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A Part Of Me

I showed you pictures of all the merchandise I bought at Pottermania a month or so ago.

Today I wish to discuss the magical powers of one of the little things I bought.

This locket:


As you can imagine, I practically wear it all the time. I never leave home without it.
I don’t care if it doesn’t look good on the t-shirt I’m wearing or that something else I own might just look better.
I’m not wearing it for people who would criticize my fashion sense- I’m wearing it for those who know that it is more than just a piece of accessory.
Classic situation of ‘those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

It is so much more than just a necklace to me- that thing you see up there.

It is a promise to myself.
A promise not only to always love Harry Potter, but to always remember the values it taught me, to always know that there is something much bigger in the world out there, that good things are yet to come, to always have courage and confidence in myself.

It reminds me that I have a part of Harry in me, a Hermione, a Ron, maybe even a bit of Voldemort, definitely a Luna and a Sirius.
They are not just characters, they are all a part of who I am.

The locket might not possess the kind of magical powers that I wish it would, but it does have a certain power in it- that of putting things into perspective, of reminding me what matters.

There have been so many times when I have been confused or sad or angry or alone or downright furious about something, but touching it gave me the confidence to ask questions, it brought me back to my senses, helped me think rationally, reminded me of the end goal and most importantly, reminded me that I am not alone.
It reminded me that I am anything but alone.

Oh it gave me proof that I am not the only one!

Constantly, I can feel it around my neck, and I keep on touching it, when I’m thinking, when I’m nervous or when I have nothing to do.
I go out wearing it, and most people don’t even look at it.
But then there are a few, who stare for a while, perhaps confirming that it is what they think it is, then there’s most definitely a nostalgic smile on their face after which they proceed to ask me “Hey is that like the Harry Potter Always with The Deathly Hallows?”
I suppose they are confirming, once again, that I am a Potterhead and I’m not wearing it only because it looks good or something.
I grin from ear to ear and say “Yes!! Yes it is! So you’re a Potterhead??” Because you know, I need the confirmation too.

Mostly my next question is, “You’ve read all the books?”
And yes, I know that people who watch only the movies can also be ardent fans of the series and blah and blah and blah but no! For me, a Potterhead is someone who has read all the books and watched all the movies- that’s the least you could do, if you really consider yourself HUGE Potterheads.

Of course I’ve never given anybody hate for not having read the books or watched the movies but somehow in my mind you never register as Potterheads if you haven’t read the books- then you become just someone I know who likes Harry Potter a lot, I’m sorry but how can I have conversations with you about Harry Potter and not shout out “I don’t believe you’ve not read the books! READ THE BOOKS!!!” every two minutes???

But then I met this girl a few weeks ago (yes because of the locket!) I skipped the question “Have you read all the books?”
I don’t know how I forgot but I did (maybe because she was the first person to notice my locket ever since I started wearing it) and we exchanged numbers. Also, we talked a lot and I noticed how she really and truly was a Potterhead regardless of the fact that she hadn’t read the books (yeah I had asked her later).
She had thousands of Harry Potter related pictures in her phone, she understood references, she knew ships and OTPs, and (cherry on top of the cake) she was in love with Tom Felton.

I absolutely love that girl- she is the only one whom I give the Potterhead tag in spite of not having read the books.

All of this made me realize that maybe I shouldn’t be judging Potterheads like that (YES I know! Last person to jump on that bandwagon) even though most of them turn out to be, well, not Potterheads.

It also made me think of all the people I know who have read the books and somehow I still have difficulty in calling them Potterheads.

A girl I know recently read the books and watched the movies, and bless her, she is sincere in her love for Harry Potter but somehow she doesn’t seem like a person whose mind was literally (in the figurative sense) blown by the books. There’s no spark in her eyes when she talks about the Yule Ball and no passion in her voice as she tells me how sad Fred’s death is (devastating- that’s the word you use. Always.)

Oh but get this, I know another girl who read Harry Potter way before I did, but everytime I become all fangirl-y about it, she says “Sure, Harry Potter was one of the best series I read but…” and then go on to criticize it by acting like it is trivial or “pretty childish really”.

Oh and then there’s those!
The book snobs!
So they’ve read it like a long time ago, they were obsessed with it, it helped them read more books and really become readers, but now they’ve moved on from their childish obsession and think there are so many books that are better than Harry Potter.
Guys? Loyalty- Ever heard of that?

(See, what I think is, they can’t be Potterheads if they don’t remain loyal towards it. Because if there’s just one thing you learnt from that series, then it’s loyalty. Right?)

What I really dislike about this class of people is that they pity you or look down upon you because you’re still “hung up” on Harry Potter (like it is a trend or something).
I read Oscar Wilde, I read Jane Austen and I read all those serious books; but they won’t ever make me stop loving Harry Potter.

Because to me, ‘Always’ is more than a word, and more than Snape’s love for Lily.
When I say ‘Always’ I mean it.

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