Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

I didn’t finish reading the whole book the other night like I said I would.

I could’ve. But a few chapters in, I realized I didn’t want to.
I told myself that I was just being lazy or that I was simply romanticizing the fact that I didn’t want to read it.
But no, I really truly wanted this book to be a special one.

I wanted it to last for a while and I decided that I wanted it in small doses.

Because I became nostalgic at the part where Josh and Isla are walking around Paris.
That’s what Anna and Étienne did once.
And I had loved it.
And I miss it.
So I stopped reading a few pages after that.
And I’m reading it really slow. I’m also reading another book on the side (but that’s perfectly normal for me) and so I’m dividing my reading time between the two.

There were a few parts in the book so far that I really felt like talking about; and I’m sure the rest of the book is full of those.
So instead of a review (which I would’ve never done anyway) I decided to write about some interesting parts of the book.

I’ll keep it as spoiler free as possible (this post, for one, is completely spoiler free) but as I go deeper into the story there could be a few things that you might not want to know before you read the book. I’ll put a spoiler alert if there’s any such thing.

So here’s part one of what will be, at least, a two part series of posts (Wow! I’ve never done that before 😀 ) :


This small dialogue got me thinking
Why is it that we read adventure books really?
I mean, they’re fun and everything but I never thought I was reading them because it was safer.
When I read such books, I feel very excited about going out there and having an adventure for myself.
I feel brave about venturing into the unknown, and as a kid I always believed I’d go travelling a lot when I grew up and meet strangers and talk to them and learn new languages and skills.

While I still feel like doing all of this, I’m waiting for the time to be right.
For me to have enough money and resources and knowledge and rights (legally and otherwise) to be doing all of it.
In real life, I just sit in my room (or lie down quite a lot of times) and read a book, or do stuff on the internet.
Funnily enough, I realized that all the stuff I mentioned up there-with the exception of travelling a lot- I do it all the time. On the internet.

I talk to strangers on the internet, I learn new languages and maybe even skills (yeah I’m not too sure about that).


This. Is. So. True.

Sure, I wasn’t taught to stop.
But stuff got in the way.
I somehow stopped painting and sketching.

I was also kinda depressed for a while a couple of years ago and I had even stopped writing. Doing everything basically.

After that I did restart writing and God knows I only got better, but ever since I’ve barely done any painting, and I have only rarely done any sketching.

I was so good at this stuff, like really good.
I really considered painting one of my hobbies as well as strengths.
Here’s a few of my paintings I found today while randomly going through my stuff (I did that after so long.. feels so good!):




Now I am only okay (if that).

Lately (since a couple weeks in fact) I’ve started feeling like I should do more of drawing/painting in general.
I don’t even doodle lately, because most of the books I’m writing in are kinda important. Earlier I used to have this rough book in college and school where I always, always doodled in the margin.
I can’t do that now.

So I have decided to do more of sketching or whatever.


I have mixed feelings about the statement “This doesn’t happen in real life” being used in books/ movies/ T.V. Shows.
I like it because it is a very clever way of ensuring that nothing seems too far fetched in the story.

I love it because something absolutely amazing just happened with the fictional characters (like knowing how the guy you crushed on for years also crushed on you for precisely those many years).
And, I hate it because THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!
Dear authors, kindly do not do things like that and make us feel sorry for ourselves even more.
It’s just not okay!

I have atleast 3 more things mentioned in the book that I need to discuss but then I’m wondering if there’ll be more later.. because once I am into the middle of the story there won’t be a lot of spoiler free stuff.

So I’m gonna keep those and discuss them in the part two of this post.
There might even be a part three if I like things but let’s assume there’s just one more to come.

Will be writing the next one soon.



Comments on: "Isla and The Happily Ever After Musings Part 1" (4)

  1. Loved this post. I like reading how books relate to our daily lives. And I didn’t know you were an artist! You’re really good! You should paint more, when you have the spare time. 🙂


    • Merci!
      And thanks for saying I’m good…
      I really should paint more. Josh inspired me to do just that, in fact.
      Book characters- those always inspire me! 🙂


  2. okay post more pictures of your art, maybe? and this post spoke to me in too many levels… loved it! 🙂


    • Haha I’ll have to look for the art pictures (or I’m going to try to make more of them).
      And I’m glad you liked the post, you should read the books too (if you haven’t already!). This trilogy is one of my favourites.


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