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My Blogger Crush

Has that happened to you?

That you fell in love with a person without ever meeting them or even knowing what they look like, but you admire them for their work? Maybe their art or the book they wrote?

It must be happening, right?

Because it happens to me. 
All. The. Time.

And I cannot possibly be the only one.

Usually it happens in case of authors, but then I started my blog and I realized how wonderful so many bloggers are too.

When I first started blogging around 6 months ago (is it that much already?), I quite accidentally stumbled upon the blog of this person called Brian D. Buckley. Till date I maintain that it was one of the best things I did accidentally!

His posts are brilliant. When I first found his blog, I read quite a few of them back-to-back; you could say I was hooked.

The post after which I finally decided to follow him was ‘Staring At Rectangles ‘. 
According to me, Start at the Bottom, and Read Up was one of his most creative posts.

I could, in fact, dissect and analyse each of his posts but I’ll leave you to form your own opinions.

Instead I’ll tell you some other things about him.

Brian D. Buckley is this really tall 28 year-old guy (thank me for this after you read his About page) who lives in Ohio.

He is quite possibly married (I think he mentioned his wife sometime but I’m not sure).

I have no idea what he even looks like, but I adore him to bits. This is because I love his writing, and by extension, him. I even wait for his blog post eagerly.

He is a dedicated writer (possibly that’s what makes him so good). He blogs everyday, and informs his readers if he is taking a blogging vacation.

He recently published a book of poems called ‘The Witching Hour’. I downloaded the PDF, read a few poems (few because I am not really a poem person) and out of the ones I read, ‘ A Literary Agent Rejects a Subpar Query Letter’ is my favourite.

He is also writing a novel called ‘The Crane Girl’ which is 75% done (last time I checked). It sounds like a very interesting book and I eagerly await its arrival in my nearest bookstore. 😀

His discipline when it comes to writing and personal connect with his readers are the two most admirable things. 
He replies to almost every comment that is posted on his blog and that is one lesson I learnt from him.
There is also the fact that he blogs everyday, at 6 A.M.- I’d love to do that too but I never wake up so early and I am not that dedicated to blogging- I know I should be but that is one thing which will hopefully get inculcated in me as time passes.

Also, there is the thing about how his posts are for the reader instead of himself. 
He is writing keeping in mind how someone else is going to read it and doesn’t write stuff that could be boring for the readers. He is also very modest. 
Apart from being a good writer, he is also a good person- a trait I’ve come to admire in people in the recent years. And he is genuinely good, not the kind of person who puts on a show of being a good person when in fact he isn’t (don’t ask me how I know that, I just do.)

Anyway I’ll stop now- he is probably going to get a lot of pingbacks now that I have posted so many links, and he is going to wonder who this crazy girl is! 😛

Which might make him read my blog!

Oh God! I just realized that!!!

Whatever will he think of me?

But I am going to click on ‘Publish’ now. I spent a lot of time writing this post.

*Fingers crossed that he doesn’t think I am completely demented*

(Okay! If you are probably reading this- Please don’t think I am completely bonkersAnd never stop blogging!)

(Oh and good luck for completing The Crane Girl!)

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