Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

Sometimes I wonder why I hate science!
Once upon a time (up until around 5 years ago) I really liked it.
To the extent that I wanted to be a scientist.

Because back then (not until 5 years ago of course, a lot before that- say 7-8 years ago) I thought scientists were the real learners. I thought they were the kind of people who learnt a lot about everything, gained all kinds of knowledge- I still think that but now I know that they aren’t the only ones.
Writers have to do the same too.

If you think about it, writers and scientists have pretty similar jobs.
They are supposed to observe their environments, learn the procedures of how things work, take note of the little things, be a little eccentric (aah yes! That’s a trait of geniuses, isn’t it?) and then implement all of what they have learnt and create something new, something that hasn’t existed before.
What I love the most about their learning is that they do not exclude anything from their studies, nothing is really “out of syllabus”.
A writer should know about fashion, but he/she should also know about criminal law- because they could end up writing a suspense thriller with the background of the fashion industry. Sure, they could consult experts in the field but having basic knowledge to come up with the plot in the first place is essential.
Something similar holds true in case of scientists as well.
Obviously there are a lot of professions out there who do this kind of thing, and there are like thousands of branches and genres and subfields of science and writing that people specialize in.
But the general idea remains the same.

Now whenever I think about it, I always come to the conclusion that maybe I wouldn’t have made such a bad scientist either.
As for my passion for writing, maybe I would’ve been a sci-fi writer.
Or maybe I’d be a female Hank Green- writing environmental blogs as well as modern adaptations of Jane Austen novels. Basically I’d not fare badly- or so I think.

But I suppose it is easy for me to romanticize science now– now that I don’t have to learn it (it has been more than 2 years- and I can’t really say I miss it). When I did learn it though, physics was pretty much beyond me- electromagnetics and stuff like that, I never understood any of it.
So maybe it wasn’t my thing after all… but well, musings are called musings for a reason.

P.S. I’m very optimistically calling this post “Random Ramblings #1″ hoping that since I ramble a lot, this’d become a new section/ feature on my blog. But all my plans have this amazing tendency to fall apart. So for all we know this could be the first and only Random Ramblings post you see, or funnily enough there could be too many of those and not much of others- the falling apart works both ways.

But here’s to hoping it works out well, because hope lives on, right?


Comments on: "Random Ramblings #1 – Aren’t writers and scientists pretty much the same really?" (7)

  1. Haha I couldn’t agree with you more! /This/ is why I had/have so much trouble deciding between writing and science—and the truth is I never really did, since I chose both. 😀


    • Yes! You are like a female Hank Green! 😀

      I think I’ve said that to you before na.. how you have that in common with Hank?


      • Have you? I don’t remember…but its a cool thought. But I think you’re more eccentric, like Hank is! 🙂


      • I am? I’m flattered. :’)
        What kind of people are we to be flattered at being called “eccentric”?

        Although to be frank, I always thought I was more like John- both are awesome but Hank, according to me, was a completely different kind of awesome- something I could never be. So yes I am very flattered.


      • We are nerdfightastic people! And yeah you’re kind of like John too 🙂 I don’t know how to describe it though. Maybe just a very “john aura”?


      • Wow! Now I’m starting to think you are simply flattering me because you have ulterior motives of some sort. XP
        I connect to John because we both are more of writers than anything else and because we pretty much do not understand Science. And we’re good at Economics too, I suppose- but now I’m just showing off.

        You are like Hank, but if he was the elder brother- because you do have that thing going on where we know you’re the eldest, like from the Snapchat post you wrote. 😛
        (Oh yes! I stalk your blog a lot)


      • Youre quite the analyst….maybe I should be the concerned one :p


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