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I read in paradise

Had a bit of a battery dying out incident with the phone today which is why I’m posting so late.
Another reason being that I had to complete painting this T-Shirt:


So today’s BookBlogWriMo prompt is “Where You Read”

I read everywhere really. If you read yesterday’s post about how I read you’ll know that I am greedy and I take whatever I get.
So, even with the place of reading, anything is welcome.

I read standing up, sitting down, lying down (I’d read upside down if it ever came to that).
Even when I’m in a crowded train and there’s barely space to breathe, let alone actually concentrate on a task such as reading, I manage.

Now I’m going to be all pretentious and holier-than-thou by saying that wherever I read, the act of reading makes the place a paradise.
It’s late at night, I tend to say things like that.
But I have noticed that it is true.
Books transform you to another world.
Reading is a form of escapism (whether we like it or not).

So even if I’m not very comfortable in a particular place, I’ll still continue to read and simply get lost in the story.

And the more interesting the book, the more I lose my sense of self.

Sometimes when I stop reading after a long time it takes me a few moments to think straight.
What day of the week is it?
Why am I here?
Do I need to pee?
God yes! I need to pee! That’s probably why I stopped.

I digress.
If we’re very talking about physical places where I read then I do have two sepcific places at home where I do most of my reading.


That picture up there is where I sit and re-read my diaries or things written by me or old newspaper articles that I’ve cut out and saved for some reason or the other. All the aforementioned stuff is right there in that little cupboard.
Earlier I used to fit very nicely inside that box and could spend hours sitting there and going through old nostalgia-inducing stuff (it also helps that I’m a hoarder).
Now I don’t exactly fit in there but I still sit in the general area.
Reading books, I do that lying down on my bed whenever I’m home.
This is what my bed looks like at night:


Yes, it is like a fort of pillows and blanket.
Yes it is very childish.
No I am never going to grow out of it.

In fact I’m worried about getting married because my husband and I would have to have separate beds.
No ways am I giving up on this!

Laugh all you want, but believe me, it is so warm, cozy and comfy, you need nothing (except a book of course) and nobody when you’re tucked in there.
If that “paradise” metaphor sounded too pretentious, let me just tell you how that bed is a literal paradise.


Comments on: "I read in paradise" (17)

  1. Nice pics! And that train of thought you had? Exactly the same. I’ll stop reading, forget why I stopped, keep reading, and then realize I needed to use the washroom.

    Books have a great role in the health of our bladders. (Probably a bad joke, but I’m making it anyways.)


  2. Nice shirt! 🙂 Beds can definitely be paradises, especially in winter!


  3. Marvellous work of art!!


  4. And I love your secret place for diaries as well as reading nook 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. @RavenclawSam painted that t-shirt for me, yeah I know, she’s awesome and I’m as lucky as anyone can get! Sam, you’re really talented and kind and I love you, girl! :*

    Liked by 1 person

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