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Why DO I Blog?!?

“Why You Blog”
I think this is the most difficult prompt so far, and I’d go so far as to say, it is the toughest out of all 30.

I don’t blog because I have something to promote, my books, or my fashion line or anything of that sort.
I don’t even blog because I need to keep a track of what books I read, which is why quite a lot of book bloggers blog.
(As I’ve mentioned before, I’m horrible at writing reviews- and I don’t like reading them either.)

Basically I know that it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t blog, and that’s why I do!
That probably doesn’t make any sense.
But see, it’s like, once people start expecting something from me I feel pressurised about doing it and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do it well and then I stop doing it! Because not doing it at all seems so much easier than doing it.
In fact, it is only the fourth day of BookBlogWriMo and I already feel like not doing it.
Not because I don’t enjoy it (I am loving it so much, to be honest) but because everyone is expecting me to post everyday. Quite a lot of my friends are keeping track of my blog and just the way I’m waiting to read my fellow bloggers’ posts about the latest prompts- I scour the BookBlogWriMo tag on WordPress everyday and see all the familiar names posting! – I feel like they’re waiting for my post too.
Suddenly it is too much responsibility!
But no, I’ve decided to do it.
Quitting is easy, doing the thing is difficult and I’m going to take the hard way.

During BookBlogWriMo I’m writing based on the prompts and sticking to the topic but otherwise you’ll notice how my blog is very random!
I blog about anything I feel like blogging about.
If I stopped doing this, I have no idea what I’d be doing with the thought traffic in my mind.
I have so many things I have to say and I don’t say them out loud because I’m not vocal like that, so I need this blog to put those things out there!


And you want to know why I know blogging is exactly the thing for me?
Because I have got this really bad habit of quitting things and leaving them incomplete (especially stuff that requires any kind of creative input) but it has been 15 months that I’ve been blogging and *touchwood* I haven’t quit nor have I lost interest in it.
In fact I more I do it, the more I love it!

While looking for some cool pictures to put in this post, I stumbled upon this hilarious post somewhere on the internet.
Do check it out!

It has pictures like this:


And this:



Comments on: "Why DO I Blog?!?" (4)

  1. I’m glad you haven’t quit and I hope you won’t! 🙂


  2. I’m glad you haven’t quit either! I love reading your posts 🙂


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