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Aaand I watched Divergent…

13th April-

I, along with a few (very few, because some of them are clearly not Abnegation and didn’t even wait for us to make some plans :/) of my Petites Potterheads, am gonna watch Divergent tomorrow evening.
I’m very excited obviously.
But there is still more than 24 hours to go.

The few reviews that I read scattered all over the internet were not exactly scintillating (well far from that). While some believed that Shai’s performance was the only thing that saved the movie, some thought Theo did great.
Then there were some who said Shai’s Tris is no match for JLaw’s Katniss (Do not ask me why there are constant comparisons between THG and Divergent! They are both dystopian with strong female characters but the similarity ends there) while others thought Tris left Katniss far behind when it comes to dystopian heroines.

Well, I’ll form my opinions tomorrow.
My first impressions of Shailene Woodley as Tris weren’t very good (there are several things wrong with the casting, all of it. Their ages to begin with) but she won me over as Hazel Grace Lancaster and now I’m biased towards her.
As for Four, well nothing against Theo James, but my expectations had bordered on Greek God and as far as the trailer is concerned- I’m not all that happy. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d ever be- with any casting for Four.
But I’m gonna go tomorrow with an open mind and hope for the best.

One person I’m waiting to watch in the movie is Ansel… as Caleb. Yeah I know … but Ansel be my Gus, so I love Ansel. *dreamy look in eyes*

My friends are really excited too and they randomly mentioned a few scenes and I was all- Wait a minute! When did that happen?

And that’s when I realized that it has been over 15 months that I read Divergent.
Which means I don’t remember most of the little things.

And that’s a good thing for various reasons.

— I won’t be shouting and swearing at the producers/directors/ script-writers and being generally pissed off at them for changing what’s in the books, because I don’t remember!

— The movie is supposedly not so good, so I might just enjoy it because I don’t remember the books which means I’ll be like one of those people who just watch the movies.

(Although I am getting a feeling, a niggling but persistent little feeling at the back of my mind, that once the movie starts, it’ll all come back to me!
I mean I’m pat with the basics. I know all factions, their colors, their qualities but I’ve sort of forgotten the story line and I don’t know in my head where Divergent ends and Insurgent starts- or who dies in which book)

— It’ll be awesome to get the thrill of Divergent again… because inspite of Allegiant, I had really loved Divergent and Insurgent- in fact, before Allegiant came out I had sort of liked it better than THG (well, I hadn’t been able to stay away from giving an opinion on that THG vs Divergent debate myself).

Okay so all my plans have an uncanny ability of getting cancelled at the last moment.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

14th April [15.30]:

It’s not yet time.
More than an hour to go.
The ray of hope that was the Divergent movie was the only thing that kept me alive in the dark pits (nope, not the Dauntless Pit) of boredom the last 7 hours while in classes.

I am so excited right now!
I wasn’t all this excited until, like 2-3 days ago, but now I am!!!!

Wow! I so cannot wait! 😀

I’ll be back with an update in a while.
Probably after the movie.

An hour and a half for the day to end:

Yes! I watched it!
And for the first time in my life I find myself in the position of writing a review.

Like, an as-close-to-unbiased-as-possible review.

Because…well.. the movie left a lot to be desired.

The first half of the movie– Pretty much by the book.
I only got slightly annoyed when I saw random people wearing clothes in the combinations “red and blue” or some weird shit like that.
And of course they didn’t put some major scenes but I guess that part is always a given.

The second half– Whoa! I don’t know where to begin with the criticisms.

I went from mildly irritated at the scene where Tris shoots people after killing Will when in the book she clearly doesn’t pick up a gun for like the whole of the next book (Insurgent) to being outright pissed off at the scenes where there are too many Erudites openly involved in all the goings-on (especially Jeanine Matthews) to hysterically laughing at the climax.
Yes! Don’t believe me, do you?
I said that I’d go for the movie without any expectations but the least I could expect from it is to not make me laugh during the climax scenes!

After I got used to the fact (somewhere 20 odd minutes before the movie ended) that they have changed major parts of the book (yes, most of it did come back to me) I couldn’t help but find the end hilarious.
I’m sorry but I did.
A Divergent fan who has read the book can have only two reactions to the whole scenario that took place between Tris and Jeanine- they either cried a lot or laughed a lot.

Involuntarily, I went with the “laugh a lot”.

I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

You know what they needed on the sets?


Like FOUR of these!

One of my Petites Potterheads (quite accurately, I suppose) pointed out that the reason that that happened is because Kate Winslet had to be given at least a semi-important role in the movie (owing to the fact that she’s a big star and all), which frankly she wouldn’t if they stuck to the book plot.
But what they fail to realize is that Insurgent (the next part they will- hopefully- make) is pretty much  Jeanine-Tris.

My verdict on Theo James: Although he comes nowhere close to the Four I had imagined, I understand that it isn’t his fault, and I expressly declare that not only is he a good actor but a very very competent Four.

That on Ansel Elgort: Conflicting emotions much?
On the one hand, I know he is betrayal personified and I should hate him with my guts (there are a few things too messed up to be fixed with a Peter Gabriel song).

But then again, that was Ansel Elgort.
All the time I was thinking, ‘that be my Gus’
In a few months’ time, I’m gonna watch him onscreen being one of my favourite fictional guys ever!

How am I supposed to hate him?

In fact, at one point when Tris goes to meet him at the Erudite headquarters I leaned into my friend and whispered “I’d find it perfectly normal if he jus kissed her now!”

My anti- incest friend said “Eww! Shut up!”

But I really couldn’t shake off that feeling.
I guess I was hoping that, with some supernatural help, this movie would gradually fade to black and TFiOS start in its place.

What can I say? I’m dying to watch that movie. Never in my life have I been so excited to watch a movie.

Anyway, back to the movie at hand.

So, Shailene’s performance: For one thing, I really like her voice. It’s a bit nasal, and I like how it sounds.
And her eyes… wow! Her eyes are really amazing. I’m surprised I didn’t notice before.
But today they were splashed across the screen for me to look into them.
42 points for guessing the movie that I really really really cannot wait to watch now.

What else should I be saying?
Tris’ mom? I loved that lady.
I don’t know why- I had imagined someone very different but I prefer the movie one!

Eric? I hate him with every fibre of my body for being such a bully.
No change there then.

Oh and the few quips which were totally not there in the books?
Like Christina saying “What? Like one, two and three were taken?”
Or the mini verbal showdown between Four and Eric about the new rules and old rules?

I loved them.

Conclusion: While I’ll definitely be watching the next movie no matter what I say here (I mean c’mon, who are we kidding?), it wasn’t something to write home about.
Everything was pretty mediocre but to some extent that could be because the book was the more information based itself.
I hope Insurgent will be better- that’s all I can say.

P.S. Since I have mentioned TFiOS numerous times up there, I suppose one more time won’t hurt.

Go watch this if you haven’t already.

Since when did Nerdfighter start preceding Potterhead?

I spent the last 24 hours at my aunt’s place. I was “visiting” (I associate that word only to Jane Austen novels, or perhaps to the dentist).

First I was a bit apprehensive of going because it’d be the first time I was visiting (the word again) and I didn’t want to intrude. Not to mention my own awkwardness.

But somehow my aunt and mum together convinced me to go (come in case of aunt, of course).

And my aunt also mentioned in the passing of this girl two years younger to me (but in the vast scheme of things, my age) who read a lot and would be “visiting” too.

So that helped, sort of. I thought that at the very least I’d get to know a person who read books completely different from my kind and someone who probably didn’t know the meaning of ‘fangirling’ but at least she read and therefore I could maybe get a few recommendations out of her. Or (and this was just the hope talking because, really, what are the odds?) she’d be this awesome fangirl who spent every waking moment on Tumblr and had read just about everything (Everything being Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy, Percy Jackson series).


Now, I know lightning doesn’t strike twice… and I know it doesn’t strike twice in a good way either, but this’d be like the 4th or 5th time it struck for me (in a good way).

The beginning of it all didn’t seem very promising, I’ll be honest.

After dinner she took out a book from her bag and I didn’t even let her settle down before I exclaimed “Paper Towns!! I’ve read that book and it’s awesome!!!” (Excuse the exclamation marks, but I did say ‘exclaimed’)

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree (okay no, no, bad metaphor! Never saying that again- it is NOT funny).

Then I asked if she had read TFiOS, she said yes.

Then I asked her if she was a Nerdfighter, she said yes again. But then I thought I should clarify what I meant.

So I asked, “Like, are you a fan of YouTube John Green?” Yes I did call him that. “YouTube John Green”. Don’t ask me why.

Then somehow we moved on to Dan and Phil (she is a huge fan, she likes them more than she likes the vlogbrothers). She does have a tumblr where she does spend every waking moment.

Her twitter and tumblr are called something which is a cross reference from Percy Jackson and Divergent (I’m not sure if she’d want me to tell you what it is) so then I knew that she had read those too.

We then talked about a lot of other stuff and almost on second thoughts I asked, “You’ve read Harry Potter too, right?”

And she said “Obviously!”


Now this could be interpreted in two ways.

The First way:

We took it for granted that when a person has read all those other books, she has most obviously read Harry Potter. It is illegal not to have.

And this shows how Harry Potter is a legendary thing, something that can never be replaced.

The Second way (AKA The Way I Saw It):

For a huge part of what would be considered our first impressions (the part where I really started liking her, and I hope the feeling was mutual, and I mean it in the most platonic way, stop sniggering! This is sirius) the words “Harry Potter” weren’t uttered. The fact that she was a Nerdfighter was enough for me. Does that mean I don’t care about Harry Potter now?
I was so ashamed of myself when I noticed the lack of Harry Potter references in our chat. Even after I had asked her, we still talked about other stuff more than we did about Harry Potter.

(She is also a fan of BBC Sherlock among other things 😀 )

I really hate that. No offence to John, of course I love him and everything- but how could we not have discussed Harry Potter? I mean really?!?!? (As I use the interrobang too, I think to myself “Ha! Mine and John’s favorite punctuation”)

I lightly said that to her too, “If not for John Green, we’d be having this conversation about Harry Potter” and I meant it very lightly too. Only later did I fully comprehend the implications of that one sentence.

I’m torn. I really love John and I love all my other fandoms. And everyone in them, but somehow I feel like I’m not being faithful to Harry Potter and JKR!

It was the gateway fandom: how could I not start the conversation from there?
But then again, now that I think of it, we wouldn’t even have had the conversation if she wasn’t reading Paper Towns, a book that I love. So it was all for the best.

And anyway, I’m always gonna call her a Potterhead Nerdfighter even if she likes 394 other things.


P.S. I mentioned that this was the fourth or fifth time that it happened to me (this randomly meeting a Potterhead thing). I’ve mentioned two other times here (the beginning of it all) and here.


P.P.S. I’ve written a blog post (a pretty long one) two weeks ago but I haven’t posted it yet, because I have to edit it. Please hope for my sake that I do it soon. It’s about books, in case you want to decide whether or not you should hope and pray. 




Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

I have no clue as to who had this brilliant idea- but as a fangirl, I must make this happen!

All you amazing people out there who are part of some fandom or the other, let’s do this!!!
If I see any of you around my vicinity, rest assured we will become great friends.

The whole concept of Fandoms has given me something I cannot even express in words.

I started last year by believing that- They are not strangers if they belong to your fandom, and that is undoubtedly, one of the best things I did.

Fangirls and fanboys everywhere, Tumblr, Facebook, Ning, are such supermegafoxyawesomehot people: Inspiring me, making me laugh, cry, giving me a sense of security that I am not the only crazy one (In fact now I have started to feel that I am not crazy enough- I NEED MORE CRAZY!) out there- and that isn’t even half the stuff they have unknowingly done for me!

Reblog this, I guess- if you want to spread the message too.

So much rambling! How’s that for a blog post that is supposedly a picture?

A must-see for Divergents!


Allegiant is coming out tomorrow!
I’ve waited so long for this moment.
In fact, I have waited since even before they decided to call it Allegiant. Back then, it was just called “the third book”.
Our conversations used to be something like this-
“Hey I just finished Insurgent.”
“Who the hell is Edith Prior??”
“Oh my God! I don’t know!! And what could be beyond the fence??”
“I’m dying here! I want the third book!”
“No! I need the third book.”

Oh! *nostalgia* 🙂

Then we came to know that the third book was going to be called “Allegiant”! By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but in case you havent-

Allegiant: Al, Le Giant (meaning it is a tribute to Al)

I was so happy that day- not only did we know the name of the third book now, but it meant that the day is nearing… the day that it comes out!
Finally its here! Less than 24 hours away.
The date carries a lot of significance too.
I’ll explain it. I love doing that… 😀

2+2= 4 – Four’s fears
2+0+1+3= 6 – Tris’ fears
10= 4+6 Need I say more?

So for all those you who are waiting for the book- here’s something till then- you will love it!

And all those you who aren’t very excited yet- read this and I bet you will be!

Be Brave? Why not Smart?

Disclaimer: I mean no hate to any of the book series mentioned below.
They are all Supermegafoxyawesomehot!! And I’m very much a part of the fandoms which have wonderful people who encourage me to think. And this is the result of my thinking- a thought that’s bothering me for a while.


Why is Katniss brave?
Tris Dauntless?
And why is The Golden Trio a team of Gryffindors?
Why isn’t Percy Jackson Athena’s son instead of Poseidon’s?

I can not answer these questions. Just pose more questions if I try to.

Is it because it’d be difficult to write about smart people?
Or is it because reading about going by your instincts makes a more interesting story than analysing everything and doing the most logical thing?
Or maybe the writers live through their characters- doing rash things they might not do in real life. (Well that’d be me, authors could be brave too- no doubt!)

Granted, Katniss was one of the smartest in the arena. Tris is an Erudite too and Hermione, the brightest witch of her age. And we have Annabeth Chase!

But why not focus on their brilliance more than their bravery?

Maybe listening to your heart leads to events happening instead of brains.

I mean, I’m smarter than I’m brave (which is not to say I’m much of either- but just as a comparison) and my life is really boring.
I observe rather than participate.
I imagine something and then write about it instead of going ahead and doing it.

Will someone want to read about a character who just reads a lot and writes a lot?
I guess not!

Oh! I just realized that in the process of writing all this I partly answered my questions.
So this was an enlightening post (for me…).

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