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The book is ALWAYS better than the movie.

After talking about my favourite movies yesterday, I am supposed to talk about the things that annoyed me in the movies.
And just like every Potterhead who has read the books, I have lots of complaints.

Day 3: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you?

There are two types of things that annoy me about the movies.

One type is that they haven’t included some characters and plot points as part of the movies’ stories.
But this is kind of the less annoying part because the movies are only 2 hours and the books are huge, so yes the directors need to cut out certain amazing parts from the books while making the movies.
But I feel sad nonetheless for the following things:

They’ve left out characters like Charlie Weasley and Winky and Peeves and Teddy!!!!
They’ve left out Hermione’s S.P.E.W.
They’ve left out some extremely funny scenes among the Trio or with Fred and George or other characters. Those scenes needed to be in the movies!!!
Harry’s Sass!! I mean, come on!
Of course they’ve also left out several back stories of characters (especially the Marauders).

Then there’s the second kind of things that annoy me.
This is the kind where they have the characters, they have the settings but for some inexplicable reason, they decide to change the thing that actually was or actually happened to something extremely ridiculous or nonsensical.

Movie Ginny vs. Book Ginny

Yes!! I know right?!?
Everybody is pissed about this.
I just read my friend Leanna’s post. Check it out- it’s awesome. It says everything I feel about the characters!


Voldemort’s Death

He is supposed to die like a human.
He is supposed to fall to the ground and stop breathing and lie there dead.
He is not supposed to disintegrate like he did in the movies.
That is effing stupid!
It portrayed Voldemort as something more than a human. Which he wasn’t. He was simply a human who did evil things. That is the whole point!!

Padma Patil’s and Parvati Patil’s dresses at the Yule Ball

Not enough people seem to be bothered about it. But I am.
Like Tanvi said, “I understand that they have shown the diversity at Hogwarts and I appreciate that” but really???

They could’ve worn this for diversity:
Or this:


Or even this:


The point I’m trying to make is, they could’ve worn literally anything but this:


The colors are gaudy, the design of the dress is so bad, and the clothes don’t even fit them well.
The jewellery doesn’t go with the dress either!
It just annoys me so much!!

I suppose the only thing I can say in conclusion is that, sure, the movies could’ve been better.. But they could’ve also been worst.
They could’ve been Percy Jackson movies.
I’m grateful they’re not.

This could’ve been JKR:


His sass though! 😀

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