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Today’s question for the Harry Potter Tumblr Challenge was the easiest to answer in the sense that I did not have to think even for half a second about what my answer was going to be.

Day 4: Who’s your least favourite female character and why?


Yes, just like almost every Potterhead ever, my most hated and least favourite character is Umbitch.

(Notice how I didn’t say “female character”. Notice how I also didn’t say “one of”.
I hate Umbridge the most. Period.)

This Umbridge:


Not this one:


(I actually love this one to death, but that’s a story for Day 29! Long wait, I know, but wait for it!)

Why do I hate Umbridge?

Let me see…
Did you know that ” Dolores” is actually “pain” in Spanish? Yes. Now you do.

Sirius once said that Remus can’t find a job because of Umbridge’s anti-werewolf laws.

“…she drafted an anti-werewolf legislation two years ago that makes it almost impossible for him to get a job.”
Nobody messes with my Marauders! Nobody!!

She was a racist, bigoted person who constantly manipulated and lied to people.
She had even lied about her family, claiming that she was a pure-blood rather than a half-blood.

She got some weird, sadistic pleasure from torturing people and making their lives hell.

What she did to Trelawney is an example of this.

Obviously, we have several examples of her torturing students as well.

She has sociopathic or even psychopathic tendencies.

 This is the woman who, due to her wicked nature actually developed an “affinity” for a Horcrux and instead of having a negative effect on her- like it did to the Trio- it actually strengthened her!

The worst part is, she wasn’t even a Death Eater! Like can you believe that?
Our least favourite character in the entire series is not Voldemort or even one of his followers but this vile woman!!

Actually wait, that’s not even the worst part.
The real worst part is that she lives.
This woman, who bullied students, blackmailed them, abused power, had moral values smaller than an atom is still alive and innocent and good people had to die.

(I was going to write “good people like…” but didn’t because we’re not yet over any of the deaths and nobody needs reminding anyway)

The world really is unfair.
Even the magical world created by J K Rowling.

Bellatrix Lestrange is dead though.
That’s some relief.
That bitch got owned!


Comments on: "Give her hell from us, Peeves!" (4)

  1. Too right! I hate her soooooo much!


  2. Umbridge is my least favourite character too, yet one of my favourites in the AVMP universe haha. ”Did you get my text? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TEXT ME BACK”

    Liked by 1 person

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