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So I Love To Hoard- Big Deal!

I am a hoarder. ( I usually put it in better words and say that I like to collect, but maybe it is hoarding- though not the serious kind, I hope.)
I love to collect things which have been/ are/ might be of any importance to me ever.
I hoard things that have sentimental value- it could be something as ordinary as a tissue paper [Oh yes! I have one of those and no ways am I telling you why I have kept it 😉 ]
I have a small cupboard under my writing desk which was originally made to accommodate my study material but I use it as a place to store my secret stash. It contains most of the stuff I wish to keep forever but not all since a lot of it is just information and is thus stored in my laptop or cell-phone.
I especially love accumulating papers. Newspaper or magazine cut-outs, ticket stubs, greeting cards, notes or even complete notebooks and diaries.
This is a picture of the cupboard from inside (exclusively taken for my lovely followers on WordPress!) :


Now I will put my extremely superb descriptive skills to use and explain what the pictures show since this is one case where a picture will be unable to speak a thousand words.
Towards the left, the huge stack of fat diaries and a few notebooks is the reason I am as good a writer as I am today. Now that is pretty relative, because even if I feel like I’m okay-ish you might feel I’m crappy- but believe me without those books, I’d be even worse. There are three fat diaries, which I used as my… well… diaries (journals-if you wish!).
Also three small notebooks which were used for the same purpose when I was just starting out- those, people, are the journals which I wrote in when I didn’t even know about journal-writing. They were an outlet to all my pent-up emotions when I was a tween.
Then the newspapers you see on the top right hand corner (perhaps today you need to strain your eyes or put on special glasses to see them since there are hardly any but earlier the whole cupboard was filled with them- sadly my mum made me clean it once a few years ago) are dated right from 2007 or so till the present. They contain pictures and/or news about a variety of people- depending upon the phase I was going through back then. Let me see, umm… so there was the Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus phase (I have around a 100 pictures of her now and I haven’t trashed them already because- yes you guessed it right- I am a hoarder). Later there was the (Please God! Give me the courage to be honest here.) Twilight phase. Thankfully that one didn’t last long and I’ve never looked at vampires the same again.

Obviously there are also a few Harry Potter cast pictures but that is one series where it was more about the books and movies rather than the cast members (now I have a slightly different opinion). Also, you’ll notice that the Harry Potter cast hardly gets into any sort of controversies and therefore they didn’t feature in the news much anyway. And by that time I had discovered this astounding thing called printing pictures instead of cutting out grainy ones from newspapers.
So the newspaper phase sort of ended. Sort of because I still do that at times. But it is not celebrity pictures now, just some good articles I come across.
Then there is this huge green book which I call my Remembrall (well yes, I can’t help but do at least one reference in each post!)- it has the names of all the books I’ve read (actually all the books since I started making the list- which was sadly a little late.) as well as other important stuff which will help me become more productive in some way or the other.

There are also a few of my drawing books, even from the time I was really young and my drawing wasn’t really good but I’ve kept them- obviously!
Some of them are really good too. That is the reason I keep stuff. So I realize that I’ve come a long way and there is a long way to go.

My favourite pass time is to sit there below my desk and go through all the stuff. I read random things, look at random pictures and the memories come flooding back. Sometimes it inspires me to do something. If I’m feeling depressed and feel like quitting, I look at all of it and tell myself that all this will be for nothing if I quit now.

Also there is secret fantasy of mine -not a very serious one, I made it up when I was 13 and going through the Rockstar phase- so it goes like, one day when I’ll be really famous and living in a huge villa or whatever, I’ll have nothing to do with this scrap (well back then I thought that when I grow up, I’ll feel this is scrap, but here I am- 17 and loving it all!) so I’ll leave it at my parents house and people will want to buy all of this stuff- they will love it so much- to own something that belongs to their idol- and then my mum will realize how I was right and she was wrong about keeping it all. Yep! The whole elaborate fantasy just to make my mum realize her wrong ways. (It seems really funny here but you won’t believe the number of times she has nagged me about clearing it all off- it has well exceeded 394!).
But jokes apart, it is really a haven for me. My own, cozy personal space- too cozy actually, it was fun when I was younger and I fit in the small box-thingy perfectly- but now I have to really bend and make sure I don’t bump my head every time I go in or out.
P. S. The inside of one of the two cupboard doors is like this-


Phineas and Ferb was is one of my favourite Disney cartoons (Recess is another)! I even watched the movie at its premier. It was so cute and funny! 🙂

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