trying my best not to.
      The fact that I wrote a blog post about quitting itself shows that I do not want to.
      What I would have done otherwise is just quit and disappear from the face of WordPress and you’d never know what happened!


  3. Please don’t stop blogging! You’re a great writer! I don’t know if you have to post things regularly (I certainly don’t, most of my writing happens on the weekend)…but if you post something you feel strongly about, or think it’s a good idea, write! There’s always those moments when you hate the sound of your own voice, you’re not alone, but I promise it will bring about its ring again. 🙂


    • Maybe you are right! Just yesterday I read this quote by Meg Cabot (one of my favourite authors), it went something like this: “No real writer likes what she’s writing ALL the time, or even most of the time. The important story is to stick with your story until the end. That’s when the magic happens.”

      It mostly applies to novel-writing but I guess it could apply here too.
      That sort of gave me hope.


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