Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

[I was typing out the title really quickly because I couldn’t wait to start the blog post, and so it came out as “All those little thongs
I’m glad I noticed when I did, or my views would suddenly shoot up and, though glad, I would wonder why]

People we talk to everyday ask us questions like ,”So what’s up? What’s new?”

My reply is almost always “Nothing!”

Then I tell them how all I have to do daily is attend class for 8 hours, do my homework and spend the rest of the day chatting with them and others. There’s not much scope left for anything new.

Officially all I’m doing is preparing for an exam which is on the 22nd of June.
Unofficially I’m doing quite a lot of things such as reading, blogging etc.

Most of the people who ask me that question don’t really care about that stuff and so I never tell them.

But while repeating the “Nothing!” again and again, somewhere I start to wonder if it is true.

What if I’m not really doing much? (On second thoughts, I’ll leave this question out, I constantly wonder about this and I could write a book about my feelings on the topic of ‘Not doing much’)

What if there is nothing new going on in my life and I’m leading a very boring life?

But what are my choices? I have to do the stuff I am doing, there’s no running away from that.

My life is not the kind of movie where the protagonist, after a lot of hardships, suddenly realizes that she doesn’t want to do this anymore and she quits and things start getting better for her. So that is definitely not an option.

Whatever I wish to do, I have to arrange it around my compulsory schedule, and I’m managing that way just fine.

Therefore little things that I like doing give me joy.

Take this week, for instance.

For the past three weeks I hadn’t watched a single video. In fact I don’t think I even visited YouTube in all this time.

No it wasn’t because I was so busy studying that I did not have the time (you will notice that I was anything but studying last week if you see the number of posts on WordPress), but because I had no choice.
My earphones as well as headphones had stopped working and I couldn’t watch the videos without them.

But yesterday I finally got new headphones and I watched 2- yes only 2, I suppose I’m a bit out of practice- videos.
But they cheered me up immensely!

One was literally not much except Elmify cooking sphagetti and marrying Benedict Cumberbatch (yeah, okay, Benny C was a plus)- and still I was so happy watching that video.

In the beginning, How to Adult was another one of Hank’s show for me, but now I love Emma and Mike just the same.
That is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

The other video I watched was John’s where he talked about him being named in the list of the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine.
(Whatever he says, I feel that he totally deserves it and I am SO proud 😀 )

God! I missed watching his videos so much!!!
I’m yet to watch even one Hank video, I’ll do it ASAP.

John also talked about Katherine Boo’s Behind The Beautiful Forevers which I am currently reading and while I’ve been plodding through it for days, ever since I watched that video I’ve started reading it with a new found zest.

That guy never fails to inspire me.



Moving on, another one of those little things is that they have been showing Sherlock on TV lately, and while I watch it for myself on the laptop every week, watching it on TV is just something special.
It is like listening to your favourite song on the radio, even if you’ve got it on your iPod and listen to it everyday.

I also received a much-awaited e-mail from my penpal last night (Hey if you are reading this, I will definitely be replying- give me till Sunday because I have an exam tomorrow which I’m trying not to think about so let’s leave it at that).

All this was simply small stuff (Don’t you adore awesome alliterations?) but the major thing that happened yesterday was that I finished the last book in the Millennium Trilogy- The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest.

I don’t know about others but for me, finishing a series is a momentous occasion. It feels like the last line should be read with utmost care because it is only once that you’ll be reading it for the first time. You cannot do that for the first line unless you really know the kind of impact the book will have on you (but really, not knowing is the best part).

Starting the Millennium trilogy was a case of judging a book by its title.
“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” got me interested and as of yesterday, I have officially added a new series to my list of favourite series.
All three books were brilliant- fast paced and full of suspense.
I suppose it helps to judge a book by its title and cover sometimes.

I would keep on raving about the trilogy but I do not have the time nor the inclination to write a full fledged review. So I’ll just say: I highly recommend it.

An interesting post about something amazing *spoiler alert* It is about Harry Potter!!! *spoiler over* is in the works but as usual I’m procrastinating about it.
It’ll be done by Sunday I suppose.

Until then, why don’t you guys tell me about those little things which cheer you up when you’re feeling low or in general add a bit of fun to your otherwise dull (I’m not saying your life is dull, of course not. But you know, if you think so) life?

[Ramble on a bit, at least make sure your answers are longer than my question. I am the only one babbling around here- henceforth I’m going to give you people a chance too 😛 ]

Comments on: "All those little things" (4)

  1. We’re travelling in the same boat, my friend. 😉


  2. Wow….I feel like this…all the time. Literally all the time. Especially now since I have no school and no work because my future availability is crap and…yeah. The feeling of doing absolutely nothing is common.

    Good luck on your test!


    • With me it is like when I sit down and mentally make a list of all the things I’m doing, I feel better- I feel like I am doing /something/ but then after a while again I start feeling like I’m not doing enough.

      Thanks- I hope I do well on the test 😐


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