Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

A friend added me on Google+ and therefore I visited her profile and somehow ended up visiting quite a lot of friends’ profiles- then I thought “Wow! I wonder what my profile looks like to others and also, does anybody even view and/or follow it”

So I ended up on my own profile and when I saw the number of views, I went all:





And even more surprisingly, they said to me “Your profile is eligible for a URL”


So then I got the URL, and while others *cough* mere mortals *cough* have only a number as their identity, I now have my own URL!


You can view it at:

So yeah! I suppose I’m kinda famous now 😛

I’m still the really nice awkward person you know though- and I always will be.

I will still reply to everybody who comments on my blog- and I will never answer questions with the phrase “No comments!”

Try me, if you wish!






P.S. There’s something amazing I have to tell you guys, hopefully I will post it soon- provided I get some time out of my being- popular duties.





Comments on: "I suppose I’m popular!" (2)

  1. Is that friend me? 😉


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