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The Journey So Far…

Today being the first of November is the start of something new for a lot of people, but mostly writers.
These writers fall into two categories- the NaNoWriMos and the Bloggers.

Sadly I won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo this year in spite of making it my New Year Resolution at the beginning of January.
It just isn’t possible, one reason being lack of time (and then I wouldn’t do it justice so I’d rather not), and another (the somewhat more pressing concern of any WriMo) being the fact that I don’t even have a good plot.
But I wish all the NaNoWriMo participants the best of luck and may all of you win this year! 😀

Now, moving on to the Bloggers, all kind of Bloggers also participate in things like NaBloPoMo or BookBlogWriMo and the main aim in most of these is posting once daily for a whole month.
I’m really happy to announce that this year I’m doing BookBlogWriMo too!
I found out about it just yesterday so I registered quickly and created this new page on my blog so all of you can keep a track of my posts throughout the month.

The cool thing about BookBlogWriMo is that there aren’t many rules, thus I’m free to do my own thing.
The prompts are also cool and in spite of not being a Book Blogger, I felt like participating and that’s what I’ll do.
The prompt for Day 1 is “History of Your Blog”

History sounds so vague.
My blog is but one year old, it doesn’t have much of a history to speak of.

I’ve also already mentioned how I started this blog on a whim so there’s no story there either.

Maybe I’ll simply talk about my blogging journey so far.

Here‘s my first post- if you want to read it, but honestly? It is so bad that I cringe everytime.

Why are firsts never all that good? Why is it that you only always learn from experience?
A first kiss isn’t very cool, nor is the first time you… have sex? Make love? Sleep with someone? What should I call it?

And as it turns out, not even your first blog post.
Oh well…

After that I did go on to write some really nice things on my blog and it helped me grow as a writer.
First I had thought it was simply going to be a place where I documented my thoughts on various topics, just like I did in my diary except online (since everything suddenly has an “e-” preceding it)  and maybe, someone, somewhere would occasionally read it.
But then I found this amazing blogging community here, who shared my interests and wrote some hilarious things. Or perhaps something inspirational.
Soon enough I had made really cool blogging friends (and I continue to do so now). Everytime there was a tag or an award, like the Liebster, I knew whom I was nominating.

We have amazing conversations in the comments section, write responses to each other’s posts, and try out new projects together.

Not only is all of this really fun, but it is also helpful.
I don’t feel like nobody will ever read my post or that people will hate on me if I write something stupid or controversial. Because now I know that whatever happens there’s at least these bunch of my friends who’ll support me and always have my back.

Same goes for those loyal readers of my blog.
A few of them don’t comment or make their presence known (mostly because they aren’t on WordPress themselves) but I know that every time they get an email saying I posted something they’ll immediately read and then, if it’s a particularly amazing post they’ll message me or comment.

I’ve been posting for a while now.
I have 104 posts, this will be the 105th and I feel like all I’ve done is ramble!
But you tell me, would you rather I didn’t?
Would you rather I wrote about some specific topics or anything of that sort?
What would you like me to do?


Comments on: "The Journey So Far…" (8)

  1. Don’t stop rambling! 1) I love to read your rambles 2) it’s your blog. If you want to ramble, do it!! 🙂


  2. I agree with thewritinghufflepuff…it’s your blog, you do what you want! Authors are always saying write about what excites you…and if you ramble on you’re probably excited by it!


  3. Glad to see you’re still going with a writing challenge for the month! I’m doing WriMo but with a goal of wrapping up the 20,000 words I need to produce for a first draft of something I started over the summer.


    • Yes. This seemed interesting and also a lot easier as compared to NaNoWriMo.
      And Wow! You’re doing NaNoWriMo!
      All the very best to you!!
      And sure, it’s only 20,000 words but at the end of it you will have the first draft of a novel ready! 😀
      How exciting!!!


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