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Tonight’s the night

It is finally going to be the night.

I’ve been waiting so long for this.

I cannot wait any longer.

I’m gonna stay up all night and fall in love.

With Josh.

And Isla.

And Stephanie Perkins.

I’m not gonna stop until I’m done.

The book came out precisely 5 days ago.
I acquired the ebook 3 days ago.

I’ve been wanting to dive head first ever since then.
Since even before that, really.

I’ve done my waiting.

A whole year of it.

Finally I’ll be reading it.

I had read Eleanor and Park like that.
Staying awake until 4 am.
And I regret nothing!

Isla and The Happily Ever After will be the same.

I am assured of its awesomeness.

I have to do this!!!

Three days ago, when I got the book, a thought struck me “Why not stay awake all night and read it? You know the book is worth it!”

I decided to do it.
But I started worrying… What if I fall asleep in the middle of it?
What if it is so long that it would be physically impossible to read it in one night? (At my reading speed that is)
What if I’m out of practice about this sort of thing?
Then I remembered Eleanor and Park.
That was barely a few months ago.
With the objective of comparing the number of pages in each book and deciding if it was possible, I opened Isla first. It had 212 pages.
Then I opened Eleanor and Park and was in for a pleasant surprise when I saw that it had exactly (by that I mean exactly, not a single page here or there) 212 pages as well!!!!

I’m not a huge believer in signs but I know one when I see one; and I’m more prone to doing something as opposed to something else if I see a sign out there in the universe.
It would be foolish not to heed this sign- it was practically made for me!
So I decided to do it.

But I couldn’t that night because I had had 9 hour classes that day and I was anticipating the torture of 9 more hours of classes the next day.
Just the thought of those exhausted me.

And so, I put it off.
But today?
Today I’m well rested.
I have classes only for 6 hours.
And only 6 hours tomorrow as well.

I can easily spend a few hours at night reading this book.

And like I said, it will be worth it.

12 hours from now, I’ll already be reading the book.
Wow! I feel shivery with the anticipation.

I’ll tell you around 24 hours later (a little more maybe) how the experience was.
And I know I casually throw sentences like “I’ll keep you updated” around here but never do, but this time I will.
No it probably won’t be a review (I don’t do reviews, as some of you know)
But it will be something- fangirling, random talking about the book or a description of the experience.
I will.

I will do both the things.

The tiny potato inspires me.


What have I been upto? (If you’re curious… or nosy)

My big exams are going on, and as is the tradition with exams, I write instead of studying. (Many a times I feel I could compete with Dan- isnotonfire, yes that one- when it comes to procrastinating. I mean look at me, I’m posting after ages. And I am supposed to love this blogging thing!)

I used to do it in my diary- the writing- but now I don’t write one. And I don’t think it is fair to play with the feelings of my poor diary by being all remember-how-those-good-old-times-were-so-good-and-let’s-try-again one moment and Oh-I-forgot-you-exist the next. That is like sleeping with your ex because you crave the familiarity and bliss and whatever it is that you crave enough to make you want to do something so dumb.

Andbutso the blog has, in some ways, replaced the diary.
So here I am, planning to do what I call writing but the accurate term is, I suppose, rambling.

The thing is, I genuinely missed posting on the blog since the last two weeks. I have been racking my brains to write about something half-way readable. Especially after my previous post which got so many views- Oh my God! I never thought people would like it so much.
And then I did have a few ideas but no time to execute them. (Exams are on, remember?)
Even though I didn’t blog, I did read and write a lot.
So there are a few interesting things I have to mention:

* Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell.


Drop everything you are doing and read this book. Yes, I do mean everything. This one time I also permit you to quit reading my blog now and just GO READ THE BOOK ALREADY!!!



If you are still here, it could be one of the following:
1. You’ve read it before, in which case, LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE- I have some sirius feels we need to discuss.

2. You read it after my recommendation and are back to read the remaining blog, all wide-eyed and sleepy because of course you finished it in one-sitting.
Yes you can thank me later for the recommendation.

3. You ignored my recommendation.

A. You couldn’t care less about Eleanor and Park (Although really…just go!) 
B. You thought you will first finish reading my post and then go read Eleanor and Park later (Welcome to Procrastinators Anonymous. My name is Sam and I am a procrastinator. I have been putting off coming for the meeting for the last seven and a half months)
C. You feel that my blog post is the ultimate reader’s delight. You are so totally hooked that you literally and physically cannot stop reading further and further. (Oh yes, I know that majority of you belong to this category. Come on now, don’t be shy, just admit it. You obsessively click on the Refresh button when I don’t post anything new. You do, don’t you?)

Anyway, I’ve decide not to get anyone’s hopes very high about it- guilty of doing that with TFiOS… 😦

* Sherlock

No I didn’t mention it earlier but a while ago I started watching a T.V. show for the first time. I chose Sherlock literally because it is very new and small and practically a baby as compared to Doctor Who and all those other shows. I figured that 9 episodes doesn’t require much commitment, and also that if (it was a question of when rather than if, if I’m being honest here) I get too obsessed with it then I can finish it quickly and then join the others waiting with baited breath for the new season to come out instead of watching and watching and watching to get to the end and thus not even studying the little bit that I otherwise would.

Oh yes, starting Sherlock was a calculated move.
A move so calculated that the man himself would approve (Yeah right! Since when did I become one for such dramatic flair anyway?)

So I am yet to watch the last episode of Season 3. In a way, I’m going to be putting it off as much as possible. But then again, I can’t watch it soon enough.
Just today I watched the one before that- John and Mary’s wedding and now I know what people meant when they said that it was awww-inspiring, because it really was.


By the way, ‘The Sign of Three’ is in no way connected to ‘The Sign of Four’. I mean I was so astonished when I realized what it really meant!
And then I laughed for a while at the cleverness of it all.

* Blog post ideas

In the last couple of weeks that I didn’t post, I did a lot of thinking and I came up with something that I think is very exciting.
Let’s pray to God that I do not procrastinate and actually go ahead with those few ideas because if I do get past the initial stage of straining my brain to plan and begin the process of writing them down, I believe they will make an interesting read.
If not, in the very least, I will enjoy writing them so that itself will be worth it, right?
(Thank God it is a rhetorical question because there are chances you guys are gonna say ‘No’)

P.S. Those exams I speak of with dread (actually I haven’t done that. I have had to restrain myself from coming here every night and wailing about me failing the next day’s exam)?

They get over on the 10th of March.
I will leave you with that happy thought. (Happy for me. Ob-viously.)

P.P.S. The ‘Ob-viously’ was the Snape way of saying it, yes. 

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