Because randomness is the way to go! ;)

A Story About You

A Blast of Random… Aah! Which one was that again?

Wasn’t it the one where the girl rambles a lot?
Well at least she’s funny!
Not funny enough to have paused the cat video though…
*sigh* Might as well see what she has to say now.

Okay… So she’s saying this isn’t her official comeback post.
That’ll come around a week later.
Hmm… Alright…

This is just a post to ask us how we all are doing.
She wants to know what’s up with us…
She wants us to comment on this post telling her the most interesting thing that happened to us recently.

“Or… or…” she says, “You could tell me the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to- something you’ve been waiting for.”
She has been looking forward to a lot of things too and she’ll be telling us about them soon.
She wants to give us an opportunity to make this post about us.
That sounds fun!
We rarely get a chance to get a word in edgeways on this blog anyway.

Now we have a chance to ramble here, for a change.

Well, we’d be idiots not to comment immediately!

But really guys, do tell me what’s up with all of you. I’ve missed blogging.

P.S. Yes, the title is a reference to the thirteenth podcast of Welcome to Night Vale. High five to those who got it! 😀


Comments on: "A Story About You" (2)

  1. Haha, is it weird that I read the title of this post in Cecil’s voice?

    I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do either. I just started a new job and I’m still adjusting to it. Did you write your exam already? How’d it go?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exams got over today. That was me not studying and blogging instead. it’s not weird at all that you read it in Cecil’s voice… I think we should start reading everything in Cecil’s voice. It won’t be such a bad thing.


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