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How to make a bucket list?

Notice the question mark.

This isn’t a tutorial on how to make a bucket list.
It is a question. A question I ask you.

How to make a bucket list?

See, it’s not like I can’t (okay, it is like I can’t- that’s why the post), I’ve tried it a few times.

I start off with some real cool stuff like paragliding, going on the top of the Eiffel tower, paragliding to the top of the Eiffel Tower- you know the usual.
But then when I run out of these things and begin to wonder about the “What else?”
I ask myself, “What do I absolutely want to do before I die?”

I think that’s my big mistake.

Because then these are the things that come to my mind: writing a bestseller, owning a big house, doing something big and important in life… Things I want to achieve.
So it becomes a list of “things to achieve before you die” instead of “fun things to do before you die”.

Suddenly, I set myself goals in the form of this list.

Things like “Read a 1000 books or more” or “Write at least 10,000 words a year” start appearing on the list.

And then all of it sounds very stupid.
Sure, I still have a to-do list. But it is no longer this fun list.
It has once again become a list of things I need to work very hard for.
And as much as I love having a list which reminds me not to waste time and work towards my goals, it means that at the end of it, I DON’T HAVE A BUCKET LIST!!!

So what do you suggest I should do?

You might say “Think of all the fun things you wish to do and make a list, how hard can that be?”

But it isn’t so easy either, is it?

What I need is expert help from creative sources.

And that’s you guys because:

1. So many of you are Nerdfighters.
2. So many of you are Potterheads.
3. So many of you both (the best category to belong to- EVER!)
4. All you others have been reading my blog – there’s something to be said for your tastes now, right? 😉

Jokes apart, you guys are the only people who know me so well (well, well enough to know that I love starting every sentence with “well”) that you can advise and suggest and I’ll actually heed.

Aidez-moi people!

Tell me what are the prominent items on your bucket list.

How did you even get around to making one?

Which items on the list have you struck off already?
Were they as much fun as you thought they’d be?

Any suggestions about how I could get to work on my own?

I think we could safely say that with this open-ended post I leave you to ramble about bucket lists as much as you like.

Or ramble, period.

I do it all the time and you (voluntarily) read it all, now I give you an opportunity to seek revenge.

A role reversal, of sorts. (Aren’t those fun? 😀 )

Go on then- leave it all down there in the comments.

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