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She collapsed onto the bed extremely

She collapsed onto the bed extremely exhausted and she wasn’t sure but she thought her cheeks hurt from fake-smiling so much.

He joined her a moment later, lying down besides her.

“Happy Birthday once again sweetheart!” she said to him and realized that hosting the party (where she didn’t know a soul) was totally worth it.

“Well.. it’s almost yours now.” He said, glancing at the clock.

23.31, it read.

Aah! She had momentarily forgotten about it.

She’d turn 20 in exactly 29 minutes too.

What were the odds of having a boyfriend who almost shared your birthday?
But everything about their relationship so far had been surreal.
The way they met, their relationship so far… and it had only been 8 months!

Was it too soon to move in together?
She was loving this feeling of lying down besides him and she’d love to wake up next to him every morning.

Hahaha… Silly her! Not like it was going to happen.

They hadn’t even, well, done it yet.


Wow! He couldn’t believe he was so lucky.
The party was amazing.
And it wasn’t an easy task, definitely. The efforts she took to make sure all his favourite people came; and she hadn’t even lived in the city for a whole year.

Was it too soon to move in together?
He was loving this feeling of lying down besides her and he’d love to wake up next to her every morning.

They hadn’t really talked about anything of that sort.
It felt like saying any of it out loud or making plans would break the spell.

He wanted her. In ways he couldn’t quite put into words.

She was beautiful, and not only the skin-deep kind.
She was funny, and smart.
The amount of loyalty she had for the things that mattered to her was amazing.

It only made him love her more.
But see? That was exactly it!

On the one hand, he wanted to make love to her, but then again, he was alright with just this.
Maybe later they’d talk about it.
And maybe they’d be doing the deed really soon.
For now, he kissed her and she kissed him back.
Was it his imagination or was it more passionate than usual?

“What do you want for your birthday? I haven’t really gotten you anything, you know.” he tried teasing her.

“You.” she said, smiling. And then she laughed. “Haha no! Of course I want books and fandom merch and all that. We’re not that kind of a cheesy couple, right? But I want you too, can I have you?”

He looked at her… well she looked sirius enough.

“You” he asked.
“Yes I mean exactly like.” she said. And then she added, “Unless you…”

“No no! Oh my God no! I thought you didn’t! ”

“Wow! Why don’t we ever talk about stuff? Are we scared of jinxing it?”

“Exactly what I was wondering. So you’re sure?”

“Surer than Sherlock is when makes his deductions.”

“Well, technically those are just guesses. Calculated guesses. His science of deduction, you see…”

“Oh my God! For once, will you just kiss me instead?” She asked taking hold of his collar and pulling him closer.

And then he did.


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