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The Ravenclaw house is one that focuses on the importance of intelligence. Several times, this has been stated by the sorting hat. It is a house of the cunning and those who are seeking knowledge. This knowledge is not just book leaning, as it shown by Luna Lovegood’s vast facts about unknown, or some would say false, creatures and plots.

                One downside to this illustrious house is the fact that Ravenclaws can be lost in thought. Again, Luna was a good example of this, as she was often seen in a daze as she moved through life. Luna also shows that Ravenclaws will turn against their own. Although she could be seen as being teased by other houses, after all her nickname of “Loony Luna” was known to her Gryffindor year mate Ginny, Luna’s own house seems to be the worse. At the end of her fourth year, Luna…

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