Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

Never thought I’d ever do a Throwback Thursday post in my life. Ever.
But I guess that’s why they say Never Say Never. And here I am, doing a Throwback Thursday, on a Friday!

Well, last night I was very tired and really couldn’t have written this post.
This morning I figured that while it might not be Thursday here, it’s definitely Thursday in some time zone, so I’m not behind on my posting after all.
Thumbs up for time zones! πŸ˜€

Getting back to the topic at hand, today’s (yesterday’s) prompt is (was)
Favourite Childhood Books.

The books I remember consistently reading, and loving, from the age of 7 or 8 are Enid Blyton books.
My first ever Enid Blyton book was a Secret Seven.


I own this book- same cover and everything!

I was fascinated by their telescope and the idea of owning one and then spying on the neighbours to make sure they’re not involved in any criminal activity.

Later though, I started reading more of Famous Five and books from the Adventure series by Enid Blyton.
For a very long time after that, the only thing ‘adventure’ meant to me was getting lost in the woods with loads and loads of food with your friends and cousins, where one of you (more often than not) gets kidnapped.

I’d not call Enid Blyton books a phase because I never quite got over it.
I’d still read an Enid Blyton book if I find one that I haven’t read (and no I’m not kidding. I love those books. They remind me of my childhood now, if nothing else. And you’re lying if you’re saying you no longer wish to land up in a lush green valley and eat tinned pineapples and drink hot cocoa!)
I’ve read close to 50 of Enid Blyton books now.
I know that’s not a lot, but what ended up happening was that in the later years I didn’t know which ones I had read and which I hadn’t.

Then, I also read a few Babysitters’ Club Books when I was 11 or something.
I loved them a lot. I had a whole art club planned in my head and I’d even shortlisted a few friends who’d be in it and how we’d all meet up and paint together and whatnot!
(Because c’mon! I was so totally a Claudia. And that’s the first time I heard the name and I love it πŸ˜€ )


Enid Blyton was probably the person who got me reading longer books but before I picked up my first Secret Seven I did read lots and lots of short stories, especially fairy tales.
I specifically remember reading Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk.
I also read the Aesop’s Fables and everything which had animals and a moral at the end.Β 
I also read comic books, but I don’t remember anything related to them comics.
Except of course this one comic deserves a notable mention, Tinkle.
I used to love it so much!


It had really cute stories with morals (yeah, I was obsessed with moral stories as a kid. It came as a bit of a shock that novels don’t end with “Moral: Where there is will, there is a way”)

I feel a little sad sometimes because nobody was there to tell me what to read and so I missed out on Dr.Seuss and Roald Dahl.
But I’m also glad because it meant that nobody was there to stop me from reading anything either.
(I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho when I was all of 11, and for the most part I understood it.)

Often I think my mum worries that with no one to censor me (especially since nobody knows what I read as e-books) I might be reading literotica or something.
Which I find really funny, because I don’t. I’m not even that interested in it, to be honest.
Who needs to know about heaving bosoms when there’s so much to read about horcruxes, invisibility cloaks, double-edged swords and Rings that rule the world?

You know how I know when it’s time to end a post? When I start talking about literotica in a post about my favourite childhood books!

Comments on: "Here’s my TBT Post (On a Friday)" (25)

  1. Heart-warming post πŸ™‚


  2. Nice post there!! I remember reading Secret Seven / Famous Five too! And also, Nancy Drew!! Oh how I was mesmerised reading those books and thinking I must be very dumb not to find any such adventure in my life!
    And, I remember waking up in summer vacations at night (we used to sleep on the terrace in summer) and expecting some light signals from a nearby empty house, the owners were NRIs and always away!!! But unfortunately, no such luck!!! πŸ˜›


  3. Ah, the Babysitters Club brings back fond memories xD I’m totally a Mary-Anne xD The Alchemist was a pretty good book, from what I can remember!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mary-Anne was cute!
      Claudia was an artist, she spoke her mind, had long beautiful shiny black hair- and I think that’s why I liked her.
      Mostly just the artist thing- I don’t even remember much to be honest.
      As for The Alchemist, I own a copy and I once recently took it out and read a bit and I was surprised that I actually read that at the age of 11 and understood it! It amazes me, even today!


  4. ManiacalLaughter said:

    Oh my god! This hits home like Babe Ruth. I began reading Tinkle at about 5. The Mystery Series was my absolute favorite growing up and I totally had the biggest girl-crush on George (from Famous Five). I pretty much grew to be a nerdier version of her. πŸ™‚ I also particularly liked all the St Clare’s and Malory Towers shenanigans. Never really liked stories with morals. I devoured the shit out of Arabian Nights though.
    I too totally regret missing out on Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl as a kid. But they’re just as enjoyable to teenager me as I suppose they would’ve been to kid me!


    • Yes! St Clare’s and Malory Towers are my favourite too! But I had already mentioned them in another post earlier so I didn’t mention them here again.
      Those and The Enchanted Woods series.
      George was badass- I loved her too! πŸ˜€
      Enid Blyton is in fact one of my favourite authors even today.


  5. Secret Seven! I read probably ALL Enid Blyton books there are. It’s what I wished for as birthday gifts from my parents… I loved reading her books. Thanks for this great TBT post on a Friday.


  6. I never expected to see the word ‘literotica’ in a post about childhood books haha!


  7. Are you a 90’s kid?? *fingers crossed*


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