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Bigger on the Inside

Hey people!
Last two posts for the Blogging Competition I took part in.
I wrote about Doctor Who and again, I had two make two posts because there’s so much to write!!!

So here’s Bigger on the Inside (Part One)

And here’s Allons-y (Part Two)

The competition ends on the 15th of October and I’d really appreciate if all of you read, liked and shared my posts!

I might even win!

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Quite a lot of you have been reading and liking my posts so thanks a lot for that! I appreciate it!
You guys did not forget to be awesome! 😀


How My Fandoms Help Me Survive

However bad things get, however lonely I feel, I know, that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

A witty remark by Chandler can cheer me up any time.

Ted Mosby gives me hope, he makes me believe.

The Doctor tells me that there is so much out there that is yet to be seen, things that are yet to be discovered, yet to be experienced.
He makes me see that humans are brilliant!

Sherlock teaches me how to put my emotions aside and focus on the bigger picture, to use my brain and form a plan. Sherlock teaches me to think.

The Hunger Games show me that it’s never going to be quite that bad and that, in spite of everything, the survivors live. And that it’s always better to have lived than to have died.


Well, this is straight from my diary and so it is also a little unpolished but I didn’t want to change a single word.
It’s something I wrote a few days ago when I was feeling really low and hopeless and demotivated.
It is a little different from what I usually post on my blog.

It’s true though, what I’ve written about the fandoms. And it’s not just fandoms, but the things I do, like write, learn new things, paint, etc. but I suppose that’s for another day!

Just thought I’d put it out there for muggles who don’t understand my fandom obsessions, but more importantly, for my fandom people who may feel the same and understand me, or will feel better after reading this.

P.S. I didn’t add Nerdfighteria to it the other day because I got interrupted while writing, but this is what I wanted to write (it sounds more cheerful now, but I remember that it felt a little solemn when I had thought of it that day, so I guess a few words have changed in the span of last few days) :

And I know that if all else fails, I can always turn to Made of Awesome Nerdfighters for help- my super amazing friends with whom I communicate only via the internet (mostly). 

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