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I figured it out!
I finally figured it out!

I have actually been on the verge of figuring this out for a while now.
But the proper, complete explanation came to me today.

The reason I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, once upon a time.

I have been worrying about it for a long time.

I made a list of all possible reasons, by comparing my past self with my present self as well as the circumstances of the past with the present ones.

Somehow I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

So when I started this blog I was not yet 17. I was so young, I had figured everything out.
Now I am older, I no longer have the luxury of knowing everything.

I had so many opinions back then!
Now I know nothing.

I do not know who I am, I do not know one thing from another.
I do not have an opinion on any topic. I am trying to figure it all out.

I recently happened to read a couple of my old posts, and I thought to myself, Wow! This kid is so confident! She is so opinionated.

She also had this thing going on, where she could very easily state, “This is me. This is the kind of person I am, these are the things I like, these other things I definitely do not like. This is never going to change.”

Now I’m just sitting here like, “Wow”

Now I am in a place in my life where I haven’t formed an opinion on the cheesy fries from Burger King!

(I don’t know man! The first time I was really excited to try them out but I didn’t like them very much, the next time when a friend was having them I had a few and I thought ‘Hey not so bad huh?’
The time after that I didn’t wanna risk not liking them so I said ‘Let’s buy regular ones’, but somebody in the group wanted to taste these so I was like ‘Sure!’
Then I ate like half of them.
I am yet to go to Burger King again, and now I realise that I need to have a stand on this situation and the pressure is too much and I don’t know what to do)

It’s a good thing to have your beliefs shaken every once in a while, but you can’t go your life not being on either side of issues. You cannot have a permanently neutral stand on things.
But currently I’m so confused.

I thought of things to write about everyday when I started the blog, I’d be travelling, I’d see something and then blog about it, with my thoughts on the topic. Lately I don’t have any thoughts whatsoever.

I don’t write anymore because the blog was started to write about my thoughts and opinions and I DON’T HAVE ANY THOUGHTS OR OPINIONS ANYMORE!

So, for one thing, I need to start having thoughts and opinions, if only for the sake of my blog, but this could take a while.
In the meantime I should also think of something else to blog about.

You are totally welcome to comment below and tell me if you’d like me to blog about something. You don’t have to, but if you have any ideas, go on.
I’m also trying to figure things out.

I could maybe help figure them out on the blog. Not interesting for you?
Don’t worry, I’ll only post here if it’s interesting.

Many of the things could also be personal things I might not wanna write down, here on the blog.

Haha let’s see how this goes!

I do still have a few ideas to write about from before that I had written down somewhere and totally forgotten, so maybe I’ll work on those.
(And if all else fails, there’s always fangirling- because that’s here to stay)

Meanwhile, I also have a teeny-tiny announcement to make, and I’ll do it the next time I write, I guess!

So all of this should last us until I figure out the mess.

Wish me luck! 😀


Comments on: "Eureka!" (7)

  1. When I come across posts like this, I always panic because I’m worried the writer will quit blogging.

    I’m glad you’re not quitting blogging.

    And as much as empathize with an inability to have coherent thoughts and opinions, I unfortunately have no advice. I will say that when you suddenly have a burst of genius, WRITE. IT. DOWN. Doesn’t matter where you are, write it down. I’ve lost a lot of ideas thinking I’ll remember them, but I never do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what, actually?
      Literally two days ago I had the same thought and I started listing down every single thing that came to my mind throughout the day, however stupid or insignificant I thought it was. I’m 3 days in and I can’t say much for progress, but I’m liking it, and I think that’s important.

      And you’re right!
      Every time I come across these posts I feel the same and I panic in a similar manner, but in my case, if anything, this post was one more small attempt to get back to blogging.
      Like, yes, this is the problem and now you know it, but I’m getting around to solving it…

      Also, don’t worry about me because I’ve written several of these posts over the years but you’re stuck with me anyway! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good going. You’re figuring things out. But it is true- the more you read and grow, the more you know you are just a drop in the ocean. There is so much yet to be explored, observed, experienced and realized.

    Just keep writing, even if it is a rant about your confusions. Hope it’ll help you ponder over things you otherwise may not want to articulate. All the best 🙂


  3. Anupama said:

    I nearly cried with relief when I read this post. I’ve been working through the past year and quit my job last month. Before, I used my work as an excuse for the inactivity of my blog, but now that I have no distractions, I find that I don’t have any creative thoughts, either. It’s one of the most terrifying sensations/realizations I’ve ever had. If I can’t write, I’m lost. Most of what I’ve written this year has seemed like rubbish to me, even if other people liked it. But reading this gave me some amount of hope. Maybe we’ll get through this. 🙂


    • Yes. I’m sure we will.. I go through these phases often, and I don’t like it, but the one thing that keeps me going is knowing that every time I have come back to writing again.
      You know? Like, knowing that I came back every other time helps me come back every time.
      Like, Harry knowing he could make the patronus in PoA because he knew he had made it before… Something like that 😛


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