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Carbon Potter And The Unsaturated Benzene Hydrocarbon

Remember me mentioning my Petites Potterheads? They first made an appearance here.
Well I leave little room for you to forget since I’ve mentioned them so many times even after that!
So well there is this one Potterhead whom I haven’t specifically mentioned but she is like one of the petitest and mignonnest amongst our group!
Missed and loved the most because of the looooong distance between our cities.

So let me tell you a bit about her first!
She is this little girl of 15 (Of course I think 15 is little! I’m seventeen now!)
who is virtually afraid of nothing. She has a devil-may-care attitude about most things in life.

She loves to read and is a huge Narnian, Tribute and Potterhead (obviously!) among other things.

A complete nerd!

But she also knows about every single Hollywood movie that releases.
Ask her about any actor and she could probably be your encyclopedia (Wikipedia-if you please!).
And with good reason too: that girl, she is a future Oscar-winning film director!

More than anything, she is bursting with energy and creativity all the time… she’s always sketching, painting, writing, creating! She has a particular knack for putting life into dull things.

Tell her to study and she sends us pictures of her scribbled textbooks.

That is what the post is about- Gosh! I almost forgot. 😛

So she told us yesterday that she was studying chemistry and this is the picture that followed-


Yes! The Potterhead couldn’t let carbon compounds be.
She had to do that.
And no! Of course she didn’t stop at that!
She felt obliged to go ahead and be the next J K Rowling and Dobereiner or whoever that famous chemist person was(I’ll have you know that the words “Science” and “I” are generally not used in the same sentence by me. Come to think of it, the word “Science” itself is such a rare appearance in my vocabulary that I almost forgot the spelling!).

Yes my readers, you guessed it right!
I present to you the adventures of “Carbon Potter and The Unsaturated Benzene Hydrocarbon”:

It is a gripping tale about Carbon (nicknamed C by his friends) -an innocent little chemical element with an atomic number of just 6.
He lives with Methaniocnon Dursley and his wife Propanioctunia Dursley and their fat son Butaniocuddley Dursley.
But Carbon is not an ordinary element, he has an archenemy: Lord Propynoldemort.
Carbon runs for his life!
He has to destroy all the 7 horcruxes.
Sounds easy? Wait till you hear the next!
The horcruxes are unsaturated!!!
They are present in triple bond, making it all the more difficult for Carbon and his friends Buckminsterfullerene Weasley (fondly known as Bucky-Ball) and Ethanione Granger to destroy them without the help of certain acids and bases!

It is a dangerous quest but Ethanoicus Acidumbledore provides a little help.

Unfortunately, he also dies.

He is the headmaster of the school Carbon goes to, with his friends, it is called Hydrogenwarts School of Alkaneitchcraft and  Carbonizardry.
Yes the school contains Carbon’s name- because Acidumbledore had decided that every child in our world will know his name.
Although the founders- Chloromethane Gryffindor, Chloroethane Hufflepuff, Chloropropane Ravenclaw and Chlorobutane Slytherin- might have too!

There are, in fact, very complex characters in the story.
There’s Sodium Hydrogencarbonateraco Malfoy- an element who made all the wrong choices, starting with his name.
Then there’s Carbocycliceverus Snape, a particularly complex molecule, who never could be put into a specific group in the periodic table and was loathed by everyone because they thought he was in Proppy’s group (Yes, that’s what they called Lord Propynoldemort after his defeat!) 
Turns out he wanted to shag Carbon’s dissolved (read as: deceased) mother all along.
But guess what?
After all this time, everybody starts liking and admiring and respecting him. And continue to do so, always!

Inspite of it all, Carbon and his friends get a happy ending.

Ethoxideville Longbottom becomes the Herbology professor after the war.

Carbon marries his friend Bucky-ball’s sister Cyclohexaninny.

They give birth to three children- Alkalane, Alkalene and Alkalyne.

Also, Bucky-ball marries Ethanione.

(Buckminsterfullerene also has two twin brothers- Aldehydred and Ketoneorge.

But they are not stupid, they know they are called Ketondred and Aldehyneorge!)

P.S. You should check out her own blog on WordPress. She’s kinda new to it and the lazybum will probably just reblog this after making me write it all, but we love her- quirks and all! 😀 

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