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A day of celebrations!

It is a very special for Potterheads, as you all know!

(Well in case you don’t, it is The Queen’s birthday and also our dearest Harry’s).


So first of all, wishing a very magical birthday to these two amazing people whom I can’t imagine life without.
In fact, when I try to think back about my life before Harry Potter, I can’t think of a single thing that made me as happy and excited as Harry Potter!

So yes, I guess what I’m trying to say to both of them is- Thank you for being born.





Today is even more special for me because my blog completes a year today.
Yes, it is my first blogiversary.

It feels kind of silly to be celebrating that when it is The Queen’s birthday.
But it is my blog birthday too.
So I thought of something to celebrate both the things together.

I’m going to make a list of all the Harry Potter posts I wrote in the past one year.
That seems like the perfect blend of two things I like a lot.

Here goes:

1. Had The Most Potterific Day Ever!

2. Carbon potter and The Unsaturated Benzene Hydrocarbon

3. Tumblr Potterheads FTW!!!

4. J. K. Rowling is not a Pantser

5. Things that give me hope

6. New city, but the same old (A fiction thingie I wrote, which does have a Potterhead- or two- in it)

7. Since when did Nerdfighter start preceding Potterhead? (This is like a two part post I wrote, second part being the next post linked here)

8. Nerdfighter Potterhead it is!

9. Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!!! (Another birthday post wishing my favorite twins)

10. Pottermaniacs Galore

11. A Part of Me 


Phew! And that’s all.. I honestly didn’t think there’d be so many of them. 

Wish you all a magical and Potterific day too. 🙂 


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