Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

Today, something happened while I was travelling with two muggle friends of mine (the keyword here being”muggle”) and one of them and I sort of got into an argument about a thing (*ahem* A TFiOS thing)
I have been wondering about the whole deal ever since.

Now, I know that I don’t owe her any kind of explanation, nor do I feel like I have it in me to explain something to someone who will probably never understand it, but I’d genuinely like to know what everybody feels about this.


Please do me the favor of answering the following questions (It’s a poll and everything, so you don’t have to type, lazy bums!)




I think there was one more question that I wanted to ask… but now I don’t remember.
Anyway, looking forward to your responses.
Feel free to rant (one way or the other) about the things I mentioned up there down below in the comments!

Hoping to have an awesome conversation with all of you and finding more of my kind. (It isn’t very difficult to guess what my answers would be, is it?)



Comments on: "A poll for readers (not MY readers, book readers! :P)" (11)

  1. So Sam, I really hope you know that you won’t find the answers you are looking for from a majority of your votes.

    I don’t know if that is because people are just simply lacking enthusiasm about these things or that they were not really into these books/fandoms/actors etc in the first place.

    Although I try my best not to judge (ha ha. No.No), I believe calling yourself a ‘fan’ of something should be an exclusivity reserved for only a few.

    But then what do I know really?


    • I am in fact hoping I will.
      Maybe not everybody knows what it is to be a “fan” the way we do, but everybody surely loves meeting people with the same tastes as themselves right?
      Be it for a book, a random TV Show or some sport- instant friendships are formed based on things like that (you do remember how we met our Petites, don’t you? Gayu, Rashu, Jess!! you /know/ what it was like when we met them!) 😀


  2. bookaddict14 said:

    For the third question, I dog ear pages myself so I don’t really have the right to say anything about that :P…although I do love when other people like the same book as me 😀


  3. I feel there’s something mystic about a dog eared page. I normally use bookmarks and even when I don’t have a cute bookmark handy, I use bits of old paper which are forever present in any of my bags (I wonder why …)

    But I wouldn’t mind all that much if anyone folds a page.

    What I do mind, is people writing on books. I do label my books but nothing else. I just can’t stand it. Though I do like names of previous owners on my second hand books.


    • Yeah, I suppose I would like to adopt a book and have the previous owner left some sort of memorabilia, some sort of mark showing that they’d been there.. and to think that there was somebody who received immense joy from reading this very book that I hold, that is like the book recommending itself. 😛

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      • Exactly!
        It also helps that if the book is a classic, then it is highly likely that there will be markings or explanations of sorts that will aid us in understanding the book better.

        I mean what if Snape had never written a single extra word in his Potions book? Just imagine! No Halfblood Prince-the person and the book. wouldn’t that suck?


      • It would suck big time!!!
        Harry wouldn’t be the star of Horace’s class and the whole Voldy situation would get far worse!

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  4. I love when people come up to me and start talking about the book I’m reading, but for some reason I’m too shy to actually initiate conversation with other people in similar situations. I guess I’m afraid that they’ll be rude or will think I’m disrespecting them by interrupting them while they’re reading. Really interesting poll! 🙂


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