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Random Ramblings #2: What does that say about you?

Often you’re sitting at home and you start to wonder about how you’ll be moving out one of these days.
Sure, there’s at least half a decade left before that happens, but that doesn’t stop you from wondering anyway.

Mostly you are just excited to go out there and get a life: Taste the newfound freedom, create your own lifestyle, be responsible, make the world your oyster, discover new people and also new things about yourself..

But occasionally you also take the other train of thought.
You wonder what you will miss about here, about home.

Will it be your friends, your family?

What if you realize it’s neither?
What if, after racking your brain really hard about things you will miss, you think “Yeah… I think I’m gonna miss the perfect placement of the showerhead in my bathroom” and “I’m also gonna miss having the small place below my study desk where I would sit for hours reading my diaries instead of studying”?
What if the things you’d miss about home are just that- things?

What does that say about you?

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