Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

… in terms of blogging?

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m a little late, but you don’t expect any better from me. If I had wished you on the first, you’d wonder if someone had hacked my WordPress account and was now posing as me.

The good news is, I’ve been planning a lot of things for the blog.

Like the beginning of every new year, I have certain projects and goals in mind.
Today I’ll tell you about them.
(An edit from while I was in the middle of writing this post: I’m only telling you about one because this post is already too long!)
But first, I’d like to thank all my friends who wrote short stories based on Harry Potter prompts for my blog this last month. I never properly thanked them.
It was a lot of fun doing that and thanks a lot for so readily agreeing to write stories for my little blog.
I hope we do it again someday! 🙂

If you’re new and don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the post where I’ve first talked about it and this is the first story.

So the one project/ challenge that I am telling you about:

I have a friend who blogs at The Diary of an Introverted Schmuck. I call her Mia.
We have been friends for 4-5 years now.
We were in fact, best friends in school but then we had a fall out and miraculously, we’re back to being friends again.
Of course it’s a little different now- our friendship; our fights didn’t not leave scars but I don’t think we can’t not be friends.
I was there when she wrote her first teen novel and I encouraged her to complete it. We’ve co-written stuff and guest posted on each others’ blogs (I haven’t yet but I soon will. Was I not supposed to mention that? Oops!)

She is also the only person from whom I take book recommendations (mostly because I don’t trust anyone else enough to read books they suggest and also because I’m usually the one giving the recommendations. Nobody actually recommends books to me).
We became friends because we were both bookworms and I think that’s part of the reason we became friends again.
As is evident, books are a huge part of not only our individual lives but also our one shared love, the things that keep us together no matter what.
When I first heard Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern was being made into a movie, I couldn’t think of a single person to call except her; when we found out about the new Meg Cabot series based on the Princess Diaries coming out in May 2015, we fangirled so much! 
There’s just these experiences and memories we share and always will.
Well now I’m just getting nostalgic.

The whole point of mentioning Mia was that we planned something.
A Book Blogging Challenge Thingie, to be precise.
(No no. That is the name we’ve given it. What do you think?)
Yes it’s related to books and it’s related to blogging and we’re doing it together.

Here’s how it works:

We’ve made each other a list of 12 books.
We will be reading one book each month and then writing about it on our blogs.
That’s mostly it. There’s no rules or anything.
Except that we must write 2 posts every month relating to our challenge.
The first post will be towards the beginning of the month announcing the Book of the Month and the second will be towards the end of the month, as and when we finish reading the book talking about the book.
It need not be a review, it could simply be our own thoughts on the book or something else altogether- but it should be about the book and/ or the experience of reading it.

It isn’t much, really. But like I said, we’ve shared our love for books and we wish to have read the same books like we did until a few years ago (Although you’d be surprised how many books we have in common even now)

There’s another project I need to write about but it is a bit of a work in progress, I’m waiting for it to be all ready for presentation and then I’ll unveil it (sounds so dramatic and sophisticated).

There’s probably a few other things I’d like to write about but what’s the hurry?
I’m not running away anywhere.
I will, in a day or two, post about my January book which I may or may not have already finished reading (same in case of Mia, actually).

I’m hoping this is a lot of fun and you enjoy reading the books and about the books as much as I’ll enjoy reading them and writing about them.

Hope you have a great year ahead!

P.S. Any resolutions?
Do tell me yours and maybe inspire me enough to make up a couple of them for myself- because I never do. 😛


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