Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

When you’re blogging casually, you don’t think you actually have a workflow.
But if you’ve been doing it quite a long time (a year isn’t that long, I know, but it is for casually doing things) and then you think about it, you realize that you do in fact have one.

I have quite a few ways about how I go through writing a blog post.

If it’s fangirling over something, then I’ll probably have just finished reading or watching that thing and so I’ll come directly here to vent, because ALL THOSE FEELS!!
I need to get them out.

Those are the posts that I write the quickest. And I’m the least distracted while writing them too.

I then add a lot of pictures and gifs in those and voilà, they make a good read (for ‘future me’ if nobody else).

Then there’s that kind where I’ve thought of something really cool and awesome and mindblowing and I think, I need to put this on my blog, everyone will enjoy it so much!
And apparently that post is too awesome to be written. And so I end up not writing it.
I’m so busy planning it all and making it so damn smart and funny before I write it that I end up not doing it!
This phenomenon is also known as “Brain Crack“.
I’m quite easily addicted to brain crack.
The solution to this one, I’ve found, is not treating a particular idea as the best ones you’ve ever had. To not make it this life changing thing and to not give it this status of Something Really Important.
Treat it like any other blog post idea and simply work on it. Maybe the end result won’t be as amazing as you imagined, hoped, thought or expected to be (and maybe it will be better than that) but it’ll be a whole lot better than a no-show.
And you won’t know until you’ve done it.

Some of my posts fall into this category of “random thoughts I put into a WordPress draft”.
Some days when I browse through my drafts I complete them and maybe post them then.

Late at night, sometimes before I go to sleep I’m thinking of stuff and somehow I get an epiphany of sorts and I take out my phone, start rapidly typing into it, give if a title and post it!
Or maybe I keep it all ready and post it first thing in the morning.
Those are the best ones, I’ve noticed.
It’s almost like writing drunk.

There’s one more kind of blog flow (and this is the latest and my current favourite, of sorts).
With this BookBlogWriMo thing I’ve been doing I’ve developed a routine now. I know the prompt beforehand (sometimes I know it since 2 days before) and I’ve been thinking about it for like a few hours and then when it’s almost midnight (the other day it was only like 15 minutes to go for midnight) and in a whole frenzy I write and quickly reread and edit and then finally (finally!) hit Publish!
Later I spend at least half an hour browsing through others’ BookBlogWriMo posts and commenting on them.
Like I am about to now.

It is just so much fun! 😀

And yes, for the most part I need to keep my internet off so I can concentrate on writing instead of getting distracted 😛


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