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Valar Dohaeris (Part Two)

A conversation I once had with a friend:

Friend: I’ve heard a lot about GoT.
Me: YES! You should watch it! It’s brilliant!!
Friend: Okay! I’ll see…
Me: Yeah but you should know certain things.
There’s a lot of violence, sex, incest, gore, death, nudity in the show.
Friend: Alright…
Why do people watch it then?
Me: Because it’s f*cking awesome!!

Sadly, I’ll have to be more eloquent than that in a blog post.

Let me just try once again with a single word though:


If you’re not sold right there, I’ll elaborate on the beauty of the series and convince you to watch (if you’ve already read and/or watched, just stay for the feels because it’s a while until the next book or season)!

Game of Thrones has a land of seven kingdoms, with men (and women too, as a matter of fact) fighting to sit on the Iron Throne.
(The actual throne is ugly as hell and not very comfortable to sit on either, yet they fight!)

And as bitch Cersei very aptly put it,

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There’s no middle ground“

Thus there are a lot of devious plots to get people out of the way, people going to war all the time, alliances formed, promises made and then broken (which leads to some interesting weddings), some promises made and kept- that doesn’t have happy endings either, as you’ll soon discover, killing of men, women and children alike.

There are a few honourable men, true, but as you can imagine, their survival is threatened.

The weddings are nothing like anything you’ve seen before.

As for the fantasy element:

There are dragons, as I’ve already mentioned.
There are these zombie-like creatures called White Walkers; direwolves; there is blood magic; witches; a priestess who does these weird fire magic tricks and creates evil babies (some people think she’s hot but I have consistently hated her since the very first time she came onscreen), warging (can’t explain) and well, one more something that I can’t quite explain to you without telling you spoilers but suffice it to say, it is amazing to watch, really!

Maybe all of this doesn’t sound interesting in theory, but the beauty of this series is that the more you watch the more involved you get, and there is no going back.
In fact, even if you watch a single episode, you know you must watch the next and the next, and before you know it you’ve finished one season.

You will have your mind-blown by the sheer brilliance that is this series- I promise you that!
The five seasons of the series is not where it ends either, there’s countless fan theories, and those alone are enough to blow your mind.

Although it all sounds very complicated, you will adapt to this series quickly enough.

For example, before I watched the series, a lot of my friends used to discuss it to no end and say stuff like “Baratheon” and “Targaryen” and “Daenerys” and “Lannister” and I was like how are you even spelling and pronouncing these words, much less remembering all these things regarding those words (and other words)???
I doubt I’ll ever get the hang of it all, even if I do watch the series!
(The only two names I could remember were “Arya Stark” and “Jon Snow” which is just as well because they are my favourite characters.)

Look at me now, you could quiz me on the history of Westeros, ask me the words and sigils of all the houses and I’d be quick as lightning in my answers.

Watching Game of Thrones has been one of the best things I did in 2015 (and there are quite a few awesome things I did this year) and I can’t help but force every single person I know to watch the series (if not also read the books)!

Really, you guys, just give it a try.
One episode- and then you may quit.

That’s all I have to say to the folks who know nothing about the series (notice subtle reference there?)

Now, all you people who’re reading the post in spite of having watched and/or read the series, thank you for staying- you do miss the series terribly, don’t you?
I know how it feels. 😥

I’d really like to know if you believe in R+L=J and if you don’t then I want to know your arguments against it.
I’m just dying to discuss these things with as many people as possible because I’m going crazy after watching the last episode.
The less we talk about that, the better.

Valar Morghulis (Part One)

I started writing this post not knowing how much I’d write since this is the first time I will be writing about Game Of Thrones. Having recently finished watching the series, I only got around to writing about it now.

Except before I knew it, I had written close to 1300 words, so then I decided to divide the post into two parts:

1. How you should go about watching Game of Thrones

2. Why you should do it

Now, before we proceed, I’d like you to know that this post is mostly about Game Of Thrones, the HBO TV series.
It doesn’t have specific details regarding “A Song Of Ice And Fire” (ASOIAF) series by George R. R. Martin. That is because I am still in the middle of reading the first book.

This is the first time I have watched something before reading it.
But I had good reasons to do that, and in fact, my advice to you would be to watch the series first.
(I know how readers are when it comes to reading before watching, but make this series an exception- you won’t regret it).

The internet is dark and full of spoilers, and believe me, you do not want to know the spoilers before you get there yourself. If you read the books, it’ll be a bit of slow reading as the books are huge! That way, you’ll be introduced to the characters and then you might go on the internet and read a spoiler- and you really do not want that to happen.
The series, on the other hand, you can marathon in as much time as a week! Only!
(Yes, I know people who’ve done that. Marathon 50 hours of TV! Fangirls and fanboys are truly amazing and powerful!)
That way, you quickly finish watching it and then read the books because nobody can spoil you now.

An important thing you need to remember while watching the series is, do not go on the internet.

The internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Repeat this to yourself should you be tempted to check your twitter feed or your Instagram.

So watching before reading is a preventive measure on the one hand, but it only helps to read after watching because it’s easier to remember all plotlines, character names and see all the hidden references to future happenings in the story (this is quite literally the best part- and one of the biggest reasons why I’m enjoying reading the series now).

Okay! So who should watch this series?

If you’re feeling too happy with your life and if you feel like there’s not enough of death and destruction in all your other fandoms, this is the fandom for you!

Okay that is a joke.
It’s true, but it’s a joke.

You need an open mind, a strong stomach, and a high capacity of swallowing your sorrows (if not this, then make sure you remain hydrated because the gods know you’re going to be shedding a lot of tears, every episode) to watch this series.

One thing you need to keep in mind before you watch:
Do not get emotionally attached to any characters.
Do not root for anybody.
By that I mean anybody.

If that hasn’t sunk in yet, let me tell you a fact.

You see the title of this post up there?
Probably sounds gibberish to you.
It is actually a Valyrian phrase (Valyrian is a language in the Game of Thrones, you’ll learn about all that when you watch).
It is a Valyrian greeting to be precise.
People, when they see each other, say “Valar Morghulis” to each other.

No but you don’t get it!

Valar Morghulis means (I’m not kidding) “All men must die”

Now you know that this show is not a joke.

In reply, the other person says “Valar Dohaeris”. It means ” All men must serve”
[This wasn’t important, I just felt like telling you because I love these phrases.
That’s another thing you’ll need to get used to- Game of Thrones fans love these phrases, and they love certain deaths.
Purple Wedding anyone? 😉 ]

I’m not exactly convincing you to watch the series, am I?
Well it is my duty to inform you, in an unbiased manner, of what you’re in for.

Why then should you watch the show?

I hope Part 2 helps you with that.

Comic Con, Good News, Blogging, New Year and Comic Con

After my previous attempt at trying to get back to blogging siriusly (well of course you didn’t know it was that!), I almost lost hope.
I was like, ‘Nope! Not gonna happen!
I guess the blogging phase of my life has come to an end and I should accept it now.’

But I guess it wasn’t, because then I saw that people were still reading my blog…
I was getting views in spite of not having updated for a month!

Then I told myself, it’s not over yet!
Look you cannot just abandon this!
Try again, just try again!

So here I am.
I’m going to start with some good news- it’s old news now but it’s good news, and more importantly, news that’s unknown to quite a few of you.

*drumroll because most things lack drama right now and I could do with some*

I was the first runner up in the blogging competition I had participated!

You know the one I’m talking about right?
It was called BloCo (short for Blogging Contest).

Surely you remember it?
I have been pestering you about going there and reading my posts and whatnot!

So yes!
I won that!

Yayy for me!


My posts are still there, if you wanna check out the award winning stuff, you can follow the links from my blog (right here) to that one.
But that’s not what I’m here for now, am I?

New Year will be here soon.
Hope you have a great one!

So what’s everyone doing?
I don’t know about you guys but, to me, it doesn’t feel like a new year is approaching at all!
There’s an overall lack of enthusiasm, motivation or resolutions whatsoever.

Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas either until 3 days later when I received a card from my absolutely awesome penpal Leanna (I’m linking to her blog here but the blog doesn’t even begin to cover the response to “How awesome is she then?”)



Oh but come on! I don’t know why I’m being such a buzzkill when the very month we are in right now was pretty awesome for me!

You know what’s in December where I live?

And of course I went!
(Now that I’ve remembered about this, let me just babble excitedly for a while)

At last year’s Comic Con (which was my first ever), I met Mark Gatiss and he signed a thing for me, and I met loads of friends and saw amazing cosplays and I was a bit wary this year because I didn’t know how I could top all that (yes, I am feeling the overall increased levels of pessimism in my approach towards life too, let’s not talk about that- at least not now when I’m in Comic Con mode).
But guess what?
It was pretty cool too.

Some really amazing things happened!

I met Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils fame, I interacted with him thrice!

I was extremely excited to meet him and I am so glad I did!!!
I had painted him a picture (from his own comics really, but yeah) and he took it!
That was pretty cool!


The thing I painted for him 🙂

I also bought one of his books (it was literally the last copy on the table, can you frikkin’ believe that? ALL his books were sold out! I was lucky to grab the last copy!) and he was nice enough to then sign it! 😀



There’s a poster inside it but it’s huge and I don’t wanna spoil or damage it until I decide where I’m gonna put it up, and so I haven’t removed it from the book yet.
I’m also really excited about that!

Also, if you guys don’t know Zen Pencils, I highly recommend it- it is one of the most inspirational websites I’ve come across on the internet, and for the past 2 years it has, directly or indirectly, motivated me countless times!

I bought a Game of Thrones T-shirt, which I then wore at the first opportunity I got so excuse the wrinkles (although I’m not sure they really show in the picture…?)


I bought other merch as well, fandom badges and stuff, might put pictures of that here later… I don’t know!

I made new friends at Comic Con, met at least 3 people who had cosplayed as Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it made me really, really happy because, like, I didn’t know Hitchhiker’s fans existed in my city!
How crazy amazing is that?!?
My only regret is that I didn’t think to befriend them- Comic Con is just a whirl of events actually.
Rest of the year is completely uneventful for me and then it’s like they suddenly need to complete the quota of exciting-events-per-year in December, and Comic Con is convenient so that’s when they bombard me with eventful stuff!

I should stop talking about Comic Con now, since there’s 11 months to go for the next one and we don’t wanna get excited so early!

Which brings me back to the impending doom upcoming New Year!

I don’t have any resolutions, there’s usually no point to those- there used to be a point to my Goodreads’ Reading Challenge (the only thing that there used to be a point to) but after this year, I’m not really sure about that either.

I strongly discourage you from looking me up on Goodreads, it is utterly shameful and I’ll never be able to show you my face again if you’ve been on my Goodreads: for one thing, what few books I have read in the past 12 months, I haven’t updated- because that’s the kind of person I am now!

But there is one thing I’m looking forward to in 2016 (if things go according to plan, and I’ll try my best to see that they do.)

This will be in January itself- again, if things go according to plan.

I had sort of decided to write about it in this post itself, but the after-Comic Con madness happened so wait for it…

Valar Morghulis

I had so much to write about Game of Thrones that I actually had to make it two posts.

This post is for those who love Game of Thrones and those who don’t know what the big deal is about (No spoilers, promise!)

Here you go:


Part One


Part Two

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