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A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is awesome!
For this month’s Book Blogging Challenge Thingie I read ‘Seriously… I’m Kidding’ by Ellen DeGeneres and let me tell you- I love her!

Not that I didn’t before, I always did.
But I realized that I connect better with people when I read something they’ve written- whether a blog/ essay/ short story or even a fiction novel.

That’s what happened with Ellen DeGeneres as well.
And her book was about herself for the most part, so that was an added bonus.


I especially love the format of the book.
It doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book, it seems like Ellen is talking to you (see? We’re on first name basis now!).
The book is a 200 page long (albeit one-sided) conversation.
Most parts of the book are really funny and witty.
Some of them are hilarious.

“She [her wife, Portia] has every kind of lotion there is— and there’s a lot. There’s lotion for your face, lotion for your hands, lotion for your feet, lotion for your body. Why? What would happen if you put hand lotion on your feet? Would your feet get confused and start clapping?”

This quote is the first one that made me laugh out loud. I laughed for two whole minutes before I continued reading.

She makes sure that everybody can read her book- not just a specific demographic.
And how does she do that?

Well, she has put in a text message for all the teenagers (Oh God! After trying and failing to read that message, I realized that I’m no longer a teenager), a short bedtime story for the kids and also, pictures to colour in for the kids (I was reading the e-book so I sadly couldn’t colour in them. But it was tempting, so I decided that maybe I’m a child who hasn’t entered her teens yet- now that’s a thought right?)


Ellen is great at making you look at things differently.
Here’s an example:

“It is exciting to find out what our roots are. Knowing where we come from explains so much about who we are. Plus, it gives us so many more people to borrow money from.”

One chapter in the book basically consists of this:


Make of that what you will!

Recently I watched a few clips with Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres in them because I was looking for Oscar related stuff to watch (since, just like every year, I couldn’t watch the actual Oscars on the actual T.V. that I own and don’t even get me started on why), I came across these two really sweet ones.
Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres are two of my favourite people and they’re both very funny- and therefore, watching these videos is one the best things I did this week! 😀

I also love the fact that most sentences in the book are like “Siriusly… I’m Kidding” (I’ve been suppressing an urge to spell it like that for you don’t know how long)
By that I mean, they start out all sirius serious and are building up to a profound conclusion but oops… that was a joke!

Ellen has given a slightly different explanation for the title of the book but before I read that, this is what I thought she meant.

I had to restrict myself to adding only a few of the quotes from Ellen’s book- since too many could lead to copyright issues maybe?
I’m new to this writing-about-books-I-read-thing, so I don’t know about these technical rules but then again, I feel like Ellen won’t really mind. 😛

I highly recommend this book and, in fact, if I could, I would type out the entire book for you guys in one of my blog posts. Just to make sure you read it (yes, I’m assuming you read all my posts. Yes, that’s delusional, I know).

Before I sign off though, this one last quote, because Ellen has some brilliant ideas and in spite of not being a huge fan of reality shows, I’d pay to watch this:

“What they should do to save us all some time is combine every show into one giant reality show. Who wouldn’t watch a show about the next tap-dancing celebrity bachelor apprentice who can survive in the wilderness while singing about losing weight? Ryan Seacrest would host and we would all watch.”

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