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A must-see for Divergents!


Allegiant is coming out tomorrow!
I’ve waited so long for this moment.
In fact, I have waited since even before they decided to call it Allegiant. Back then, it was just called “the third book”.
Our conversations used to be something like this-
“Hey I just finished Insurgent.”
“Who the hell is Edith Prior??”
“Oh my God! I don’t know!! And what could be beyond the fence??”
“I’m dying here! I want the third book!”
“No! I need the third book.”

Oh! *nostalgia* 🙂

Then we came to know that the third book was going to be called “Allegiant”! By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but in case you havent-

Allegiant: Al, Le Giant (meaning it is a tribute to Al)

I was so happy that day- not only did we know the name of the third book now, but it meant that the day is nearing… the day that it comes out!
Finally its here! Less than 24 hours away.
The date carries a lot of significance too.
I’ll explain it. I love doing that… 😀

2+2= 4 – Four’s fears
2+0+1+3= 6 – Tris’ fears
10= 4+6 Need I say more?

So for all those you who are waiting for the book- here’s something till then- you will love it!

And all those you who aren’t very excited yet- read this and I bet you will be!

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