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From way back when…

Oh God! I’m so bad at giving titles to my posts.
Never mind that though, if you click to read it in spite of the titles, at least you won’t be disappointed!

So, as per today’s prompt (Flashback Friday: Blog’s First Design) I visited the website that has archived all the websites that ever exist, from way back when.
I was extremely disappointed though, because while they do have my blog with the old design, it’s not proper.
Like, my theme was “Crafty” in this nice shade of green with cream colored flowers on it.
What they have instead is this:


Oh yes! No flowers, nothing!
Just the background color.
Oh well! I should’ve probably taken a picture of my own blog before but you know, I never thought of that- because I’m not a narcissist (my ramblings would prove otherwise, I know- but really!)

More interesting to look at is this other picture I took from that site!


I had probably recently posted my back to back John Green posts then (this one and here’s the other one) , and I had recently become a Nerdfighter as well.
And this picture shows how there was a lot of back and forth commenting by me and Leanna, my friend over at Short Story Long Blog.
This is perhaps one of our first conversations (I don’t remember anything from before this) and that’s how we became friends actually.
Because we both were (are) Nerdfighter Potterheads.
Having a picture of it to treasure and look at later makes me really happy for some reason!
(So happy, in fact, that I’ve forgiven the previously mentioned website for messing up my blog’s first theme.)

I actually used to love that theme a lot! It was perfect for my blog, and really colorful and random!
But then, I don’t remember what exactly happened (*whispers* this did actually) and I felt like I needed a change- so I changed the theme and a little bit of stuff around here.

Anyway I do love my new theme now, it is also very colourful, albeit in a more Spectrum-y way!


Took a picture now itself! Not making the same mistake twice 😛

One of the best things about this theme is (which may or may not have been the deal maker -is that the opposite of deal breaker though? If not, what is? – while I chose a new theme) the tag cloud at the very bottom of the page.
For some reason I love it!
It displays all my tags in different colours and the sizes vary depending upon how much I’ve written about the topic.


Isn’t it lovely?

Which are some of your favourite themes on WordPress?
Or what features of some particular themes do you like a lot?
Tell me in the comments!

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