Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

She might have been new to this, but I was very well-versed with the interpretation of all the expressions that were showing on her face.
I could see it in her eyes, the way she kept looking at him, or the way she stole just a glance.

I could feel it in her voice when she casually mentioned him, acting as if he was just one of those guys who happened to be in our class and that she did not ever think of him outside of a direct reference… Aah!
I thought back to the time I used to do the same.
Isn’t that feeling really something?
Simply feel the butterflies in your stomach do a happy dance.

Wish that still happened to me.
But it rarely does.
And before I let the butterflies do their thing, I make my brain tick off a list.

I hate being like that, but there’s something to be said about experience. It sure teaches you a few things.
The first being loving yourself the most.
With that lesson comes the list and thus I feel good knowing I’m better equipped for next time.
Whether that is true, only time will tell.

As for my dear friend, what can I tell her?
She wouldn’t understand.
It is better to just let her learn her own lessons, good and bad.
If she needs me though, I’m always there.


Woohoo! I did it!
Less than 300 words!!!!

It was like a challenge to myself. 😛


Comments on: "She might have been new to this…" (2)

  1. Beautiful! I don’t know if I could write something so pretty in less than 300 words… I am a bit of a fluff writer. 🙂 It really is something, isn’t it?


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