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An ode to OddTaylor

OddTaylor, please don’t quit!

I have been racking my brains to start this in a different way. Maybe add an inspirational quote or anecdote up there.

But no- plain and simple seems the best way to go.

OddTaylor please do not quit.

You know and I know, that this is either your laziness or writer’s block talking.

I agrre with you when you say that maybe blogging was just a phase which you were supposed to go through and then get out of.

To some extent, that might be true. Maybe you were meant to quit at some point of time.
But that point of time is not now.

I completely understand you.
You feel like blogging is passive.

Blogging is just observing things and writing about them.
You aren’t being proactive when you blog.

You write about things you would like to do, your wishes and hopes and dreams and on good days, you believe you’ll do it all someday.

On bad days, you question the “someday”.
In frustration you ask yourself, when does the someday come?
What’s stopping me from doing it now?
Why do I simply sit here and blog about it instead of going out there and doing it??

You say “Life is about starting new things, gaining and losing interests”    and I agree with you there.
But blogging is not one of those interests you lose.

I like to think of it as a forever thing.
Sure, get yourself new hobbies, learn new things- the world is your oyster!

But ultimately your blog is the place where you grow.
You write for months and years. And then one day you come back and realize how much you’ve grown.
What better place to analyse yourself than here in the middle of your own thoughts!

And anyway, what makes you think quitting is going to be so easy either?

When the next weekend rolls around and you are sitting idle wondering what to do, you’ll remember how this was the time you had set aside for blogging.
You will miss the kind of comments and views which made your day for the past so many months.

You’ll wonder what your fellow bloggers are upto and you’ll want to come back. 
But you won’t take enough efforts to do so- simply because you are lazy.

Not to mention how your fellow bloggers (me included) will miss those conversations we carried out in the comments section.

You see, blogging isn’t just a hobby you took up and then decided to abandon, it is a way of life that you chose.
Take some time off, if you wish. But come back really soon. Post less frequently (perhaps only once a month?) but do. The best part is- you have no one to answer to, nor does your livelihood depend upon it. Don’t think of blogging as a task which you must do and feel suffocated doing it, think of it instead as something you choose to do and you will be liberated.
Sure, you can walk off anytime- but is that a wise thing to do?

P.S. Since I mentioned that stuff about only observing passively and not doing, I remembered the words of John Green (who else?) and I think they’ll fill you with an evangelic zeal (his words again).

The real heroes aren’t people doing things; the real heroes are the people NOTICING things, paying attention. The guy who invented the smallpox vaccine didn’t actually invent anything. He just noticed that people with cowpox didn’t get smallpox.


Comments on: "An ode to OddTaylor" (4)

  1. I’ve thought some more, and I am not quitting. I never was, I just need some time off. I think I am frustrated with my blog and I think I am going to personalize it more. Maybe switch to Blogger. But I am not leaving for good, just getting my thoughts together! 🙂 I can’t tell you how much your post means to me, how moving it is! Thank you so much!! It’s really made me think, blogging is a way of life. A way to get my thoughts out there in the world! Thank you, again.

    So, I won’t be saying good bye forever! I am going to be on summer break in 3 weeks, I’ll be coming back then or sooner. With school work coming to a slow dribble (soon, hopefully) I’ll start having more time.

    And just another reason I can’t say goodbye to you, other bloggers and blogging in general: My science teacher showed us a video where Hank Green describes blood pressure! I was so excited, saying I know him!! He is a Vlogbrother, an awesome duo! 🙂

    Talk/comment you real soon! 🙂


    • OMG!! Great!!!!!!!!

      I’m looking forward to your return. 😀

      And I can’t believe your Science teacher showed you a Vlogbrothers video- nothing that cool ever happened in my school :/

      Anyway Good Luck with the new makeover- looking forward to it. 🙂


  2. […] This blog post by the wonderful Sam, inspired me the most to come back to the blogosphere sooner. This post was […]


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