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            When Adelaide Brennan had gotten up that morning, she wouldn’t have thought she’d be skipping school, breaking the law and running from ghosts that following afternoon, and all for a girl she had just met.

            Hailey Akiyama she had said her name was, and she had asked Adelaide if she really wanted to go to school, or if she’d rather have an adventure.
            Adelaide had to admit that she had said yes because it had reminded her of Doctor Who, but she had kind of forgotten the more dangerous part of the TV show. You know, the part where you had to run for your life and where there’s the possibility of death. 
            So she had said yes, without even knowing who the girl was. She had never seen Hailey at school before, nor had she heard of her. 
            ‘’Not to be rude or anything, but… Who are you exactly?’’ Adelaide had asked the girl as they made their way through the woods next to the school. Hailey had insisted they’d go that way for several reasons. She even had a list written down, as if she had expected to justify her choice:

1.      If the teachers see us leave, they will come after us and drag our asses back to school

2.      It’s more fun this way

3.      Forests are magical

4.      I thought you wanted an adventure?

5.      All the best adventures take place in magical places like forests

            Adelaide had pointed out that not just ‘the best adventures’ took place in forests; horror movies did too. Hailey had rolled her eyes at that and continued down the path. After a few seconds of silence, in which Adelaide had pondered whether Hailey might be a psychotic murderer, she had decided to ask who the girl was, for better or for worse.
            ‘’I told you already; Hailey Akiyama.’’
            ‘’Yeah, but who are you?’’
            ‘’Jeez, sorry Mr. Caterpillar. Want a hookah with that? I’m Hailey Akiyama, almost sixteen years old. My mom’s from Tokyo and moved to whatever you call this sad excuse for a town when she was twenty-one for love. Romantic right? Yeah, until her ‘big love’ left us when I was eight to go on a ‘big adventure’ like he’s Bilbo Baggins or something. Then we moved back to Tokyo, until Bilbo decided that he didn’t want a big adventure after all, since ‘mom and I were his big adventure’. So here we are, one happy family reunited.’’ Hailey had rolled her eyes so many times during her story that Adelaide thought they’d roll out at some point, but they were still secure in her head. 
            ‘’I’m sorry.’’
            ‘’Don’t be. Anyway, since Daddy dearest is so fond of adventures, I thought I’d try one myself. But adventures on your own are boring. I need my companions, my-‘’
            ‘’Dwarves?’’ Adeilade had asked, feeling insulted.
            ‘’What? No! Why do you- Oh, because of the Bilbo thing. No, dwarves are a nuisance. You can be my handy mage, ready to heal me when I get in trouble. And I will get in trouble.’’
            They had arrived at the end of the forest. 
            Hailey had turned around to grin at Adelaide.
            ‘’I thought ‘all the best adventures take place in forests’? Why are we about to leave it?’’
            ‘’I said like forests,’’ Hailey had pulled away a branch to show an old castle, almost fallen to ruins. ‘’Castles are even more magical.’’
            Adelaide had bitten her lip.
            ‘’Doesn’t someone own that place?’’
            ‘’Nah, it’s abandoned.’’
            ‘’So it’s haunted. Even better.’’
            Hailey had laughed at that. 
            ‘’I like you…Er, what’s your name actually?’’
            Right, Adelaide had never had the time to introduce herself. As soon as she had said yes, Hailey had pulled her towards the forest.
            ‘’Adelaide. Adelaide Brennan.’’
            ‘’Nice to meet you, Mr. Bond,’’ Hailey had grinned as she stepped out of the forest. ‘’Let’s start our mission.’’
            ‘’When did our adventure turn into a mission?’’
            But Hailey had ignored her question.

            The castle had indeed seemed to be abandoned, but that hadn’t calmed Adelaide’s nerves. She had expected someone – or something – to jump out at them from every nook and cranny. Hailey had laughed at her nervousness, but that was before they had arrived in the throne room, where they were currently hiding behind the throne.
            ‘’Ghosts don’t exist.’’ Hailey still claimed, even after they had seen several suspicious shadows that had seemed to chase them as they had run towards the throne room.
            ‘’You believe in dwarves and mages, but not ghosts?’’ Adelaide whispered furiously at the other girl. She had skipped school, probably broken the law by trespassing – she was ninety-nine percent sure that someone owned the castle – and was now hiding from possible ghosts. Her mom would kill her, if the ghosts didn’t get to her first. 
            ‘’I don’t believe in dwarves and mages either!’’ Hailey hissed. ‘’I was just having fun!’’ 
            ‘’Well your ‘fun’ has gotten us into this mess!”
            ‘’You didn’t have to come with me!’’
            Adelaide opened her mouth to retort – even though Hailey was right-, but at that moment the door creaked open slowly. The two girls covered each other’s mouth, looking at each other with wide eyes. 
            Footsteps started to approach. 
            Adelaide felt her heart calm down. Ghosts don’t have footsteps.
            ‘’Hailey Akiyama, get up from behind that throne right now.’’ 
            Adelaide and Hailey looked at each other in surprise. They released each other’s mouth and got up, though Hailey pushed the other girl down again. She held her finger against her lips and turned around the throne.
            ‘’Hi Dad! Hi….who are you?’’
            ‘’This is Mr. Hannigen, the owner of the castle.’’
            ‘’Oh! Well, I’m very sorry Mr. Hannigan. It’s just, I love adventures. It’s a family thing, right Dad?’’
            Adelaide couldn’t see the girl’s expression, but she could guess the look Hailey was giving her father. 
            ‘’Get here, right now.’’
            Adelaide heard the three people leaving the room, and quietly got up herself. When she rounded the throne, she found herself all alone. Great, just great.

            She made her way out of the throne room, hoping to find her way back out of the castle. Hailey, her dad and the owner were nowhere to be seen, which might be a good thing. At least she wouldn’t be in trouble with the law. Though that wouldn’t matter if she never got out of there.
            Adelaide decided that if she walked down the hallway, nothing would be able to go wrong. Oh, how wrong she was. Soon she found herself back in front of the throne room, apparently having gone in circles. 
            She threw her arms in the air in frustration.
            ‘’Great, just great! Any ghosts out there that want to finish me off, so that my day will get even better?’’ 
            A hand fell down on her shoulder, causing her to jump in the air.
            She was greeted by hysterical laughter. Adelaide turned around to find Hailey standing there, holding her stomach and leaning forward. 
            ‘’Oh. My. God!’’ she laughed. 
            Adelaide punched the other girl on the arm. 
            ‘’What the hell is wrong with you?! First you drag me along on your stupid adventure to this stupid castle, then you leave me behind, and then you sneak up on me like that?’’
            Hailey held up her hands.
            ‘’In my defence, you agreed to the adventure, I left you so you wouldn’t get in trouble and I didn’t ‘sneak up on you’. I just walked towards you. You think a simple ‘hi’ wouldn’t have startled you in this place?’’
            ‘’It still would’ve been a better greeting.’’ Adelaide said, still fuming. Hailey rolled her eyes.
            ‘’Come on, let’s get out of here.’’
            ‘’You know the way out?’’
            ‘’’Course I do.’’
            ‘’You promise?’’ 
            They continued on in silence.
            ‘’How did your dad know you were here?’’
            ‘’Uh, the principal called him because I wasn’t at school,’’ Great, Mom probably got a call too. ‘’And Dad kind of guessed where I’d be. Like the castle I’d been talking about recently.’’
            ‘’Seriously? You’re that stupid?’’
            ‘’Oi! I may be stupid, but you followed this stupid person!’’
            ‘’I didn’t even know you! How was I supposed to know you were stupid?’’
            ‘’Er… I suggested skipping school to go on an adventure?’’
            Adelaide sighed.
            ‘’Guess we’re both stupid.’’
            They had arrived at the doors.
            Hailey turned around and grinned.
            ‘’But you’re the stupidest, since you couldn’t even find the exit.’’

            Adelaide glared at her.

            ‘’I’m never going on one of your stupid adventures again.’’

            But that was far from true. Because no matter how scared she had been that afternoon, no matter how mad her mother was at her and no matter how much she had been against skipping school before that day, she hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. From that day on, no matter how much they bickered and complained about each other, they were inseparable. 


About the Author:

Hi I’m Michelle; writer, journalist student, blogger at The Writing Hufflepuff and The Feministas, Hufflepuff, Pokémon Master, Demigod, Waterbender… Basically  a professional fangirl! I hope you’ll enjoy my story 🙂

This story was written by Michelle inspired by this prompt:


It is a word from Mandarin, and Michelle pretty much nailed the expectations I had for a story using this prompt, so yayy!

If you like the story, comment here or on Michelle’s blog telling her about it! 
She’d love to know your feedback.

The list of prompts was inspired by this article I happened upon, quite a few have stories written about them so stick around for the rest.

This is the second story of a part of a series of stories I’m going to post, which were written by my friends, I talk about it here.

Here’s the first story, you should check it out!

I’ll post the next story on the 14th on January, and it’s a beautiful one so I hope you don’t miss it!

P.S. The author would like you to sing the title of the story in your best Anna from Frozen voice (those of you didn’t do that anyway, that is, those of you who’re not me 😛 )

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  1. This was such an awesome story! There was great character interaction and I loved all the references. 🙂

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  2. I was busy studying so I had no time to visit before but thanks so much for letting me be a part of this 😀 Now I’m going to catch up on all the other stories!


  3. Reblogged this on The Writing Hufflepuff and commented:
    A while ago I wrote a short story for Sam’s blog. I had a lot of fun writing it and hope that you guys will have fun reading it too 🙂 Don’t forget to check out all the other short stories that other bloggers wrote!


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