Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

A friend just mentioned that “in the vast scheme of things, the number of views on your (she meant ‘your’ as in anyone’s, not necessarily mine) blog don’t really matter.”
We were basically discussing how writing and posting is done for so many more reasons than to get views and become popular, so I agreed with her there.
But then she went on to say “It won’t get world peace or find a cure for aids”

And then I suddenly had a moment. In my head I went all, “Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute there!”
I was thinking of the vlogbrothers!
I said to her, “On the contrary…”
Sadly though, she had to go just then and now I have these major feels about the vlogbrothers left unattended.
Where should I turn but to my blog?
So here I am!

A bit of a background story first-
I watched 10-15 vlogbrothers videos a while ago.
I’m about to finish all the 2009 videos (just 7 to go) which I have a good mind to go and finish as soon as I post this (This doesn’t count as procrastination. It is in fact, the opposite of that!).
As I’ve been watching them all chronologically, you can figure out that I’m on the month of December 2009.
And what does December equal to in Nerdfighteria?
Yes, of course, the PROJECT FOR AWESOME!!!

And I watched a video a while ago where Hank introduced VidCon- which is one of the most brilliant things the vlogbrothers have come up with (although of course, I’d never get a chance to go… but knowing it takes place every year is enough for me!)

All of which means that I’m bursting with love and praise and respect for the two of them.

So yeah, getting back to the topic at hand.

I believe that views really do matter.
Of course I don’t beg people to read my blog. In fact, I never volunteer my URL to anyone- they have to ask if they wanna know.

On the other hand, I check my WordPress Stats regularly, several times on a day that I’ve posted a blog post.
But I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.
You feel connected to your blog that way. It is at the forefront of your mind, and everytime you learn about something interesting, you wonder, “Hey! Could I put that on my blog?”

I’ve realized that the time when I don’t check my stats will be the time I might just quit blogging.
It just works that way with me.
I’m into something and I obsess a lot, or I don’t give a damn even if just about everybody in the world loves it.

Now taking the vlogbrothers as an example, I’d like to illustrate how a viewership for the vlog (or readership for a blog) could actually be instrumental in making good happen in this world.
How it helps decrease WorldSuck and increase Awesome in the World!

I think we all agree on one thing which is that the vlogbrothers are awesome.
They are smart, creative, funny, hard working (well, try vlogging every other day for a year), well-informed, innovative and erm…good-looking 😛 .

Now imagine that you didn’t know about the vlogbrothers at all, not because you didn’t know but because they didn’t exist!!!
(I think what I mean is, they didn’t exist on YouTube, and there was nobody vlogging on a channel called ‘vlogbrothers’ and you know, not actually “didn’t exist”)
Yes! I am urging you to imagine a world not without just an easily accessible source of procrastination but a world without VidCon, P4A, CrashCourse, SciShow and more recently, How To Adult (I’m yet to watch the latest video, after this I must!).

God! It just wouldn’t be the same.

If the vlogbrothers never vlogged there’d be so less awesome in the world.

And let’s not underestimate the collective power of the Nerdfighters.

Sure, vlogbrothers are brilliant, but they wouldn’t achieve much of their success without the help of Nerdfighteria.

There’d be no song called DFTBA, no Happy Dance Projects and well… I can’t even count the number of times Nerdfighters have contributed to make this world a really amazing place.

So now, if nobody watched the vlogbrothers videos, it wouldn’t make them any less awesome, but the huge community which sprung up around their videos constantly served as an encouragement for them to do better and better.

A group of people can achieve more things than individuals can, obviously.
The best example I have seen till date has to be the vlogbrothers.

Sure, they didn’t get world peace or find a cure for AIDS (yet), but they’re getting there (at least about the world peace).
And I’m sure that whenever we do find a cure for AIDS and Cancer (I hope it is soon), it’ll be a group if Nerdfighters who finally do it.
They have all the talent and potential, for one.

I myself always try to discover more and more fantastic blogs, vlogs, websites etc around the internet where I also interact with like-minded people. I know I won’t ever be as awesome as John and Hank, but I sincerely hope I can contribute as much as I can and do my little part towards the greater good.

So here’s to me viewing more and more blogs (around WordPress and otherwise) and you guys viewing more of my blog! 😉

P.S. I don’t know if the above qualifies as insightful/ profound or plain-old redundant (and I try to be as non- redundant as possible) so tell me what you feel, because my thoughts are, after all, stars I cannot fathom into constellations.


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  1. Hey I left you a nice little project on my blog. 🙂 Check it out


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