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Gather round, Newbies! I have some advice to offer.

It was a sudden realization a few months ago that I’m no longer a newbie or a rookie when it comes to blogging.

Like, up until I had been blogging for six months or so, I considered myself to be new here.
Thinking that helped in a way, because I made all kinds of silly mistakes and
posted silly things around here; I knew I could get away with it by saying I was new.
But now I’m not.
And suddenly, it’s my turn to give advice.

The first thing I’d like to tell you guys is that you should start writing immediately after you create a blog.
Generally, a lot of people first focus on the themes of their blogs, the widgets they’re using, platforms they’re planning to publicize their blogs on, etc. (something I’ve seen my friends do).
Personally I feel that in your excitement of having started a new blog, you should only write and write! And keep on posting for a while.
Use the excitement and adrenaline for posting; selecting themes is fun even even when you’re bored and feeling uninspired.
Then you can look around WordPress, see how things work around here and then there’s always time for the decorations.
Also, when you do finally get around to having a nice theme with clever quotes posted here and there, with your Goodreads managing to brag about books you’ve been reading, one of the best things to do is create an “About” page.
Write about yourself, or about your blog. Because I’ve noticed that anybody who visits your blog will read the About page first.
I do the same with other blogs.
So yes, an About page is, I suppose, extremely important to let people know about you.

(And then there’s mine. LOL!)

Back when I was new here, I somehow ended up reading a few posts about blogging tips and how to blog more effectively.
Maybe I learnt a few things from those but I don’t really remember.

One thing I remember very clearly though, is about how we should all have a niche.
The blog post talked about how if you’re a writer blogging about your books then you need to write about books, or topics similar to the ones you write books about.
That way, you find a niche audience for your blog.
And I just sat there like


Because the whole point of my blog is that I don’t have any particular topics to write about.
Sure, I write about books but I’m not a book blogger.
I occasionally make people laugh, but I’m not that funny.
At times I say thought-provoking things, but those are so rare!

There’s no one thing that I “mostly” write about! What was I to do?

Well, then I was like- yeah! Never mind that post.
So maybe I won’t really have so many followers. I’ll only make new friends because of my blogging.
And that’s fine! I want friends, not followers.
Having followers makes me feel like Voldemort (and believe me, I’d be no good at designing any tattoos or gang signs).

And believe me, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a niche.
If people like your writing they’ll read anything you write (for the most part).
And one more lesson that incident taught me was not to follow every blogging tip you read on the internet.

Feel free to not follow anything I say either.
Once you start blogging and do it for a while, you will learn so much all by yourself!
(And there’s always Google to help you with the technical stuff).

One last piece of advice before I go (and this one you must follow):


Also (because I’m a Nerdfighter) Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

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