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I suppose I’m popular!

A friend added me on Google+ and therefore I visited her profile and somehow ended up visiting quite a lot of friends’ profiles- then I thought “Wow! I wonder what my profile looks like to others and also, does anybody even view and/or follow it”

So I ended up on my own profile and when I saw the number of views, I went all:





And even more surprisingly, they said to me “Your profile is eligible for a URL”


So then I got the URL, and while others *cough* mere mortals *cough* have only a number as their identity, I now have my own URL!


You can view it at:

So yeah! I suppose I’m kinda famous now 😛

I’m still the really nice awkward person you know though- and I always will be.

I will still reply to everybody who comments on my blog- and I will never answer questions with the phrase “No comments!”

Try me, if you wish!






P.S. There’s something amazing I have to tell you guys, hopefully I will post it soon- provided I get some time out of my being- popular duties.




A Part Of Me

I showed you pictures of all the merchandise I bought at Pottermania a month or so ago.

Today I wish to discuss the magical powers of one of the little things I bought.

This locket:


As you can imagine, I practically wear it all the time. I never leave home without it.
I don’t care if it doesn’t look good on the t-shirt I’m wearing or that something else I own might just look better.
I’m not wearing it for people who would criticize my fashion sense- I’m wearing it for those who know that it is more than just a piece of accessory.
Classic situation of ‘those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

It is so much more than just a necklace to me- that thing you see up there.

It is a promise to myself.
A promise not only to always love Harry Potter, but to always remember the values it taught me, to always know that there is something much bigger in the world out there, that good things are yet to come, to always have courage and confidence in myself.

It reminds me that I have a part of Harry in me, a Hermione, a Ron, maybe even a bit of Voldemort, definitely a Luna and a Sirius.
They are not just characters, they are all a part of who I am.

The locket might not possess the kind of magical powers that I wish it would, but it does have a certain power in it- that of putting things into perspective, of reminding me what matters.

There have been so many times when I have been confused or sad or angry or alone or downright furious about something, but touching it gave me the confidence to ask questions, it brought me back to my senses, helped me think rationally, reminded me of the end goal and most importantly, reminded me that I am not alone.
It reminded me that I am anything but alone.

Oh it gave me proof that I am not the only one!

Constantly, I can feel it around my neck, and I keep on touching it, when I’m thinking, when I’m nervous or when I have nothing to do.
I go out wearing it, and most people don’t even look at it.
But then there are a few, who stare for a while, perhaps confirming that it is what they think it is, then there’s most definitely a nostalgic smile on their face after which they proceed to ask me “Hey is that like the Harry Potter Always with The Deathly Hallows?”
I suppose they are confirming, once again, that I am a Potterhead and I’m not wearing it only because it looks good or something.
I grin from ear to ear and say “Yes!! Yes it is! So you’re a Potterhead??” Because you know, I need the confirmation too.

Mostly my next question is, “You’ve read all the books?”
And yes, I know that people who watch only the movies can also be ardent fans of the series and blah and blah and blah but no! For me, a Potterhead is someone who has read all the books and watched all the movies- that’s the least you could do, if you really consider yourself HUGE Potterheads.

Of course I’ve never given anybody hate for not having read the books or watched the movies but somehow in my mind you never register as Potterheads if you haven’t read the books- then you become just someone I know who likes Harry Potter a lot, I’m sorry but how can I have conversations with you about Harry Potter and not shout out “I don’t believe you’ve not read the books! READ THE BOOKS!!!” every two minutes???

But then I met this girl a few weeks ago (yes because of the locket!) I skipped the question “Have you read all the books?”
I don’t know how I forgot but I did (maybe because she was the first person to notice my locket ever since I started wearing it) and we exchanged numbers. Also, we talked a lot and I noticed how she really and truly was a Potterhead regardless of the fact that she hadn’t read the books (yeah I had asked her later).
She had thousands of Harry Potter related pictures in her phone, she understood references, she knew ships and OTPs, and (cherry on top of the cake) she was in love with Tom Felton.

I absolutely love that girl- she is the only one whom I give the Potterhead tag in spite of not having read the books.

All of this made me realize that maybe I shouldn’t be judging Potterheads like that (YES I know! Last person to jump on that bandwagon) even though most of them turn out to be, well, not Potterheads.

It also made me think of all the people I know who have read the books and somehow I still have difficulty in calling them Potterheads.

A girl I know recently read the books and watched the movies, and bless her, she is sincere in her love for Harry Potter but somehow she doesn’t seem like a person whose mind was literally (in the figurative sense) blown by the books. There’s no spark in her eyes when she talks about the Yule Ball and no passion in her voice as she tells me how sad Fred’s death is (devastating- that’s the word you use. Always.)

Oh but get this, I know another girl who read Harry Potter way before I did, but everytime I become all fangirl-y about it, she says “Sure, Harry Potter was one of the best series I read but…” and then go on to criticize it by acting like it is trivial or “pretty childish really”.

Oh and then there’s those!
The book snobs!
So they’ve read it like a long time ago, they were obsessed with it, it helped them read more books and really become readers, but now they’ve moved on from their childish obsession and think there are so many books that are better than Harry Potter.
Guys? Loyalty- Ever heard of that?

(See, what I think is, they can’t be Potterheads if they don’t remain loyal towards it. Because if there’s just one thing you learnt from that series, then it’s loyalty. Right?)

What I really dislike about this class of people is that they pity you or look down upon you because you’re still “hung up” on Harry Potter (like it is a trend or something).
I read Oscar Wilde, I read Jane Austen and I read all those serious books; but they won’t ever make me stop loving Harry Potter.

Because to me, ‘Always’ is more than a word, and more than Snape’s love for Lily.
When I say ‘Always’ I mean it.

Planning Your Vacations à la RavenclawSam

Today is the first day of my five week holiday!!!

So yes, I am extremely happy! I feel free for the first time in ages and I’m very excited about the rest of the holidays.

What am I going to do, you ask?
(Well even if you don’t ask I’m going to tell you because I love talking about my vacation plans! I spend so much of my pre-vacation time simply planning every minute detail of my holidays.
Quite a lot of times, I don’t do stuff I’ve planned but the planning is itself so much fun that I do it invariably without fail)

Most of my time will be spent sitting in front of some or the other rectangular screen: my phone, my laptop or- albeit rarely- the TV.

I will be watching loads of movies, catching up on TV shows, watching YouTube videos of my beloved vlogbrothers (and others), having at least one Sherlock marathon because really, how else am I going to cope with the two year hiatus if I don’t do at least 3-4 marathons a year???

But, of course, consuming is not the only way to go and I need to be productive as well.
Generally I tend to be very lazy during holidays- more than usual that is- but then again I’ve earned it, haven’t I?
But I always make these elaborate plans about being more productive and how I can go about doing that.

So this time is no different on that front, but I feel I’m better prepared in the sense that the plan this time sounds very efficient; if I’m smart enough to implement it I could achieve quite a few of my vacation goals.

Here’s how it works then:

There are seven days in a week, I have at least seven different things I need to do- not including all the TV Shows and movies and video watching.
Things for which I actually need to do a lot of clicking around and typing and browsing and reading.

I assign one day of the week to each website- for instance, Monday could be WordPress, Tuesday Tumblr, Wednesday Goodreads etc.

That way, I could log on to that particular website on that particular day and while my episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or whatever loads, I could go around efficiently updating those particular sites and clicking around them looking all official instead of feeling lost everytime a video buffers and thinking- GOD! What do I do now while stupid movie loads!?!?!

So yeah! That’s the plan.

Also I’m going to be logged on to Gmail all the time because that way I might just read a few of the hundreds of e-mails that I’m supposed to be reading.
Oh yes! I have quite a lot of those unread e-mails.
It is various kinds of blog posts by people I follow or newsletters and stuff that I have subscribed to.

I tend to ignore them in two cases:
1. When my life is too exciting to be reading e-mails.
2. My life is too hectic to be reading e-mails.

It has mostly been Option 2 for a while now and so they’ve piled up- it will quite possibly (and hopefully) be Option 1 for a month or so and I don’t want them to pile up even more.

Also, all the time that I am not spending doing stuff on my laptop and meeting my friends (Contrary to popular belief, I do have friends) (Haha! Actually nobody thinks I don’t have friends, I just feel like since I spend so much time on the internet and everything people might think I’m friendless and lonely, not to mention how I love using the phrase “popular to contrary belief” at every chance I get) (So where was I?) I’ll be doing these little project-y thingies I have planned.
Not quite like OddTaylor’s Summer of Carpe Diem, but I always have too many things on my vacation list and too little time to do them. (Well story of my life).

Also, I’ll be reading books like I said before.

Here are a few of them which I hope to read sooner than the others (they are my latest purchases from Amazon- actually the first two are gifts but yeah- and I can’t wait to show them off):





This last one I am supposed to be reading for my book club.
Yes that’s right! I am in a book club now- I will tell you more about it later but it is basically a group of friends and  friends of friends and we finally decided to do this Book Club Thing.

The Great Gatsby is our first book actually. We had to start somewhere, why not the great American novel, we thought?

The reading has to start today, I am yet to take the book out of it’s plastic, I am cherishing it’s newness really… Although I love the cracked spine and folded pages (but really, do not dog ear the pages of a any book! Just don’t!)

Amazon also gave me these two bookmarks (because they love me and I’m so adorable):


Yeah… I technically didn’t do much of what I had planned yet- I watched a few episodes of TV shows but that’s about it. I made a little progress on one of my projects (read: bought the stuff I would be needing)
I am writing this post now, and once I post it I’ll be (hopefully) making a little more progress on that project which I will be telling you about once it is complete.
And I plan to start on The Great Gatsby too.
That’s about it, I suppose!

See ya then!

P.S. RavenclawSam is something I assume you guys know me as- because that’s how I remember my fellow bloggers. I do know OddTaylor’s name is Taylor and yet I have always called her (and like to call her) OddTaylor.

It feels so wonderful to sit inside…


It feels so wonderful to sit inside a dimly lit room in the morning hours when it is raining outside. It doesn’t matter that you are supposed to be working. The sound of the rain falling to the ground, washing away all the dust that has settled on the leaves of trees and also the roads and buildings after a hot three months of summer.

Sure, you could curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a wonderful book, but it is not necessary; the rains are enjoyable even if you are solving a few accounting problems.

You feel inspired, fresh and renewed: Quite like the trees outside the window to your left, and the rains haven’t even touched you really, to have the same kind of effect.

You are bursting with creative energy, you feel like writing something- not typing away at the laptop but taking out your favourite spiral notebook and your new pencil and writing and writing, listening to the scratching sound the lead makes on the paper while you concentrate on forming the next words in your mind. How beautiful it is!

You can sit like this for hour marveling at the beauty of the rains- but the mere thought of stepping out wearing a sticky plasticky raincoat into the dirty mud makes you shudder!!!

Funny how it is the nostalgic scent of wet earth in the confines of your own home but germ-infested mud as soon as you’re out… A change of perspective can do so much.

Well, I’d better get back to Accountancy!



Do you read more books when you have more books…

…. or do you acquire more books when you start reading them?

This is a question that has been bothering me for years.
Procrastinator that I am, I got around to addressing it now.
What prompted me to finally do it is a few videos by Catriona (known better as LittleBookOwl).

So yeah!

She reads a lot.
But more importantly, she owns a lot of books!!!

The other day I watched a video of her rearranging all her books on her various bookshelves (Yes!! She does not have just one, she has plenty of those too!)

She colour co-ordinated them, arranged them by height, a whole shelf was only full of TBRs!

It was so exciting to even watch her do all that arranging and to look at so many books!

My mum doesn’t let me buy too many books, I do most of my reading with the help of e-books.
I’m not really complaining because I know how pointless it is to argue with my mum about anything, and that’s alright really! I’m fine with not having books; I’ll buy thousands of books when I start earning myself- it’ll be my own money, I can do whatever I want with it- and not feel guilty.

(Oh my God! I can’t wait!)

But I do wonder how it works, does LittleBookOwl read more because she has so many books, or does she have so many of them because she likes to read a lot?

Of course you do have to like reading at least a bit to even buy books the first time, but which way does it work later?

If I had to give my opinion I’d say that you read more when you had more books; since it meant more accessibility, more choices thus less chances of you getting bored and not wanting to read and there’s also that feeling you get, looking at a huge pile of unread books and thinking that you have to read them all and you’d better hurry, because you don’t want to miss out on any!

Ever since I started reading siriusly (which was around 2 years ago, before that I only read for pleasure- without any goals or long term planning or a never ending TBR), I’ve started having more and more and more e-books to read.

I’ve started borrowing more books (from friends or libraries) and even buying more of them (comparatively).

And all this change in spite of not really owning too many books.

So I often feel that I’d read even more if I had more of them.

E-books have really helped me read a lot but they have their disadvantages.
Sometimes I have to stop reading an e-book at a cliffhanger because of low battery or because too much of e-reading (that should be a word if it isn’t already) gives me a headache.
So yeah!
I need to buy more books- and I want to buy more books!!!

(I think you should know that I’m extremely greedy when it comes to books- like I would still be saying that I need to own more books and read more books ten years down the line when I will -hopefully- be having a houseful of books.)

Anyway I love all things books, reading them, talking about them, reading about them, holding them, sniffing them, devouring them or simply even looking at a stack of them.


What is your opinion?
Do you think owning books has any connection to reading them?
If so, what’s your theory?  How does it work with you?

The Awesomeness of Green Brothers and Maureen Johnson…

… From way back in 2010!
I had no intentions of blogging right now.
I am unofficially and involuntarily on a blogging sabbatical because most probably I am getting addicted to Brain Crack.

But trust the aforementioned people not only to let me know about this concept of brain crack but making sure I get over it too.

So I started watching 2010 videos recently (meaning yesterday) and I came across these two scenes in two consecutive videos (Patience Grasshopper! I’ll be linking you to them).

In the first one, there’s Maureen Johnson being the substitute vlogger since John is on paternity leave (and yes, I know it was 2010 but since I am in between those years now I am going to talk like it is all happening now until I finish 2010 videos. At which point, I’ll start talking as if 2011 is happening right now).
Maureen Johnson is talking about why she is doing this and wondering if she can do this well and then she goes..
“And honestly this wouldn’t even be an issue if only John could.. well… keep it in his pants.”
At which point I laughed harder than I should have.

And no, you don’t get it!!
She invented those “In your pants” jokes.
And so, this coming from her is even funnier!!

And the next video, it is Hank’s of course.

He talked to John on the phone, John changed diapers and everything XP

Hank says “John and Sarah are very tired. And they have decided to… keep Henry”
And I was like “What!?!?!”

God I love them! And Maureen too. 😀

So here are the links:

1. ThisIsNotJohn
2. Name My Dog!

P.S. Maureen Johnson shows us this side to John which we’ve never seen before- she calls it Actual John and it is hilarious!!

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