Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

Wrote this one lying in bed

I blog here at A Blast Of Random.
Haha yes! That link does lead to my blog’s homepage.
But honestly, that’s my only response to today’s prompt which says, Where You Blog.

There’s no one place where I sit to write my posts. Yes, when I’m home I write most of them sitting on my bed.
That’s because I usually blog from my phone.
In the very beginning, I would write posts in a Word Document, and then copy-paste them here on WordPress, after which I proceeded to tag and post them.
That’s because I wanted to have each one of them on my computer. Later, when I wrote something when I wasn’t home and it wasn’t on my laptop I would publish it using my phone and then copy-paste it into a Word file.
Eventually I stopped the whole Word deal because it was too much work and I’m a huge lazy ass as anyone around here would tell you!

Other than that, I don’t think I have much to contribute towards today’s prompt.
I’ve written posts while in college, in trains and at home!
So I basically whenever and wherever an idea hits me and I run the risk of forgetting it altogether!


Comments on: "Wrote this one lying in bed" (2)

  1. I forgot about my phone! I don’t usually use it to blog, just read other people’s posts, but if something comes to mind when I’m out of the house, I’ll use the WordPress app.

    Haha and no worries…I think there are going to be a few posts where I’ll have 10 words to say, and that’ll be it.


    • The WordPress App is in fact brilliant!
      Very user friendly and now I’m so used to it that I often take a few moments to figure out things when on laptop but on the App I could close my eyes and tell you where everything is!


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