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BookBlogWriMo 2014

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This year, I decided to do BookBlogWriMo, which is hosted by Book Bumblings.

I’ve never done this kind of thing before (this kind of thing meaning consistently blogging for all 30 days of a month), but I’m going to give it a try.

The Writing Hufflepuff was the reason I found out about this awesome thing and then I also told Leanna over at Short Story Long Blog and we’re all doing it together!
So this will be fun 😀

On this page, I’ll be linking all the posts that I write for BookBlogWriMo 2014.

  1. History of Your Blog:
  2. The Journey So Far…

  3. How You Read:
  4. Just Read, Read, Read!

  5. Where You Read:
  6. I Read In Paradise

  7. Why You Blog:
  8. Why DO I blog!?!

  9. Where You Blog:
  10. Wrote this one lying in bed

  11. #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books:
  12. Here’s my TBT Post (On a Friday)

  13. #FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design:
  14. From Way Back When…

  15. Your Blogging Toolkit:
  16. BookBlogWriMo Day 8

  17. Your Blogging Workflow:
  18. My Blogging Workflow (Realized today that I have one)

  19. Memes You Meme
  20. I don’t meme no memes!

  21. #Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts:
  22. Let’s Get Narcissistic!

  23. Advice for Newbie Bloggers:
  24. Gather round, Newbies! I have some advice to offer.

  25. Your Review Process:
  26. Why I don’t review

  27. Your Ratings System:
  28. Restricted from 3 to 5 stars!

  29. Favorite Book Blogging Things
  30. Least Favorite Book Blogging Things
  31. Favorite Book Tropes
  32. Favorite Subgenres
  33. #WaitingOnWednesday – TBR Books
  34. #TBT – Best Books of 2014
  35. #FlashbackFriday – Your First Reviews
  36. #ShowMeYourShelves
  37. Book Boyfriend Criteria
  38. Reading Cave Fantasies
  39. How You Deal with Book Hangovers
  40. Cheating on Books: TV & Movies
  41. Authors You’re Thankful For
  42. Book Pet Peeves
  43. The Future of Your Blog
  44. #BookBlogWriMo Wrap Up





Also put the picture from Book Bumblings’ blog here for good measure 😉

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